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(Hero Concept) The Ghost

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“The past is the future...and it is time to change both.”

Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Occupation: “Courier” (Reports of Mercenary Work, Theft, Vigilantism, Arms Smuggling, Assassinations, and Terrorism)
Affiliation: None (Presumed Former Overwatch, believed to have connections to Talon, Junkertown, and even the Russian Government among others)
Base of Operations: Mobile
Role: Offensive

A reinterpretation of my Serge concept as a villain, albeit a (mostly) well intentioned one. Having a different personality, he also has a (mostly) different kit. Being the same person as Serge, most of the backstory is the same, with a few choice details changed that result in him being a MUCH different as character. Unlike Serge, I have decided to be FAR more casual about his real identity, in the end, that's the thing I liked the most about him.

Base Concept:

Character Wise: A mix of Ulysses and a much eviler version of Joshua Graham with the goals of the "Wild Card" Courier with some DIO sprinkled in for good measure.

Gameplay Wise: A highly damaging and adaptable hero with a tool for every job, but little utility outside of dealing damage with a questionable escape and no self preservation outside of killing the thing that's shooting you.


The Ghost wears an advanced power suit that he has added some scrap metal parts to and customized to give his an even more menacing appearance (Skull Emblems and such) and over this he wears a tattered duster coat with his symbol printed on the back.

There is a noticeably large amount of his scrap armor around his chest, this is to both hide and protect the Chronal Accelerator he’s wearing, it’s been built into his armor, hiding the back end behind the duster.

The centerpiece of his scrap armor is a hollowed out omnic’s head repurposed as a helmet with a bullet hole on the right side of the forehead that is welded into his power suit’s built in mask, while it doesn’t add much in terms of defense over what the suit already provides, it’s main purpose is for intimidation and it accomplishes that quite well.

Other notable scarp armor pieces include: The face plates of Bastions on his knees, the chest plate of a standard omnic over his chest with some Bastion shoulders & various other smaller pieces to further cover the Accelerator, and Bastion arm parts on his arms over the duster. All are painted to match his color scheme.

No one has ever seen him without his mask; even in his native timeline he could count the people that have one hand, some people even wondered if he was the same man or if he even was still a man.

In truth however, while still serious, his injuries were no where near the extent they were reported it be, he looks perfectly fine without the suit, minus the two bullet scars on the right side of his forehead. He even uses his normal face as a disguise; you’d have no idea that they were the same person.

Stands at 6’4” with the suit on, 6’1” without it.

Default: Dark Grey Armor, Blue Eyes, and Grayish-Blue Duster.


A cold and calculating individual who speaks and acts with complete confidence in himself, his abilities, and his cause.

Outside of his armor however, he acts much more casual and is actually quite charismatic, he’s letting more of his personality out, but this doesn’t always result in him becoming personable. For example, if his face and identity were revealed to Tracer, he would act far more domineering and condescending toward her, given his end of their history.

Has a strange mix of cynicism and optimism that leads him to believe that a better, peaceful world is possible, but people, both human and omnic, are too stupid and petty to allow that to happen, so he’ll just have to create peace by force.

He views things very cautiously & objectively and doesn’t make a single move until he knows exactly how to achieve the best result, no mater how brutally violent that move is. A far cry from his former impulsive, yet heroic personality.

He is a very pragmatic villain and has an odd sense of honor, he won’t go out of his way to be evil, he’ll even spare his enemies at times if he finds some use in them being alive.

Surprisingly, he carries no hatred for the omnic race despite all that's happened to him, there's a very clear separation in his mind between the people and the movement. Still, any omnics who have even the slightest amount of involvement in the second omnic crisis are taught the true meaning of fear and pain when he finds them.

Has a unique form of arrogance, he isn't taunting people when he insinuates or outright states that he is better then them in some way, he genuinely believes they have no chance given what he knows about them, what he knows about himself, and what he knows about the previous two that they don't.

While once a heroic young man, his psychological trauma and traumatic brain injury have resulted in him becoming cynical, violent, cruel, and possibly even sociopathic. Still, he hasn’t lost everything, his heroism comes back from time to time, it’s just easier for him to be cruel then kind.

While he isn’t exactly proud of his dark past, he’s doesn’t feel that guilty about it either, the way he sees it, there wasn’t much else he could do given the situation, his cruelty led to more victory then there would have been had otherwise and his violence was little compared to the omnic’s indiscriminate mass murder of all humans.

While his outlook and motivations are much different then the simple hatred the drove him before and near unrecognizable from his hazy desire of heroism before that, his direct methods have changed very little, he is willing to torture and murder for his cause.

It should be noted that he takes no joy from killing or terrorizing, they are just tools to him and he feels very little while using them.

Despite his dominant strategy of horrible violence, his plan requires a great deal of deceit, blackmail, selective mercy, and strange alliances for it to be successful and has adapted, quite effectively, for it.

