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(Hero Concept) Ghost

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“The past is the future...and it's time to change both.”

Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Occupation: “Ghost” (Reports of Mercenary Work, Theft & Sale of Classified Information, Vigilantism, Blackmail, Arms Smuggling & Dealing, Assassinations, Training and Suppling of Various Insurgencies, and Terrorism)
Affiliation: Unknown (Presumed Former Overwatch and/or US Army, believed to have connections to Talon, Junkertown, and even the Russian Government among others)
Base of Operations: Unknown (Presumed mobile)
Role: Offensive
Difficulty: Very Hard

As a heads up, this is gonna be a long one, so here's some music that also doubles as a rundown of his backstory: Ghost's Story

Character Overview:

Base Concept:

Character Wise: A mix of Ulysses and a much eviler version of Joshua Graham with the goals of the "Wild Card" Courier with some Arthas, DIO, and Solidus Snake sprinkled in for good measure. In terms of his relationship with Tracer, it's a mix of Snake vs. Liquid, Johnny vs. Valentine, and Heihachi vs Kazuya. His back story, design, actions, and even gameplay create an intentional tonal clash, he's the antithesis of Tracer in every aspect, the ultimate challenge both physically and philosophically. Him being an Anti-Villain rather then a complete villain enforces this further, she (and by extension, the audience) can't claim he's the absolute evil she wants him to be, his true identity alone is enough to oppose that idea and even her want for that belief.

Gameplay Wise: A highly damaging and adaptable hero with a tool for every job who excels at surprise attacks from any distance and can even be an effective defensive hero if the need arises, but little utility outside of dealing damage with questionable escapes and no self preservation outside of killing the thing that's shooting you. In stark contrast to Tracer's design of "low risk, low reward", Ghost is a character that requires quick thinking and swift situational analysis to be used effectively, given his long cooldowns, charge time for his alt fire, and lack of a true "Press Q to win" nature to his Ultimate(s). The unpredictable nature of his Ultimate is one of his greatest strengths AND weakness, each weapon has it's own niche and strategy and mastering Ghost requires you to master every weapon and when to use it, but when you do, you can deal with almost any situation with proper planning, timing, and quick enough reflexes.


The Ghost of Angeles, or just Ghost as he prefers, is a legendary soldier that has been sent back through time by Overwatch to save the human race from the brink of extinction and stop a war before it even begins, but in their desperation, they failed to see that the only thing more terrifying then all the Omnic War Machines combined, was him.

As a boy he had lead a fairly ordinary, if mundane and even unhappy life, but in less then a minute and with 7 words, everything had changed. Those 7 words were all he could hear, that look in her eyes was all he could see, and her path was the only one he could set himself on. Carrying nothing for his family, with one exception, he abandoned them for the road when he was only 15, dedicating himself to becoming a hero, not knowing what that truly meant or what price must be paid for it. For three years, he wandered near aimlessly on the roads stretching from Reno to Dorado, soldiering on his path no matter how many scars, body and soul, he had to show for it. When he was barely a day over 18, he joined the U.S. Army during the grueling Second Omnic Crisis that had devastated much of Europe in the years prior. He had prepared himself for the physical tolls of combat and, but the psychological toll is something very few are prepared to experience. What he faced on the battlefield was far beyond anything he had seen on the road, his mind all but crumbled under the weight of the horrors of war.

It was during the battle of Los Angeles that his mind bent so much it snapped in two, when his younger brother died saving him from a surprise attack, diving in front of a stream of pulse fire meant for him. He’d loved his brother more then anything, even when he had cut his family ties he had always returned just to keep his spirits up, but with him dead, he lost his sense of heroism and replaced it with hate, hate for the omnics, for the war, for himself, and for her. As the rest of his unit fled the losing battle, he stayed, he would bury his brother and defend his grave until he was put in his own. While not his intention, his defense of 6 feet of dirt held the omnic’s back from taking the city completely, for 13 days, he did what an army could not for 3 hours.

When the U.S. Army launched its attack to retake the ruined city, they found him, knee deep in the dead and one foot in the grave, and the legend of The Ghost of Angeles began to spread like wildfire throughout the dwindling Americas. There was no way for the U.S. to hide the fact that they were fighting a losing war, the fighting spirit that Americans had been know for was fading fast, Ghost was the symbol that they needed, whether to inspire troops to combat or to force them to march into hell, more terrified of the commander behind them then the enemy in front of them. Watching everything you’ve fought for die and all your hopes and dreams scatter to the winds changes a man, hate was the only thing keeping him walking and hate was the only message he carried, through bullets, bombs, slaughter, terror, torture, and the blood of men who held the same delusions he once had. Through the passage of time, his anger found it’s way to his nation and his countrymen; he came to see them as nothing but a means to carry his message and followed only the undying rage in his heart.

For all the power he held as the symbol of humanity's hate for the omnics, he held the same amount of power as one for the omnic’s hate of the race of man, and in the end, their hate proved stronger and the last of the human nations had fallen. The death of his nation gave him little pause, hatred still jerked his legs to march toward the robotic horde, until one day he heard the call of the final pocket of human resistance, Overwatch, and his hate forced him across the Atlantic Ocean. Arriving at their ramshackle stronghold, he had a feeling that their idealism would bring them to try to execute him for the sins he had committed in victory’s name, but after twelve years and two bullets to the head, he knew they couldn’t. He burst through the door and was greeted by a firing squad of his former heroes, with the exception of one. He announced that he had only come to kill one of them and would not allow himself to die until he claimed his due; he was disappointed to learn that death had already found her, but found great amusement in its lack of grandeur and purpose, much to the repulsion of onlookers.

