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Overwatch Cosmetics Update Countdown

by PsiGuard on January 18, 2018

New year, new gear!

We're expanding our core cosmetics collection to include over 100 new items—including skins, sprays, player icons, emotes, and more—for all 26 heroes. And, starting January 23, you’ll be able to earn these cosmetics in standard Loot Boxes as well as unlock them via the Hero Gallery all year round.

We've already announced a few of the items included in this update at BlizzCon 2017, but there's so much more to share! Leading up to the official release next week, we'll be unveiling new cosmetics each day for the next six days. Check out the galleries below to see what's already been revealed, and be sure to visit this page daily for a first look at some of the newest collectibles coming soon.

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Welcome to Season 8 of Competitive Play

by PsiGuard on January 2, 2018

Get ready to sharpen your skills and perfect your strategies — Season 8 of Competitive Play has begun! To learn more about what's new, check out the official release below.

Unlocked at Level 25, Competitive Play is designed for those players who want to put their skills to the test, and offers a more serious experience than our Quick Play or Arcade modes.
To begin your competitive journey this season, click on the "Play" button, select "Competitive Play" from the submenu, and you're ready to enter a match. You can join on your own or in a group, and Overwatch's matchmaking system will automatically find the best game possible for your skill level.

Before you can kick off your competitive career, every player must first complete 10 placement matches to obtain their initial skill rating. This rating will be a number between 1 and 5000, with higher values indicating a greater skill level. Players will also be assigned a tier based on their rating—Bronze, Silver, Gold,...
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Overwatch Digital Comic: "Yeti Hunt"

by PsiGuard on December 21, 2017

The latest installment in our series of digital comic shorts has arrived: Yeti Hunt!

Mei and Snowball are ready to hunt the dangerous Yeti that roams Nepal’s mountain tops. But before they can set up the perfect trap, their not-so-carefully-laid plans are discovered—and now they must outwit (and outmaneuver) the legendary beast to survive…

Written by Blizzard's own Robert Brooks and illustrated by community artist Nathan "onemegawatt" Nguyen, "Yeti Hunt" is now available for download at comic.playoverwatch.com. You can also experience the action and sound of this story through the Madefire motion book on desktop, mobile, and Apple TV.

We hope you enjoy it—stay tuned for more Overwatch comics coming soon!

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