His mask aids in this new strategy as it’s voice amplifier gives give a deep, clear voice that is far more intimidating and commanding then his real voice. To further this, his voice is equalized to be above every other sound, namely ambience, as a testament to the power he holds over others.

The main facet of this strategy is to get as many powerful groups and individuals on his side before the point in time where the war is meant to begin, commonly gaining favors by selling information that his time traveling nature provides. If there are any secrets he doesn’t know, he gets them from Sombra, he was able to easily get her in his pocket simply by saying her first name, something Overwatch learned post-mortem.

Despite all his manipulation, he does have a certain amount of respect for most people, even some omnics; it just usually doesn’t overpower his ambitions that require him to use them as tools for his grand design.

Has a very low opinion of Tracer now, he sees her as a naive egomaniacal blood knight who's in denial about what she truly is. He is not 100% wrong.

Can be longwinded and overdramatic at times, but you tend to learn to appreciate the power of words when just 7 of them completely changes the direction of your life.

Despite how above-it-all he acts, he can be extremely vengeful and petty at times, but this combined with his intellect and cruelty can result in some incredibly harsh punishments if you push the right buttons, usually death by irony. I'll give you 3 guesses who the main target for this is.

Has a dark and sarcastic sense of humor, while he is normally very serious while in full armor, he does let out the occasional ironic one liner.

While normally speaking with a cold, neutral tone, he has a noticeable amount of hate in his voice when referring to certain subjects or talking to certain people, notably Tracer.

The reason he refers to himself as a courier is for a few reasons: it’s a symbolic thing about him carrying his message to others and eventually the entire world, it’s so in conversations he can subtlety imply that he’s working for others and uses this so people underestimate him making their backs easier to stab, and because he was actually a courier before his military career.


The Ghost of Angeles, or just The Ghost as he prefers now, is a legendary soldier that has been sent back through time by Overwatch to save the human race from extinction and stop a war before it even begins, but in their desperation, they failed to see that the only thing more terrifying then all the Omnic War Machine’s combined, was him.

Ever since he was a boy he had dreamed of becoming a hero, the world could always use more after all, but that was before he knew what the price of heroism truly was. From a young age, he dedicated himself to be just like his idols, the valorous agents of Overwatch, even when that led him to abandon his home and take to the road at a young age to “find himself”. When he was barely a day over 18, he joined the U.S. Army during the grueling Second Omnic Crisis that had devastated much of Northern Europe in the years prior. He had prepared himself for the physical tolls of combat, but the psychological toll is something very few are prepared to experience, his mind all but crumbled under the weight of the horrors of war.

It was during the battle of Los Angeles that his mind bent so much it snapped in two, when his younger brother died saving him from a surprise attack, diving in front of a stream of bullets meant for him. He’d loved his brother more then anything, even when he cut his family ties he had always returned to just to keep his spirits up, but with him dead, he lost his sense of heroism and replaced it with hate, hate for the omnics, for the war, for himself, and for her. As the rest of his unit fled the losing battle, he stayed, he would bury his brother and defend his grave until he was put in his own. While not his intention, his defense of 6 feet of dirt held the omnic’s back from taking the city completely, for 13 days, he did what an army could not for 2 hours.

When the US Army launched its counter attack, they found him, torn in half, burned alive, or worse depending on which version of the story you believe, and the legend of The Ghost of Angeles began to spread. There was no way for the US to hide the fact that they were fighting a losing war, the fighting spirit that Americans had been know for was fading fast, The Ghost was the symbol that they needed, whether to inspire troops to combat or too force them to march into hell, more terrified of the commander behind them then the enemy in front of them. Watching everything you’ve fought for die and all your hopes and dreams scatter to the winds changes a man, hate was the only thing keeping him walking and hate was the only message he carried, through bullets, bombs, slaughter, terror, torture, and the blood of men who held the same delusion he once had. Through the passage of time, his rage found it’s way to his nation and his countrymen; he came to see them as nothing but a means to carry his message and followed only the symbol on his back, his insult to those who led him down this path.

For all the power he held as the symbol of humanities hate for the omnics, he held the same amount of power as one for the omnic’s hate of the race of man, and in the end, their hate proved stronger and the last of the human nations had fallen. The death of his nation gave him little pause, hatred still jerked his legs to march toward the robotic horde, until he heard the call of the final pocket of human resistance, Overwatch, and his hate forced him in a new direction. Arriving at their ramshackle stronghold, he had a feeling that their idealism would bring them to try to execute him for the sins he had committed in victory’s name, but he knew they couldn’t, he burst through the door and was greeted by a firing squad of his former heroes, with the exception of one. He announced that he had only come to kill one of them and would not allow himself to die until he claimed his due; he was disappointed to learn that death had already found her, but found great amusement in its lack of grandeur, much to the repulsion of onlookers.