As he turned his back on the broken heroes of Overwatch, their leader, the aged Jesse McCree, demanded The Ghost answer the why of all he had done, why he fought, why he became The Ghost of Angeles, why his barbarous cruelty, and why his want to kill her; Ghost replied with a perfect hatred seeping from each word, “Tracer...She was the reason.” and he told him of that day, those momentous tens of seconds, those 7 simple words, and how every following day of his life was shaped by them. The words of hope she told him were nothing but a childish dream, a pretty little lie to grow the next liar, that is what he believed now and he told the gunslinger that the only thing he lived for now was his hate, McCree responded, “Alright, then let us help guide it.”, it was enough to bring pause to Ghost, something he hadn’t done since he first donned his helmet. McCree had seen through him, a monster like Ghost fighting under the flag she followed for all the reasons she fought against would be the greatest of all insults, how could he refuse that chance?

Overwatch knew just as well as he did that humanity had lost the war before it even began, there was no way to win from this point, only delay the inevitable, but if they could travel back through time to long before the war had truly begun, then they could undo the years of hell that were wrought. The process of building a device that was capable of such an act was a long one, apart from building and powering the device, the only way they could send someone back is if they suffered from Chronal Disassociation, Ghost leapt at this chance and volunteered for the process despite it's horrific risks, to wear her mark and wield it’s power greater then she ever could was the ultimate insult he could inflict on her memory.

His hate was still the only thing dring him forward, but the rest of Overwatch, McCree in particular, did all the could to bring him back into sanity, to find a single shred of his being that still believed in heroism, to his surprise, they found it. The hope of saving not only his future, but those of his brother and all the others he had cared for as he walked his road was enough to get him to see past his hate for even a second, it brought him to pause once again as he looked back once again at the road that had brought him here. Every moment he spent outside of battle was devoted to this new hope, preventing the war would only the first step for him; he had finally discovered what the fatal flaw in her system was, the world didn’t need more heroes, we needed a world that had no need for heroes.

In time, the machine was complete and he was sent back with the hope of a people that thought him a changed man, they were correct, but not in the way he had led them believe. He walks again in the old world with a new purpose and a symbol of his own to carry on his back, he walks now only to see it fly over a peaceful world, no mater how many corpses it has to fly over as well.


Ghost wears an advanced power suit that he has added some scrap metal parts (taken from slain omnics) to and customized to give his an even more menacing appearance (Skull Emblems and such) and over this he wears a tattered duster coat with his symbol, The Ghost Eye, printed on the back.

He is animated realistically compared to the normal cartoonish artstyle in order to increase his air of intimidation.

There is a noticeably large amount of his scrap armor around his chest, this is to both hide and protect the Chronal Accelerator that's been built into his suit.

The centerpiece of his scrap armor is a hollowed out omnic’s head repurposed as a helmet with a bullet hole on the right side of the forehead that is welded into his power suit’s built in mask, while it doesn’t add much in terms of defense over what the suit already provides, Ghost wears it because of what it symbolizes for him. The helmet is not one solid piece, rather it is several chunks of the victim's head welded onto the mask in a design reminiscent (but not idenical to) Arthas' Helm of Domination.

Other notable scarp armor pieces include: The face plates of Bastions on each knee, part of an Orisa's (Or rather, a mass produced imitation's) leg covering his right leg up to the knee, the chest plate of a Nulltrooper over his chest with some Bastion shoulders & Orisa chest pieces to further cover the Accelerator, and Bastion and Orisa arm parts on his arms over the duster. For the sake of consistency, they all match the color scheme of his suit.

The legs of his power suit have a built in robocop-style holsters, the one on his right holding his sidearm, Alejandra, and the left holding ammunition for it.

Alejandra resembles a Desert Eagle with stainless steel finish, but even larger and with futuristic elements similar to those on McCree's Peacekeeper. Just to make the significance of him naming his most trusted weapon that, here's a reminder.

No one has ever seen him without his mask; even in his native timeline he could count the people that have one hand, some people even wondered if he was the same man or if he even was still a man.

In truth however, while still serious, his injuries were no where near the extent they were reported it be, he looks perfectly fine without the suit, minus the two bullet scars on the right side of his forehead. He even uses his normal face as a disguise; you’d have no idea that they were the same person, a few characters have even unknowingly met and even befriended him under his aliases.

Under the armor, he has a lean, but muscular physique with flowing light brown shoulder length hair, handsome sapphire blue eyes, and while we don't see his whole face, it is clear that he has striking good looks (Basically Diego Brando, but a brunette). He also wears a small piece of tattered peace of blue cloth (all that's left of his lucky Hoodie) around his left bicep that also serves to hide his mini-accelerator (keeps him anchored, but no powers).

Other then the two bullet scars on his forehead, the rest of his body is appears completely unscathed thanks to the advanced medical technology available even in the game's modern day, but make no mistake, the man's been to hell and back many times over 13 years.

Stands at 6’4” with the suit on, 5’5” without it (Normally would only make him 5'11", but the designers were ordered to modify it to make Ghost more imposing, including a noticeable 3.5 inches of tread on the boots).

Default: Dark Grey Armor, Blue Eyes, and Dark Blue Duster.


Health: 150
Armor: 50
Shields: 0
Movement Speed: 6 MPS
Height: 6'4"


Spacebar: Wall Walking – Using the extreme strength granted by his power suit, Ghost can climb vertically up walls by stabbing his feet into them and simply walking upwards. Cannot be used in mid-air, you must face the wall while on the ground and hit spacebar to start Wall Walking. You move slower while Wall Walking and it makes a loud and distinctive sound, making it non-ideal for stealthy getaways, however, there is no limit to how high you can climb. While Wall Walking you cannot attack (mainly for balance reasons), but you may quickly jump away from the wall by pressing the spacebar again, retuning to normal play as you do. Naturally, any knockback effect will force you to exit Wall Walking. Wall Walk Speed: 4 MPS.

M1: Alejandra – Ghost’s highly customized .50 caliber sidearm, though his self-made bullets leave much to be desired. Engraved on the slide is the Spanish text “La sabiduría nos llega cuando” (Wisdom comes to us when) on the right side and “ya no nos sirve de nada” (it’s already too late) on the left side. Based on the Desert Eagle. Damage: 10 - 40. Fire Rate: 3 RPS. Falloff Range: 20 - 45 meters. Ammo: 10. Reload Time: 1.25.

