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Cloudbleed Security Breach

by Dash on February 24, 2017
As some of you may have heard, another major security breach has come to light that affects all of us, this one is named Cloudbleed. I wanted to provide a little info for you all and also address what this means for our own sites, as we use Cloudflare.

First off, what is Cloudflare? They are a service that sits between a website and its users. If a site is running through Cloudflare, any request you make to that site passes through Cloudflare's servers first before being sent on to the actual site's own servers. There are a whole lot of benefits from doing this, but the biggest two are distributed caching (faster load times, lower bandwidth costs) and DDoS protection. A number of services exist to do this, but Cloudflare is probably the biggest. A huge slice of the internet uses Cloudflare.

Now, what is Cloudbleed? Cloudbleed is a bug that Cloudflare had in their code which, in short, caused random bits of data (potentially any data that passed through their servers) to be leaked to the public for a period of time (seems like around 6 months). This data could have originated from any site that uses Cloudflare, and it could have been unimportant data like HTML fragments, or it could have been sensitive data like passwords and private messages.

So how bad is it? Luckily it was only a tiny portion of requests that leaked data in this way, and Cloudflare had time to fix...
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An Interview with Inventor Efi Oladele

by Dash on February 21, 2017

Already one of the world's foremost centers of scientific discovery and exploration, Numbani has a brilliant new mind to add to its ranks: Efi Oladele. In the last year, she's built a resume of impressive achievements in robotics and artificial intelligence, but perhaps most remarkably is that she's done all of this by the age of eleven. Last month, she became the most recent recipient of the Adawe Foundation's prestigious "genius grant," in recognition of her many accomplishments. She is undoubtedly someone whose career will be watched with great interest.

For this week's "Spotlight on Numbani," we had the opportunity to catch up with Efi to learn more about her and her plans for the future.

I'd like to start off by congratulating you, Efi. This is a tremendous, well-deserved honor. How do you feel?

Amazing! I wasn't expecting it at all, so it was a big surprise. At first, I thought it was a joke—like one of my friends playing a trick on me. It's been a week now and it still doesn't seem real, but I'm very happy about it. Much better than winning the science fair.

How did you get...
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Developer Update: Introducing The Server Browser

by Dash on February 7, 2017

Jeff Kaplan is back, this time discussing Overwatch’s upcoming server browser feature. This new feature allows players to see a public list of custom games in their region. There are also changes being made to Custom Games allowing players to gain EXP, Loot Boxes, as well as a massive amount of customization options to use when creating a game. This can range from making Roadhog act as a boss battle, to Widowmaker doing her best impression of Spider-Man by zipping across the map. Kaplan also touches on the addition of 9 Capture the Flag maps to the current roster of Control Point maps.
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