As he turned his back on the broken heroes of Overwatch, their leader, the aged Jesse McCree, demanded The Ghost answer the why of all he had done, why he fought, why he became The Ghost of Angeles, why his barbarous cruelty, and why his want to kill her; The Ghost replied, “Her. She was the reason.” and he told him of that day and how every following day of his life was shaped by it. The words of hope he once believed were nothing but a childish dream, a pretty little lie to grow the next liar, that is what he believed now and he told the gunslinger that the only thing he followed now was his hate, McCree responded, “Alright, then let us help guide it.”, it was enough to bring pause to The Ghost, something he hadn’t done since he first donned the mask. McCree had seen through him, a monster like The Ghost fighting under the flag she followed for all the reasons she fought against would be the greatest of all insults, how could he refuse that chance?

Overwatch knew just as well as he did that humanity had lost the war the second it began, there was no way to win from this point, only delay the inevitable, but if they could travel back through time long before the war had truly begun, then they could undo the years of hell that were wrought. The process of building a device that was capable of such an act was a long one, apart from building and powering the device, the only way they could send someone back is if they suffered from Chronal Disassociation, The Ghost leapt at this chance and volunteered, to wear her mark and wield it’s power greater then she ever could was the ultimate insult he could inflict on her memory. His hate still drove him forward, but the rest of Overwatch, McCree in particular, did all the could to bring him back into sanity, to find a single shred of his being that still believed in heroism, to his surprise, they found it. The hope of saving not only his future, but those of his brother and all the others he had cared for as he walked his road was enough to get him to see past his hate for even a second, it brought him to pause once again as he looked back once again at the road that had brought him here. Every moment he spent outside of battle was devoted to this new hope, preventing the war would only the first step for him; he’d finally discovered the what the fatal flaw in her system was, the world didn’t need more heroes, we needed a world that had no need for heroes.

In time, the machine was complete and he was sent back with the hope of a people that thought him a changed man, they were correct, but not in the way they were led to believe. He walked again in the old world with a new purpose, his symbol had a new meaning now and he walks now only to see it fly over a peaceful world, no mater how many corpses it has to fly over as well.

Health: 175
Armor: 75
Shields: 0


M1: Alejandra – Ghost’s highly customized .50 caliber sidearm. Engraved on the slide is the Spanish text “La sabiduría nos llega cuando” (Wisdom comes to us when) on the right side and “ya no nos sirve de nada” (it’s already too late) on the left side. Damage: 10 – 35. Fire Rate: 3 RPS. Falloff Range: 20 – 44. Ammo: 10. Reload Time: 1.25.

M2: Gun Blink - Charge your weapon with time energy, allowing you to fire several shots at once. You fire 1/5 of the clip for every full second of charging, but the more shots you have charged, the lower the accuracy and the damage of each bullet. Headshots from Gun Blink do not count. If the ammo count is not divisible by 5, the difference is all added in the last second of charging. All shots are fired at the same speed of single trigger pull, but for automatic weapons, they are delivered in a 5 round burst. Charging is visually indicated by the gun glowing blue. Charge is only lost when you release the button, you can hold it for as long as you want. Max Charge Time: 5. Accuracy Penalty per second: 10% for each individual round. Damage Penalty per second: 8% per individual round.

E: Recall Reload – Returns your weapon to the state it was in 3 seconds ago, returning any missing ammo. Any enemies that took damage within the last 3 seconds take that damage again, as the bullets are getting sucked out of them. Explosive weapons deal the maximum splash damage instead of full damage if they were direct hits. You cannot attack while Recalling, but you may move freely. Duration: 1.5. Cooldown: 12.

L. Shift: Ghost Blink – Blink behind a target enemy. Makes less noise then the regular blink and is pitch-shifted down to sound more ominous. Maximum Range: 14 meters. Duration: Instant. Cooldown: 6.

Q: Borrowed Time – Summon weapons from The Ghost’s past by “borrowing” them through the veil of time. A menu with all the available weapons is displayed where the normal Charge counter would be and the charge requirement is tracked for each one. The number keys select the weapon you want and activating the ultimate summons it. The weapon disappears once it runs out of ammo; the only way to reload is to use Recall Reload. Activating this while the weapon you already have equipped is selected will switch you back to Alejandra. No refunds are given for switching to another weapon early, so plan accordingly. Gun Blink cannot be used for certain weapons, these are marked with a *. Gun Blink will force you to be rooted in place to fire it for certain weapons after a certain period of charging, these are marked with a ^ with a number next to it indicating the charge point. As an added cosmetic bonus, Melee attacks have The Ghost quickly summons a combat knife into his hands while already in the process of a slashing motion then lets the knife quickly fade. Maximum Charge Capacity: 2000. “You're living on borrowed time.”

1: .50 Caliber Sub-Machinegun – An unusual, but powerful sub-machinegun. Damage: 9 – 26. Fire Rate: 12 RPS. Falloff Range: 16 – 27 meters. Ammo: 21. Charge Required: 550.