M2: Gun Blink - Accelerate time on your weapon, allowing you to fire several shots at once after a charging period. You fire 1/5 of the clip for every full second of charging, but the more shots you have charged, the lower the accuracy and the damage of each bullet. You cannot use the standard fire of your weapon while charging Gun Blink. Headshots from Gun Blink do not count. If the ammo count is not divisible by 5, the difference is all added in the last second of charging. All shots are fired at the same speed of single trigger pull, but for fully automatic weapons, they are delivered in a 5 round burst. Charging is visually indicated by the gun glowing blue. Charge is only lost when you release the button, you can hold it for as long as you want. Max Charge Time: 5. Accuracy Penalty per second: 10% for each individual round. Damage Penalty per second: 10% per individual round.

E: Recall Reload – Returns your weapon to the state it was in 3 seconds ago, returning any missing ammo. Any enemies that took damage within the last 3 seconds take that damage again (including bonus headshot damage), as the bullets are getting sucked out of them. Enemies who took bonus Orb of Discord damage from your weapons before Recall Reload will not take that bonus damage again if they are not Orbed at the time of Recall, but buffs such as Mercy's damage boost will still take effect. Explosive weapons deal the maximum splash damage instead of full damage if they were direct hits. Attacks that hit barriers such as Reinhardt's Shield will not deal Recall damage. You cannot attack while Recalling, but you may move freely. Tracer's Recall will completely remove any damage this would deal to her, as her reversal also removed the fact the that bullets even hit her. Duration: 1.5 (Damage occurs instantly). Cooldown: 12.

L. Shift: Ghost Blink – Blink behind a target enemy. Makes less noise then the regular blink and is pitch-shifted down to sound more ominous. Maximum Range: 21 meters. Duration: Instant. Cooldown: 9.

Q: Borrowed Time – Summon weapons from Ghost’s past by “borrowing” them through the veil of time (Don't question it, it just works). A menu with all the available weapons is displayed where the normal Charge counter would be and the Charge requirement is tracked for each one. The number keys (right and left on D-Pad for controllers) select the weapon you want and activating the ultimate summons it, but a quick switch option (Press a key, instant switch) would exist in the options menu. The weapon disappears once it runs out of ammo, the only way to reload is to use Recall Reload. Activating this while the weapon you already have equipped is selected will switch you back to Alejandra. No refunds are given for switching to another weapon early, so plan accordingly. Gun Blink cannot be used for certain weapons, these are marked with a *. There is a 1 second delay when summoning a weapon and a 0.4 second delay when it fades and you switch back to Alejandra. Switching from one Borrowed Time weapon to another takes 1.4 seconds. Maximum Charge Capacity: 2200. “You're living on borrowed time.”

1: .50 Caliber Sub-Machinegun – An unusual and impractical, but powerful sub-machinegun. Based on the (fictional) 12.7mm Submachine gun. Damage: 8 – 32. Fire Rate: 10 RPS. Falloff Range: 15 – 25 meters. Ammo: 21. Charge Required: 750.

2: Peacekeeper – A future version of McCree’s Revolver. Easily distinguishable from the normal version by the larger barrel and engravings. Damage: 40-90 (2.5x headshot damage). Fire Rate: 2 RPS. Falloff Range: 40 - 70 meters. Ammo: 6. Charge Required: 750.

3: Doomfist - The legendary gauntlet of Doomfist that deals terrible, terrible damage on hit, stunning & knocking back the target, then releases a powerful energy burst that knocks enemies back. Instead of replacing your main weapon, your Melee Attack is replaced with a swing form the Doomfist while your primary fire is a shot from Alejandra fired from your left hand, however the reload time is doubled. Direct hit damage: 100. Direct hit stun: 1.25. Direct hit knock back: 15 meters. Energy burst radius: 5 meters. Energy burst damage: 25. Energy burst knock back: 8 meters. Alejandra reload time pelanlty: + 1.25 seconds. Ammo: 1 (Only consumed on hit). Charge Required: 750.

4: Gauss Rifle – A standard issue assault rifle (at least in it’s time period) made of recycled Omnic parts that fires 8mm spikes in 3 round bursts. Gun Blink will also fire in the same 3 round burst (ex: a full GB will fire 10 rounds each burst). Based on the (Fictional) C-14 Rifle (SC1 edition). Damage: 12-35. Fire Rate: 3 (9) RPS. Falloff Range: 30 - 55 meters. Ammo: 30. Charge Required: 1100.

5: Grenade Launcher – A rotary grenade launcher that fires special issue high-explosive grenades. Based on the Milkor MGL. Damage: 140. Explosion Radius: 4 meters. Rate of Fire: 2 RPS. Projectile Speed: 30 meters per second. Ammo: 6. Charge Required: 1100.

6: Semi-Auto Shotgun – A shotgun that fires without delay. Has a much tighter spread then other shotguns (Roughly 25% tighter then Reaper's Hellfire Shotguns). Based on the SPAS-15. Damage per Pellet: 2-7. Number of pellets: 25 per shot. Fire Rate: 3 RPS. Falloff Range: 11 – 20 meters. Ammo: 12. Charge Required: 1400.

7: Anti-Material Rifle* - An incredibly powerful Sniper Rifle. M2 for scope. Based on the TAC-50. Damage: 120 (2.5x headshot damage). Rate of Fire: 1 RPS. Falloff Range: N/A. Ammo: 12. Charge Required: 1400.

8: Jury-Rigged Bastion* – A Bastion’s Minigun that’s been jury-rigged for human use. Damage: 4-15. Fire Rate: 35 RPS. Falloff Range: 20 – 40 meters. Ammo: 200. Charge Required: 1800.

9: Gauss Cannon – A shoulder mounted cannon that fires massive metal spikes. Spikes pierce through enemies and continue flying until they hit a wall or leave the map. Recalled spikes travel all the way back to you with the same properties as fired ones, this can potentially shorten or lengthen Recall Reload's duration. Damage: 200-400 (Cannot Headshot). Based on the (fictional) UAC Gauss Cannon. Firing Delay: 0.4. Fire Rate (Not counting delay): 1 RPS. Projectile Speed: 100 meters per second. Falloff Range: 45-80 meters. Ammo: 8. Charge Required: 1800.