2: Peacekeeper – A future version of McCree’s Revolver. Damage: 40-90. Rate of Fire: 2 RPS. Falloff Range: 45 - 70 meters. Ammo: 6. Charge Required: 550.

3: Gauss Rifle^3 – A standard issue assault rifle, at least in it’s time period, that fires 14 mm spikes. Damage: 12-30. Fire Rate: 10 RPS. Falloff Range: 30 - 55 meters. Ammo: 30. Charge Required: 900.

4: Grenade Launcher^3 – A rotary grenade launcher. Damage: 120. Explosion Radius: 3 meters. Rate of Fire: 2 RPS. Projectile Speed: 25 meters per second. Ammo: 6. Charge Required: 900.

5: Semi-Auto Shotgun^2 – A shotgun that fires without delay. Damage per Pellet: 2-7. Number of pellets: 25 per shot. Fire Rate: 3 RPS. Falloff Range: 14 – 22 meters. Ammo: 12. Charge Required: 1200.

6: Anti-Material Rifle* - An incredibly powerful Sniper Rifle. M2 for scope. Damage: 120 (2.5x headshot damage). Rate of Fire: 0.66 RPS. Falloff Range: N/A. Ammo: 10. Charge Required: 1200.

7: Doomfist* - The legendary gauntlet of Doomfist that creates a massive burst of energy on hit that knocks enemies back a great distance and stuns and knocks back the main target an even greater distance. Energy Burst does not affect you or allies. Direct Hit Damage: 250. Direct Hit Knockback: 30 meters. Direct Hit Stun: 3 seconds. Energy Burst Damage: 100. Energy Burst Radius: 6 meters. Energy Burst Knockback: 12 meters. Energy Burst Stun: 0.25. Rate of Attack: 1 APS. Ammo: 1 (Only Consumed on hit). Charge Required: 1200.

8: Jury-Rigged Bastion* – A Bastion’s Minigun that’s been jury-rigged for human use. Damage: 4-15. Fire Rate: 35 RPS. Falloff Range: 25 – 40 meters. Ammo: 200. Charge Required: 1600.

9: Gauss Cannon^2 – A shoulder mounted cannon that fires massive metal spikes. Spikes pierce through enemies and continue flying until they hit a wall or leave the map. Recalled spikes travel all the way back to you with the same properties as fired ones. Damage: 300 (Cannot Headshot). Firing Delay: 0.5. Fire Rate (Not counting delay): 1 RPS. Projectile Speed: 90 meters per second. Ammo: 8. Charge Required: 1600.

0: Grenade Machine Gun* – The ultimate in overkill. Damage: 80. Explosion Radius: 2 meters. Rate of Fire: 5 RPS. Projectile Speed: 25 meters per second. Ammo: 40. Charge Required: 2000.

Skins (Parenthesis indicate notable emblems and markings):
Default: Dark Grey Armor, Blue Eyes, and Grayish-Blue Duster. (Raynor’s Raiders symbols on each hand, skull and cross bones on right shin, small skulls emblems on the sides of each boot, a faded "US Army" is printed on the collar)

The Butcher: Grey Armor, Yellow Eyes, and Red Duster. (“Veni, vidi, vici” is written on the helmet, Sword markings on each hand)
The Great Bear: Black Armor, Red Eyes, and Brown Duster. (The bullet hole is used to make an “Ace of Spades” card marking, knuckles have bear claw markings, the California bear is drawn on the chest, a faded "08" is printed on the collar)
The Survivalist: Tan Armor, Green Eyes, and Green Duster (“Forgive me Mama” is written across the helmet)
The Scourge: Dark Grey Armor, White Eyes, and Purple Duster. (Skulls of all kinds on virtually everything)
The Hero: Grey Armor, Blue Eyes, and Blue Duster. (None, setting it apart)

The All-American: Blue Armor with some parts painted with Red & White, White Eyes, and American Flag Duster. (Various Stars and Stripes)
The Punisher: Black Armor, Black Eyes, and Black Duster. (Large White skull painted on chest)
The World: Gold and Silver Armor, Gold Eyes, and Orange Duster. (Green heart emblems on each knee, on the chin, and on the belt, Clock symbols on each fist.)

The Past:

The Original Ghost of Angeles uniform.
Instead of the power suit, his armor is standard combat armor (similar to what Soldier 76 wears in the Morrison skin) covered in scrap armor species not unlike those on the standard skin.
The severed head helmet is loosely tied together & lacks the bullet hole and he wears it over a gas mask.
His eyes are visible through the visor.
Instead of his duster coat, he wears his old army jacket with his symbol painted on the back, the left side has been burned and tattered worse then the rest of the jacket and the patch that would reveal his name is unreadable.
Has a different voice effect, rather then being deep and clear, it is raspy and slightly muffled.
Grey and Dark Grey Armor, Dark Grey Helmet, Black Gasmask, Green Jacket, Green Pants, Brown Boots, and Clear Visor.
The Grim: Black Armor, Yellowish-White Helmet, Black Gasmask, Black Jacket, Black Pants, Black Boots, and Red Visor.
The Doomslayer:

The Ghost in his best Doomslayer cosplay.
A small version of The Ghost’s symbol is painted on the helmet, just above the left eye.
Gun Blink glows red instead of blue.
Borrowed Time summoning animations are changed to seem like they were summoned with Demonic power.
The Doomfist is changed to look like a demonic artifact, but no other weapons are changed.
Green Armor and Grey Helmet.
The Hellwalker: Red Armor and Black Helmet.