0: Grenade Machine Gun – The ultimate in overkill. Based on the MK19. Damage: 90. Explosion Radius: 2 meters. Rate of Fire: 5 RPS. Projectile Speed: 30 meters per second. Ammo: 50. Charge Required: 2200.


Voice Lines:

“It’s all falling into place...I’ve taken the first step.”
“Fate...must be purged.”
“The world doesn’t need more heroes.”
“I’ve disowned my weakness.”
“Who are you who do not know your history?”
“Storm, wind, sand, and bullets, yet still we walk..."
"You called down the thunder...now reap the whirlwind."
“We are who we chose to be.”
"Branches break, roots remain."
"Pursue happiness...with diligence..." (More to himself)
“My heart and actions are utterly unclouded. They are all those of justice.”

Skins (Parenthesis indicate notable emblems and markings) {Brakets indicate what influenced/what is being referenced with a link included for the sake of disclosure and to avoid confusion}:

Default: Dark Grey Armor, Blue Eyes, and Dark Blue Duster. (Raynor’s Raiders symbols on the back of each hand, skull and cross bones on right shin, small skulls emblems on the sides of each boot, a faded "US Army" is printed on the collar)

The Crusher: Grey Armor, Red Eyes, and Red Duster (Mjölnir symbols on each fist, Runic engravings along the helmet in the same pattern of an Authentic Viking Helmet, Lighting bolt symbol on each boot.) {Loosely based on the classical depictions of Thor. The Name of Thor's Hammer is Mjölnir, which roughly translates into The Crusher}

The Great Bear: Black Armor, Red Eyes, and Brown Duster. (The bullet hole is used to make an “Ace of Spades” card marking, knuckles have bear claw markings, the California bear is drawn on the left leg, a faded "08" is printed on the collar) {NCR Black Ranger}

The Survivalist: Tan Armor, Green Eyes, and Green Duster (“Forgive me Mama” is written across the helmet, chest is painted with Brown spots in a camo pattern) {The Survivalist's combat armor}

The Scourge: Dark Grey Armor, White Eyes, and Purple Duster. (Skull emblems on hands, boots, & knees; Ribcage emblem on chest) {WC3 Death Knight}

The Exterminator: Grey Armor, Yellow Eyes, and White Duster. (Alpha Squadron emblem on left breast, Terran Dominion Symbol on collar, X's on each fist) {SC1 Ghost, specifically the "Somebody call for an exterminator?" quote}

The Specialist: Light Grey Armor, Green Eyes, and Light Green Duster. (Nova Squadron emblems on each fist, stretched X on collar) {Reference to the color palette of most hero units from SC1}

The Hero: Grey Armor, Blue Eyes, and Blue Duster. (None, setting it apart) {Ghost's original appearance}

The All-American: Blue Armor with some parts painted with Red & White, White Eyes, and American Flag Duster. (Stars and strips vertically across entire body with the chest holding the stars, Betty Ross Stars on each fist, the Gadsden Snake painted on the right shin along with it's signature text) {The fact that he has 10 times the guns as another character, fulfilling the stereotype}

The World: Gold and Silver Armor, Gold Eyes, and Orange Duster. (Green heart emblems on each knee, on the chin, and on the belt and groin; Clock symbols on each fist.) {A mix of DIO and his Stand, The World}

The Smoking Mirror: Brown Armor (Scrap armor is White), Orange Duster with Black Spots, and White Eyes. (Across the mask there are a row of thick horizontal lines that alternate from Black to Blue, the helmet is painted Orange with Black Spots to match the Duster and companioned with other markings make it look as if he is wearing a jaguar pelt, On the chest piece there is a painting of an Black Obsidian Mirror emitting Grey Smoke) {The design is based on the Aztec God Tezcatlipoca, the inspiration to make this a skin comes from the Mastodon song Jaguar God as it sums up Ghost well in both a metaphorical and semi-literal way}

The Revealed: Same as default, but lacking the helmet, mask, and chest scrap armor; revealing his face and Chronal Accelerator. (Would be added after the official face reveal in the theoretical universe where this is all real)


The Terror of the West:

Ghost's appearance in his first few years as The Ghost of Angeles.
It's most glaring difference is the lack of the Duster, instead he has a sling to hold a Quad Barreled Shotgun (Not usable in game, of course) and several bandoliers holding shotgun shells and grenades.
While the Helmet remains the same, most of his scrap armor pieces are completely different, some of them are unrecognizable as they come for models of omnic war machines that don't exist yet.
Has the skull emblems and the US Army logo just like the default skin, but lacks the Raynor's Raiders symbols, the Skull & Crossbones (The armor piece is different), and the logo looks new.
Dark Grey Armor, Blue Eyes, and Green Straps.

The One Man Army: Black Armor, Red Eyes, and Brown Straps.

The New Guy:

Ghost as he appeared when he first became part of Future Overwatch (See the “Resistance” story below)
A fusion of his standard skin and his Terror of the West skin, featuring his duster, Quad-barrel shotgun & sling, and Bandoliers, but lacking any scrap armor (excluding the helmet).
The Duster is in far better condition, as it was still new at this point.
Dark Grey Armor, Blue Eyes, Dark Blue Duster, and Green Straps.

The Overlord:

A much more extravagant version of Ghost's armor, complete with a cape and plumage, that lacks any scrap armor, preferring to shows it's ornate design.
The front of the helmet has a stylized mask that resembles a more masculine version of Ghost's real face with glowing eyes.
The Accelerator is shown expressed on the chest piece among with stylized engravings, the cheat piece itself shaped like a Muscle Cuirass, giving the impression that it is strapped to his bare chest with the Ghost Eye engraved around it.
Silver Armor, Blue Cape & Plumage, and Blue Eyes.