Heroic: Adjusts the filter on his mask, releasing a quick puff of air, then readjusts it.

The Skilled: Spins his gun in a fanciful manner, a different animation plays for one-handed and two-handed weapons. Big Guns like the Gauss Cannon have an amusing animation where The Ghost puts his hands on it as if he’s about to try to spin it, but stops and looks at it before shaking his head while returning to position. The Doomfist has him crack his knuckles.

The Watchful: Crouches down and activates a feature on his mask that makes an iris cover most of one of his eyes and the light forms into a short beam, he then looks all around until you cancel the emote. It’s a scanning mode, before you ask, and no, it doesn’t work for the player.

The Mournful: Uses his powers to summon a picture of him when he was young with his little brother, he looks at it for a time before looking up and sorrowfully sighing, he lets go of the photo, letting the wind take it as it fades and he gets back to work.

Victory Poses:

Heroic: Back to the camera with his head down, his symbol displayed proudly.

The Lawless: Peacekeeper in hand, he poses with it in front of his face.

The Ranger: Anti-Material Rifle in one hand, he stands with one foot on a conveniently placed rock.

The Victorious: Sitting on top of a dead Bastion, resting his arm on the stock of his Gauss Rifle.

The Shadow: Helmet, duster, and upper body armor removed, he poses with left hand covering most of his face, looking over his right shoulder, his right eye and bullet scars are visible through the cracks between his fingers and he has a smug grin that we can only see a small part off. He is lean but muscular, has flowing shoulder length light brown hair, his eyes are a deep sapphire blue, and he has a small piece of worn blue cloth tied to his left bicep to cover up his mini-accelerator and one of his more unsightly scars. As an added bonus, The All-American skin gives him a series of scars on his back that combined resemble an American Flag.

Intro Animations:

Heroic: Stands silently with his back to the camera, duster flapping in the wind and his gaze distant, he then turns his head over his shoulder slowly, his suit’s eye glowing briefly before returning to normal.

The Vengeful Spirt: Starts with an enemy hero’s animation, but The Ghost uses Ghost Blink to get behind them without them noticing, he pulls out his Rex and points it at the back of their head, a gunshot is heard the moment before the PotG clip starts.

The Killer: Starts as his Heroic animation, but he suddenly Ghost Blinks, not a moment later, you see hands grabbing the camera from behind, then a sudden twist and a loud snap is heard, the camera falls to the ground and The Ghost’s boots are seen.

The Beginning: The Ghost is nowhere to be seen, the camera looks darts left and right looking for him, until The Ghost is heard saying, “Hey”, the camera turns around to reveal him with the Doomfist in hand, he then delivers a punch that starts the PotG clip as soon as it hits.

The Menacing: The camera pans over his discarded helmet, duster, and armor until he is revealed in his “The Shadow” pose. He opens his fingers, revealing his right eye, then quickly backhands the camera with his right arm, starting the PotG clip.