The Tyrant: Black Armor, Red Cape & Plumage, and Red Eyes.

The Prodigal One: Gold Armor, Purple Cap & Plumage, and Purple Eyes.

The Doomslayer:

Ghost as the Doomslayer (or Doomguy, if you prefer).
A small version of The Ghost’s symbol is painted on the helmet, just above the left eye.
Gun Blink glows red instead of blue.
Borrowed Time summoning animations are changed to seem like they were summoned with Demonic power.
The Doomfist is changed to look like a demonic artifact, but no other weapons are changed.
Green Armor and Grey Helmet.

The Hellwalker: Red Armor and Black Helmet.

The Unchained Predator: Black Armor and Dark Brown Helmet.


Heroic: Placing his left middle and index fingers on his forehead, he does a familiar salute, for the sake of insult. For skins that lack a mask, he smiles smugly after saluting.

The Skilled: Spins his gun in a fanciful manner, a different animation plays for one-handed and two-handed weapons. Big Guns like the Gauss Cannon have a slightly amusing animation where Ghost puts his hands on it as if he’s about to try to spin it, but stops and looks at it before shaking his head while returning to position. The Doomfist has him crack his knuckles.

The Watchful: Crouches down and activates a feature on his mask that makes an iris cover most of one of his eyes and the light forms into a short beam, he then looks all around until you cancel the emote. It’s a scanning mode, before you ask, and no, it doesn’t work for the player. Skins that lack the mask instead have a display screen open on his visor that perform the same function.

The Mournful: Uses his powers to summon a picture of him when he was young with his little brother, he looks at it for a time before looking up and sorrowfully sighing, he lets go of the photo, letting the wind take it as it fades and he gets back to work. There's an RNG chance that the photo may be of a different memory, such as him and Alejandra or him and his first army unit.

Victory Poses:

Heroic: Back to the camera with his head down, his symbol displayed proudly.

The Lawless: Alejandra in hand, he poses with it in front of his face.

The Ranger: Anti-Material Rifle in one hand, he stands with one foot on the head of a dead Nulltrooper.

The Victorious: Sitting on top of a dead Bastion, resting his arm on the stock of his Gauss Rifle.

The Doomed: Wielding The Doomfist, he clenches it in front of his face in a menacing fashion.

The Irony: Helmet, duster, and upper body armor removed, he poses with is back to the camera and looking to the side, however his face is masked by his flowing hair and a layer of shadow. As an added bonus, The All-American skin gives him a series of scars on his back that combined resemble an American Flag. For Reference

Intro Animations:

Heroic: Stands silently with his back to the camera, duster flapping in the wind and his gaze distant, he then turns his head over his shoulder slowly, his suit’s eye glowing briefly before returning to normal.

The Vengeful Spirit: Starts with an enemy hero’s animation, but Ghost uses Ghost Blink to get behind them without them noticing, he pulls out Alejandra and points it at the back of their head, a gunshot is heard and bright flash of light fills the screen moments before the PotG clip starts.

The Killer: Starts as his Heroic animation, but he suddenly Ghost Blinks and not a moment later you see hands grabbing the camera from behind, then a sudden twist and a loud snap, the camera falls to the ground and Ghost’s boots are seen.

The Beginning: Ghost is nowhere to be seen, the camera looks darts left and right looking for him, until he is heard saying, “Hey”, the camera turns around to reveal him with the Doomfist in hand, he then delivers a punch that starts the PotG clip as soon as it hits.

The Menacing: The camera pans over his discarded helmet, duster, and armor until he is revealed in a familiar pose. He opens his fingers, revealing his right eye, then quickly backhands the camera with his right arm, starting the PotG clip.

Quotes (Bold indicates emphasis, Italics indicate anger) {Sounds similar to his namesake}:
Tagline: “The past is the future...and it's time to change both.”
Intro 1: “If war doesn’t change, men must change, and if men won’t change, then war must change them.”
Intro 2: “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it’s mistakes and this battle is just another piece of history to me."
Intro 3: “The future’s history has declared our defeat, but on this day, we will rewrite history.”
Intro 4: “The tides of an unwinnable war are upon us, but none will bar our way, we shall win through, no mater the cost."
Intro 5: “History is written by the victor and we shall ink that history in the blood of all those who oppose us.”
Intro (Kings Row – Defending): “Hrmm...that living lie is lucky I’m too cruel a man to end her life, but...might have to tell her the why of things, for hate’s sake as well as hers.”
Intro (Kings Row – Attacking): “Hardly my first outing in mass murder, and I have no doubt that it won't be the last..."
Intro (Volskaya Industries): “Omnic tech...So she spoke true...couldn’t have been easy for her to do that. Hmm...I’ll pay my debt to her after Volskaya pays hers to me.”
Intro (Numbani): “Doomfist...where the road began...still, I don’t regret what I did that day, only what happened after...”
Intro (Route 66): “The road...the hope of an older world...once gave me hope when I rode it away from my ‘home’...still, have to ride it back there after this...”
Intro (Dorado): “Dorado...Golden...it’s that to those living in it, but it wasn’t enough to keep me from wandering...but...she should have been...”
Intro (Hollywood): “Angeles...still standing, but it’s still just a grave to me...regardless, memories here and promises too keep once this is over.”
Intro (Eichenwalde): "Alder's last stand...can still smell the pride...and the fear...nothing now but corpses, rotting or rusting, and us, those still clawing at them for meaning...no peace for heroes, even in death..."
Intro (Nepal): “Religion...hope in something greater the ourselves...I’ve seen what that hope can do...might need to silence their message before it spreads.”
Hero Switch 1: “Ghost reporting.”
Hero Switch 2: "I'm here."
Ultimate Use 1: “You're living on borrowed time.”
Ultimate Use 2: “My past will end your future.”
Ultimate Use 3: "Taste my pain."
Ultimate Use 4: "I won't make you suffer."
Ultimate Use 1 (Friendly): "You called down the Thunder...
Ultimate Use 2 (Friendly): "Now reap the whirlwind."
Ultimate Use 3 (Friendly): "Time to kill."
Ultimate Use 4 (Friendly): "Let's get this over with."
Ultimate Charging (0% - 90%): “Not time yet.”
Ultimate Charging (91% - 99%): "Almost time."
Ultimate Ready: “It's time to even the scales.”
Yes 1: “Of course.”
Yes 2: “I’ll take care of it.” (Slightly Sinister)
Yes 3: "I'm all over it."
Hello: “Hey." (Oddly nonchalant)
Medic 1: “Don't have the right to die yet, keep me alive a little longer.”
Medic 2: “I’m not afraid to die, but I need more time.”
Healed: “Good, now...it is time to repay the debt...”
Nanoboosted 1: "Awwwww, Yeah..." (Creepily soft)
Nanoboosted 2: "Ahhhh, That's the stuff..." (Creepily soft)
Thanks 1: “Been through worse alone, but thank you."
Thanks 2: “You've earned my debt.”
Thanks (Tracer): “This doesn't free you from the debt you owe me.”
Group Up: “Stand as one, make them fall.”
Retreat 1: “Stronger then I thought...need some distance.”
Retreat 2: “Pull back for now, strike again once victory blinds them.”
Capturing Point: “The objective is mine.”
Defending Point: “They're attacking the objective, make them die for nothing.”
Push Payload: “Moving the payload, cover me.”
Payload Stopped: “Payload's stopped, help me grease the wheels red."
Objective Captured: “Another victory...one with a purpose this time...”
Objective Lost: “Merely a setback...make sure it stays one."
Running Out Of Time: “Time moves quickly, kill them quicker.”
Turret Ahead: “Sentry ahead, tread lightly.”
Turret Down: “Another machine broken.”
Teleporter Exists: “They have a teleporter, cut off their road.”
Teleporter Found: “Teleporter in my sights.”
Teleporter Down: “Their road is cut off.”
Sniper Ahead: “A Sniper...(Scoff) Wait here.”
Kill 1: “One more corpse to my name.”
Kill 2: “End of the road.”
Kill 3: “Justice of the grave.”
Kill 4: “White noise, fade to black.” (Slightly Sarcastic)
Kill 5: “The long embrace. "
Kill 1 (Tracer): “(Scoffs) Consider this mercy, ‘Hero’.”
Kill 2 (Tracer): “Finally...an ending to this...”
Kill 3 (Tracer): "I've disowned my weakness...You..."
Kill 4 (Tracer): “The world could always use less heroes.” (Smug and condescending)
Kill 5 (Tracer): "Die for nothing, just like we did!..."
Kill (Winston): “Funs over.” (Smug and condescending)
Kill (Widowmaker and Doomfist): “Full circle.”
Kill (McCree): “Find your peace, commander...” (Slightly sorrowful, Future McCree is one of the few people he actually respects)
Kill (Bastion and Orisa): “Nothing compared to your unborn brothers.”
Kill (Soldier 76, Reaper, and Ana): “History repeats itself.”
Killstreak 1: “Another mass grave in my history..."
Killstreak 2: “Finally..."
Killstreak 3: “Just a curl of the burl...” (Basically means, "Just the way life is")
Killstreak 4: “No more heroes...”
Killstreak 5: “In the end, it had to be this way..."
On Fire 1: “All that's left for me...”
On Fire 2: “As always..."
Discord Orb: “You saw my armor and still you chose to anger me?...You're not as wise as they say."
Venom Mine: “(Coughing while chuckling sinisterly) Clever...”
Death 1: “End of the road...”
Death 2: “(Painful grunt, then weak chuckling, then a final weak exhale)”
Death 1 (Tracer’s Kill): “(Chuckling) Figures...”
Death 2 (Tracer’s Kill): “So it’s to be my ending then...”
Ally Death Witness (Tracer): "(Smug scoff of disapproval)"
Respawn 1: "Not the first time I've died, maybe not the last.”
Respawn 2: “Not time to be a ghost yet.”
Respawn 3: “Death is the life I am living.”
Respawn 4: “Still have more road to walk.”
Respawn 5: “...One hell to the next...as always..."

Intro Conversations:

Tracer: “So, you swore not to kill me? Why?”
Ghost: “...We walked the same road, carried the same colors, can’t break that no mater how hard I’ve tried...I’m just here to see the road’s end...and you need to see it too...feel it, know that I reached the end that you hadn’t the strength to, and more importantly, you need to know what it feels like after the end.... Oblivion for oblivion...Justice."

Tracer: "Whatever it is you think I did to you, it wasn't my fault."
Ghost: "Not your fault? Ignorance is a choice, 'Hero', your message, a choice. Denying it doesn't free you from the debt you owe."

Tracer: “You talk like you know me, but we never even spoken before. You don’t exactly have a voice that’s easy to forget.”
Ghost: “We only met once, less then a minute and only thirteen words, none of them from me...it was enough. (Scoff) Not like that narrows it down for you, you’ve filled plenty of eyes with stars, even if your own blinded you to it.

Tracer: “You act like I’m somehow wrong for trying to help people.”
Ghost: “Trying doesn’t hold much weight with me. I don’t try to kill people, I do it. You didn’t try to lie to me, you did. Believing a lie doesn’t make it the truth.” / “Help People?...No...You cannot hide the truth from me, I know what’s in your heart...nothing but lust for the heat of battle and greed for the glory that comes with it.”

Tracer: “How can you stand here and act like I’m the bad guy after all murdering and terrorizing you’ve done?
Ghost: “(Scoffs) Not surprised that’s where your vision ends. Save people even if they don’t want to be saved, help them even if they hate you for it, and do whatever it takes to do it; part of your message, proved it true with what you did at London Twen...Seven years ago."

Tracer: “You’re obsessed with the past, it’s the future that I prefer.”
Ghost: “My past is the future, I only "obsess" over it to ensure that I alone am the only one to know it's horror. Any terror I bring this world is nothing compared to what it faced in my time, I assure you./ The future is a mass grave because you were too obsessed with seeing what the world might be to see what it was.