Quotes (Bold indicates emphasis, Italics indicate anger):
Tagline: “The past is the future...and it is time to change both.”
Intro 1: “If war doesn’t change, men must change, and if men won’t change, then war must change them.”
Intro 2: “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it’s mistakes, I will not allow you to make any.”
Intro 3: “The future’s history has declared our defeat, but on this day, we shall rewrite history.”
Intro 4: “You only need kill a symbol to watch something greater die. These 'heroes' are walking symbols of a people’s hope, and a hopeless people are easily swayed.”
Intro 5: “History is written by the victor and we shall ink that history in the blood of all those who oppose us.”
Intro (Kings Row – Defending): “Hrmm...that walking lie is lucky I’m too cruel a man to end her life, but...might have to tell her the why of things, for hate’s sake as well as hers.”
Intro (Kings Row – Attacking): “Hardly my first outing in mass murder, but it has been awhile since it didn’t involve burning them ‘till the steel melted from their bodies.”
Intro (Volskaya Industries): “Omnic tech...So she spoke true...couldn’t have been easy for her to do that. Hmm...I’ll pay my debt to her after Volskaya pays hers to me.”
Intro (Numbani): “Doomfist...that waste of metal owes me more it could ever pay...”
Intro (Route 66): “The road...the hope of an older world...once gave me hope when I rode it away from my ‘home’...might have to ride it back there after this...”
Intro (Dorado): “Dorado...Golden...it’s that to those living in it, but it wasn’t enough to keep me from wandering...but...she should have been...”
Intro (Hollywood): “Angeles...still standing, but it’s still just a grave to me...still, memories here and promises too keep once this is over.”
Intro (Nepal): “Religion...hope in something greater the ourselves...I’ve seen what that hope can do...might need to silence their message before it spreads.”
Hero Switch 1: “Ghost reporting.”
Hero Switch 2: “I’m here.”
Ultimate Use 1: “You're living on borrowed time.”
Ultimate Use 2: “My past will end your future.”
Ultimate Charging: “I am not ready to end them...not yet.”
Ultimate Ready: “They will soon know the death I carry.”
Yes 1: “Of course.”
Yes 2: “I’ll take care of it.” (Sinister)
Yes 3: “Yes.” (Drawn out and a bit sinister)
Hello 1: “Hey." (Oddly nonchalant)
Hello 2: “Greetings.” (Drawn out and a bit sinister)
Medic: “I haven’t the right to die yet, keep me alive a little longer.”
Healed: “Good, now...it is time to repay the debt...”
Thanks 1: “My sincerest thanks.”
Thanks 2: “You have earned my debt.”
Thanks (Tracer): “This doesn't free you from the debt you owe.”
Group Up: “Stand as one, make them fall.”
Retreat 1: “Stronger then I thought, need some distance”
Retreat 2: “Pull back for now, strike again once victory blinds them.”
Capturing Point: “The objective will be ours in time. Come, make time move a little faster.”
Defending Point: “They come for what is ours, show them that is nothing but their grave.”
Push Payload: “We move. They will not allow us to do so freely, we must purchase that freedom with their blood.”
Payload Stopped: “Spill freedom’s currency until we move forward once again.”
Objective Captured: “Another victory, one with a purpose this time.”
Objective Lost: “Defeat is not something I take lightly, I expect you to correct your error.”
Running Out Of Time: “Time moves quickly, kill them quicker.”
Turret Ahead: “Sentry ahead.”
Turret Down: “Another machine broken.”
Teleporter Exists: “They have a teleporter, cut off their road and watch them starve.”
Teleporter Found: “Teleporter in my sights.”
Teleporter Down: “Their road is cut off.”
Sniper Ahead: “A sniper, bring them their own death from afar.”
Kill 1: “One more corpse to my name.”
Kill 2: “End of the road.”
Kill 3: “Justice of the grave.”
Kill 4: “Back to dust.”
Kill 5: “White noise, fade to black.”
Kill (Melee): “Useless.”
Kill 1 (Tracer): “(Scoffs) Consider this mercy, ‘Hero’.”
Kill 2 (Tracer): “Finally...an ending to this.”
Kill 3 (Tracer): “The world could always use less heroes.” (Smug and condescending)
Kill (Winston): “Funs over.” (Smug and condescending)
Kill (Widowmaker): “Full circle.”
Kill (McCree): “Find your peace, commander...” (Noticeable sorrowful, Future McCree is one of the few people he truly respects)
Kill (Bastion): “Nothing compared to the fury of your unborn brothers.”
Kill (Soldier 76, Reaper, and Ana): “History repeats itself.”
Killstreak 1: “Another mass grave in my history.”
Killstreak 2: “I carry death wherever I go.”
Killstreak 3: “Just a curl of the burl.” (Basically means, "Just the way things are")
Killstreak 4: “No more heroes.”
Killstreak 5: “Burn and rise no more.”
On Fire 1: “A new birth to my history.”
On Fire 2: “Hardly a surprise."
Discord Orb: “Holy man, when I find you, I will make you suffer.”
Venom Mine: “*Coughing while chuckling sinisterly* Clever...”
Death 1: “End of the road...”
Death 2: “(Painful grunt, then weak chuckling, then a final weak exhale)”
Death 1 (Tracer’s Kill): “(Chuckling) Figures...”
Death 2 (Tracer’s Kill): “So it’s to be my ending then...”
Ally Death Witness (Tracer): "(Smug scoff of disapproval)"
Respawn 1: “Not the first time I’ve died, maybe not the last.”
Respawn 2: “I will die when my task is done, not before.”
Respawn 3: “Death is the life I live.”
Respawn 4: “Still have more road to walk.”
Respawn 5: “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor bullets stays a courier from his rounds."

Intro Conversations:

Tracer: “You again!? You here to try and kill me or something?”
Ghost: “If I’d wanted you dead, we’d have met sooner. I have promises to keep, debts to pay, and debts I am owed. Death isn’t my plan for you, 'Hero', something more...poetic is what’s waiting at the end of the road.”

Tracer: "What ever it is you think I did to you, it wasn't my fault"
Ghost: "Not your fault? Ignorance is a choice, 'Hero', your message, a choice. Denying it doesn't free you from the debt you owe."

Tracer: “You talk like you know me, but we never even spoken before, you don’t exactly have a voice that’s hard to forget.”
Ghost: “Words aren’t the only way you can know a person, I’ve seen your 'work', seen you do it, seen what happens after it...but no, we’ve never spoken before now.”

Tracer: “You act like I’m somehow wrong for doing what I can to help people.”
Ghost: “Trying doesn’t hold much weight with me. I don’t try to kill people, I do it. You didn’t try to lie to me, you did. Believing a lie doesn’t make it the truth.”

Tracer: “How can you stand here and act like I’m the bad guy after all murdering and terrorizing you’ve done?
Ghost: “(Scoffs) Not surprised that’s where your vision ends. The blood I spill now could spare the blood of thousands, in time. Save people even if they don’t want to be saved, help them even if they hate you for it, and do whatever it takes to do it; part of your message, whether you knew it or not.”

Tracer: “You’re obsessed with the past, it’s the future that I prefer.”
Ghost: “Your Future? It ended with you bleeding and bleeding slow. Even if it didn’t, it might have ended in peace...and that would have killed you even slower.”

Tracer: “Whatever happened to you, there’s no way that I’m to blame for it.”
Ghost: “All the roads you’ve walked, all these 'heroics' you’ve done, think it wasn’t your choice? Of course it was your choice. You could have stayed 'home' with that walking lie you tell yourself named Emily. The truth is, you were restless, had to save a world that didn’t want to saved, just to satisfy your lust for the road. You weren’t born for peace, it will kill you and you know it.”

Sombra: “What, hoping to buy more secrets? Can’t you see I’m busy right now?”
Ghost: “Of course. I was planning to purchase them with blood, their blood, and too help you keep yours.”

Sombra: “So, what’ll it cost to know how you learned my name?”
Ghost: “Much. It’s an answer that will spawn a hundred new questions, ones you might not want the answers to. As for the price of the first...I’ll decide that in time.”

Sombra: “You just keep showing up, don’t you?”
Ghost: “Have to. Like it or not, I need you alive. Anyone who carries as many secrets as I do is a good friend too have.”

Reaper: “The Ghost...” (Disgust, thinks he’s just some punk)
Ghost: “Let’s not stand on ceremony here...Mr. Reyes.” (Smug)

Reaper: “Listen, punk, I’m the one in charge of this operation, so g-“ (Frustrated, interrupted before he can finish his thought)
Ghost: “Oh? Do you feel in charge?” (Smug and threatening)

Reaper: “We're paying you a small fortune in be here, Ghost, yo–“ (Frustrated, interrupted)
Ghost: “And this somehow gives you power over me?” (Smug and threatening)

Widowmaker: “Hmm, it’s not often I meet someone as cold and efficient as I am.”
Ghost: “(Chuckling) Oh, you have no idea how much that stings, but thank you.”

Widowmaker: “If you plan to betray us, know that I’ll be the one they send after you.”
Ghost: “That’s not a threat that holds much weight with me.” (Said in a very “mater of fact” sort of way, like it’s a fact that she could never kill him)

Ghost: “Someone as deadly as you is wasted serving a dying symbol like the Talon, I’m owed enough debts to have your 'loyalties' removed, if you’re interested.”
Widowmaker: “...I’ll consider it.”

McCree: “So you’re that 'Courier', what’s your business here?”
Ghost: “I’m just here to start paying the debt I owe you.”

McCree: “You keep going on about some debt you owe me, mind explainin’ that?”
Ghost: “You helped me find a new road, my road, not yours, not hers, but mine alone, because I was the only one who would...could walk it.”

McCree: “Hell of an ink job on your back. I take it you’re a fan of ours?”
Ghost: “(Scoffs) Hardly. I meant it as an insult at first...know better now. It carries a new message now, not sure it’s one you’d want to hear.”

Soldier 76: “(Scoffs) So you’re the one who sent the message...What does a piece of scum like you want?”
Ghost: “Just needed to see if the mighty Jack Morrison still has a bit of life in him. If it turns out that you do, I might have more messages for you in the future.”

Soldier 76: “I got your message, ‘Courier’. I didn’t abandon my family, I had to cut my ties for their protection, that’s my duty to them.”
Ghost: “Duty? (Scoffs) Is that what you call it? Been down that road, it ends at the grave of a family that you never knew.”

Soldier 76: “If you think I’d let scum like you even consider hurting my family, I’m ready to change your mind here and now!”
Ghost: “(Scoffs) Is that the message you took from my words? No, I don’t plan on harming your family; I just thought you might want to consider your options. If you gave up on your alter ego, you’d have a family again and I’d have one less problem to worry about. There are plenty of other old dogs who are much easier to threaten.”

Pharah: “You act like you’re somehow above us all, but in the end you’re just another criminal, another spit in the face of justice!”
Ghost: “My heart and mind are unclouded, all that I’ve done has been in the name of justice.”