Tracer: “Whatever happened to you, there’s no way that I’m to blame for it.”
Ghost: “All the roads you’ve walked, all these 'heroics' you’ve done, think it wasn’t your choice? Of course it was your choice, You could have stayed 'home' with that living lie you tell yourself! The truth is, you were restless, had to save a world that didn’t want to saved, just to satisfy your lust for the road. You weren’t born for peace, it will kill you and you know it!”

Tracer: “I got your message, ‘Warchief’. What could possibly justify slaughtering all those people just to send it?” (Read “The Message” story below for context)
Ghost: “Hmph...If you don’t know, then you didn’t get the message...I’ll give you a clue since you need one: Marius was both the messenger and the message.”

Tracer: “4 weeks and you’ve already managed to lead the Junkers into open war...” (Again, read “The Message)
Ghost: “I wouldn’t say that, I’m the acting Warchief of Junkertown, I only have the authority they give me. They wanted to fight, so I showed them how and where best to strike. I only led them at Camp Jerhyn at their own request. They trusted me, their hero, to lead them to glory.” (Smug really doesn't describe it)

Sombra: “What, hoping to buy more secrets? Can’t you see I’m busy right now?”
Ghost: “Of course. I was planning to purchase them with blood and too help you keep yours.”

Sombra: “So...what’ll it cost to know how you learned my name?”
Ghost: “Much. It’s an answer that will spawn a hundred new questions...ones you might not want the answers to.”

Sombra: "(Reading Alejandra's Inscription) 'La sabiduría nos llega cuando ya no nos sirve de nada'. (Slight giggle) Awww, did some girl break your heart? (Sarcastic)"
Ghost: "...No...opposite of that...Still, that's my history, not something I'll discuss."

Sombra: “You just keep showing up, don’t you?” (Slightly exasperated)
Ghost: “Have to. Like it or not, I need you alive. Anyone who carries as many secrets as I do is a good 'Friend' to have.” (Would be kind of touching if it weren't for the context of what "Friend" means to Sombra)

Widowmaker: “Hmph, just leave the sharpshooting to me this time.” (Frustrated, read the "The Road" story below for context)
Ghost: “(Scoffs) Well, considering that a teenager could punch you out, it’s for the best that you stay on the backline.” (Smug and condescending)

Ghost: “Someone as deadly as you is wasted serving a dying symbol like the Talon. I’m owed enough debts to have your 'loyalties' removed, if you’re interested.”
Widowmaker: “Oh? And whose would you replace them with?”

Widowmaker: “Hrmm...If you're planning on betraying us, I'll be the one to make you a real Ghost.”
Ghost: “(Scoff) Oh good, I was worried there might be consequences." (Sarcastic and smug)

Reaper: “The Ghost...” (Disgust, thinks he’s just some punk)
Ghost: “(Chuckles) No need to use that tone with me, if you really feel that threatened by me, you're free to take your chances, but considering our track records, I'd say the odds aren't in your favor." (Smug and condescending)

Reaper: “Listen, punk, I’m the one in charge of this operation, so g-“ (Frustrated, interrupted before he can finish his thought)
Ghost: “Oh? Do you feel in charge?” / “And this somehow gives you power over me?” (Smug, condescending, and threatening)

Reaper: “(Sneers) I still can’t believe Talon’s keeping you around...”
Ghost: “They want someone who gets results, something they’ve been lacking as of late.” (Smug and condescending)

McCree: “So you’re that time traveler...what’s your business here?”
Ghost: “I’m just here to start paying the debt I owe you.”

McCree: “You keep going on about some debt you owe me, mind explainin’ that?”
Ghost: “You helped me find a new road. My road, not yours, not hers, but mine alone, because I was the only one who would...could walk it.”

McCree: “Hell of an ink job on your back. I take it you’re a fan of ours?”
Ghost: “(Scoffs) Hardly...Meant it as an insult at first...know better now.”

Winston: “If you traveled here from the future, you surely must have brought its knowledge with you. Those secrets could benefit all of mankind.”
Ghost: “They're my secrets to keep, if they become yours as well, you’ll take them to your grave.”

Winston: “So our time travel experiments were finally successful...but why would we send someone like you back?”
Ghost: “Same reason you tried with Her. Needed someone with the devil’s luck. Thirteen years and two bullets proved I had it.”

Winston: "Amazing, your temporal powers have seem to have developed completely different from how hers have! I can only wonder at what the true limits of the Chronal Accelerator are!"
Ghost: "As do I...Perhaps we can be of some us to each other, if you're interested..."

Zenyatta: “That helmet...if it is genuine, then it is morbid.”
Ghost: “It is justice...I merely took from him what he took from me.”

Zenyatta: “There is no future in hatred, you must learn to let go and–" (Interrupted)
Ghost: “Save your speeches, monk. I need no gods or devils, I alone control of my fate now."

Zenyatta: "I had hoped that on day our two races could find peace, yet here your are, living proof of it's failure..."
Ghost: "Indeed...Both of our peoples are just too...human for peace to come on it's own. But don't worry, I'll make sure it comes despite the failures of the past AND future."

Doomfist: “They told me about you...the one who holds that imitation of my legacy...”
Ghost: “(Chuckles condescendingly) No, I hold the pillar of my own history.”

Doomfist: “You wield that gauntlet as if you’d earned it...”
Ghost: “I did...(Scoffs) Aren’t you the one who always says we must evolve through conflict?”

Soldier 76: “(Scoffs) So you’re the one who sent the message...What does a piece of scum like you want?”
Ghost: “Just needed to see if the mighty Jack Morrison still has a bit of life in him. If it turns out he does...might have more messages for you in the future.”

Soldier 76: “You again!? What the hell do you want!?”
Ghost: “Same thing as you, just with the men holding the leash instead of the dogs.”

Pharah: “You act like you’re somehow above us all, but in the end you’re just another criminal, another spit in the face of justice!”
Ghost: “...Glad to see you haven't changed, Captain...” (Sarcastic)

Pharah: “Whatever terror you’re planning to spread, monster, it will never be stronger then the forces of law and order!”
Ghost: “The law is only as strong as the one enforcing it, your law is mighty, but mine is absolute.”