Pharah: “Whatever terror you’re planning to spread, monster, it will never be stronger then the forces of law and order!”
Ghost: “The law is only as strong as the one enforcing it, your law is mighty, but mine is absolute.”

Winston: “I must say, the secret to your power intrigues me. Is there any way I could convince you to share it?”
Ghost: “It is my secret to keep, if it becomes your as well, you’ll take it to the grave.” (Mater of fact)

Winston: “Hmm, my scans don’t detect any form teleportation technology with you...maybe I should scan for every form of energy...”
Ghost: “Dig too deep and you’ll get buried.” (Matter of fact)

Zenyatta: “That helmet...if it is genuine, then it is morbid.”
Ghost: “It is justice. I merely took from him what he took from me and now he serves as a warning to any others who would try.”

Zenyatta: “There is no future in hatred, you must learn to let go and–" (Interrupted)
Ghost: “Save it, I need no gods or devils or anything else you have to sell me.”

Ghost: “I’ve heard of you, the machine born for war trying to live in peace. (Scoffs) History’s full of men who tried the same, didn’t end well for most of them.”
Bastion: “*Sad Beeping*”

Ghost: “If you truly seek a peaceful life, then perhaps we can be of some use to each other. I can give you the means to discuss the terms with me as a down payment, if you’re interested.“
Bastion: “*Unsure Beeping*”

Ghost: “Privat, soldat. I take your presence as proof that your government is interested in my proposal?” (Russian for: Greetings, Soldier)
Zarya: “Despite my advisement, yes...”

Zarya: “I don’t approve of your methods, Palach.” (Russian for Butcher)
Ghost: “That doesn’t surprise me, it’s the reason your government accepted my proposal. Stay a symbol of 'hope' as long as you want; you must be willing to kill anyone if you truly believe in your cause.”

Junkrat: “Wut? You payin’ me that fat a stack jus’ to bomb these jokas? Heh, ya need ta go back ta business school, mate!”
Ghost: “Money’s no object to me, it’s nothing but a tool to gain the loyalties of hollow men.”

Ghost: “Could always use more hired muscle, if you’re not too attached to the bomb maker, I could – “(Interrupted)
Roadhog: “Deal. Whatever it is, deal.”

Ghost: “Hmm, I’ve read reports about this...let’s take advantage of this while it lasts.”
Ghost: “(Slight Chuckle) Thinking the same thing.”

1/5/16: Increased the range of Ghost Blink to 14 meters (was 12), increased the direct hit damage of Doomfist to 250 (was 200) and reduced the damage of the energy burst to 100 (was 150), reduced the damage of Grenade Machine Gun to 80 (was 90), some additions to personality.
1/7/17: Changed his appearance by removing one of the bullet holes in his helmet and changed some skins to follow suit, he still has two bullet wounds on his forehead however.
1/8/17: Changed a few quotes and added more intro conversations.
1/9/17: Updated a few skins, added the "The Shadow" Victory Pose, added "The Menacing" Intro Animation, some additions to personality.
1/10/17: Removed the "Serge take 2" portion of the title, added to his personality, increased the length of his hair to make him look more menacing (it makes sense when you think about it).
1/15/17: Weapon Overhaul: Replaced Rex (3 round burst pistol. Damage: 6-15. Fire Rate: 3. Ammo: 30) with Alejandra, .50 cal submachine gun now has deals more damage and a has lower cost, but less ammo (Originally: Damage: 8 – 18. Fire Rate: 15 RPS. Ammo: 30. Charge Required: 650.), Peacekeeper's charge cost has been reduced to 550 (was 650), Gauss Rifle deals more damage and costs less, but has less ammo (Originally: Damage: 12-25. Fire Rate: 10 RPS. Ammo: 50. Charge Required: 1000.), Grenade Launcher's charge cost has been reduced to 900 (was 1000), Semi-Auto Shotgun, Anti-Metarial Rifle, and Doomfist have had their costs reduced to 1200 (was 1300) and Doomfist is now bound to the 7 key, Grenade Machine Gun is now bound to the 0 key; Gun Blink's damage penalty has been reduced to 8% per second (was 10%), changed a quote to reflect/explain the new weapon.
1/17/17: Reduced Gun Blink's accuracy penalty to 10% per second (was 15%), reduced the fire rate of .50 cal Sub-machinegun to 12 RPS (was 15), increased the damage of Gauss Cannon to 300 (was 250) and increased it's ammo to 8 (was 5), added switch back functionality to Borrowed Time to make a poor choice less punishing, changed "The Punisher" skin to avoid confusion with Reaper, replaced a quote to better fit his character.
1/19/17: Reduced health to 175 (was 200) and added 75 armor (was 0), added Falloff Range and Projectile Speed to his weapons to get a better idea of their value, changed the name of "The Assassin" emote to "The Vengeful Spirt", some minor expansions on personality, story, and quotes.

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