Ghost: “I’ve heard of you, the machine born for war trying to live in peace. (Scoffs) History’s full of men who tried the same, didn’t end well for most of them.”
Bastion: “*Sad Beeping*”

Ghost: “If you truly seek a peaceful life, then perhaps we can be of some use to each other. I can give you the means to discuss the terms with me as a down payment, if you’re interested.“
Bastion: “*Unsure Beeping*”

Ghost: "The OR-15...Well, if you're even half as deadly as your successors, then this should be a simple task."
Orisa: "Your statement is illogical, I am still in my prototype phase."

Ghost: "Hmm, Support type with no Shield Battery or Neutron Disruptor...Still, given the situation, that shouldn't be too much of a problem."
Orisia: "I can find no record of these attachment in my databanks. Will inquire with Efi after combat has been resolved."

Ghost: “Greetings, Sergeant Zaryanova, I take your presence as proof that your government is interested in my proposal?”
Zarya: “Despite my advisement, yes...”

Zarya: “I don’t approve of your methods, Palach.” (Russian for Butcher)
Ghost: “That doesn’t surprise me, it’s the reason your government accepted my proposal. Stay a symbol of 'hope' as long as you want; you must be willing to kill anyone if you truly believe in your cause.”

Junkrat: “Wut? You payin’ me that fat a stack jus’ to bomb these jokas? Heh, ya need ta go back ta business school, mate!”
Ghost: “Money’s no object to me, it’s nothing but a tool to gain the loyalties of hollow men.”

Ghost: “Could always use more hired muscle, if you’re not too attached to the bomb maker, I could – “(Interrupted)
Roadhog: “Deal. Whatever it is, deal.”

Ghost: “Hmm, I’ve read reports about this...let’s take advantage of this while it lasts.”
Ghost: “(Slight Chuckle) Thinking the same thing."

5/25/17: Removed the rest of the Changelog (1/5/17 - 7/5/17) because there's apparently a character limit, gameplay wise the major differences were a different main weapon (3 round burst pistol), the lack of the Wall Walking ability, Peacekeeper not having bonus headshot damage, Ghost Blink having a shorter range & a shorter cooldown, and Grenade Machinegun not working with Gun Blink.
7/6/17: Heavily edited Doomfist to fit with the now in game Doomfist (was originally a one hit kill and replaced your main weapon), added Doomfist Intro Convos.
8/6/17: Removed some of the pretense from his quotes.
9/27/17: Removed the Personality section for the sake of brevity and replaced the old playlist with the updated one.
10/26/17: Replaced the "The Shadow" Pose with the "The Irony" Pose to make the joke a bit more obvious.
10/29/17: Removed the the Gun Blink Disable and Accuracy Penalties from Doomfist as they were too great of drawbacks compared to the benefits and increased Energy Burst Damage to 25 (was 10).
11/12/17: Increased Wall Walking Speed to 4 MPS (was 3.5).
11/25/17: Increased Grenade Launcher and Grenade Machinegun Projectile Speed to 30 MPS (was 25), removed the "The Past" and "The Falcon" skins and their variants for reasons that will be clear later, added the "The Overlord" skin and variants.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by VikingEagle » February 9, 2017 6:38pm | Report
Went ahead and made a rough script of what Ghost's Hero Trailer would be, just to give a better idea of what kind of character he is. Well, I say script, but it's really more just a story, more interesting to read that way.

The Road

Opens with Reaper, Widowmaker, Sombra, and several other Talon Agents in a War Room discussing plans for an Assassination, as Reaper explains the details of the plan, we cut between shots of the War Room and the actions described taking place. Reaper begins his briefing, “Ferrum Mercator, Head of the Gladius Incorporated, has been a thorn in our side long enough. He’ll be attending a conference in Munich with delegates from his’s various clients. It’ll be the best chance we’ve had in years to take him out, but according to Sombra, it looks Overwatch knows that too. We’re still not sure who they’ll send or even how many they’ve been able to recall, but our main obstacle is Mercator’s own security, he’s smart enough to be paranoid. According to our data, he’s traveling with 25 armed guards and a motorcade of 10 armored escort vehicles. Our plan is to attack the conference hall with a small team under my command to throw the place into chaos, maybe even kill him there if we’re lucky. If we’re not, Mercator’s security will pull him out of there, get him back to his limo, and escort him to a secure location. But the road there passes by St. Peter’s church, a perfect vantage point for Widowmaker to-“

“Be ambushed by Tracer for the 3rd time in a row, missing her chance to take the shot, and setting off a chain of events that fails the mission and puts her in a hospital bed for the rest of the month...”, an unknown voice interrupts as we are shown reaction shots of all the other characters, looking back at him surprised with Sombra noticeably less surprised and even mildly annoyed, eventually cutting to the reveal shot of the mystery man standing in the back, cloaked in shadow and leaning on the wall before standing forward into the light and we are given a close up to his masked face as he continues with, “...Which is why I’m going to be there instead.” After a cut away shows us that that is indeed what happened with him dramatically climbing up the staircase to the church’s belltower, it is revealed that the agents of Talon have they’re guns trained on the unimpressed invader, with the notable exception of Sombra who is still simply annoyed. Reaper demands, “Who are you and how did you get in!?”, he casually responds with, “Most people call me Ghost, and that answers both questions. More importantly, I’ve come to offer my services.” Reaper is irritated by this arrogance, “And you expect us to take up that offer? What makes you think we would need anything from you?”, Sombra answers for Ghost as we cut to her, “Because he knew about our plan before we did.”, after some quizzical reactions from the rest, she adds with some exasperation, “This isn’t the first time he’s broken in...”

Cut back to Ghost finally reaching the top and beginning to line up a shot with a sniper rifle that seemly just appeared from nowhere between edits, voice over returns with Widowmaker questioning why he has to be the one in the tower with a slight, but noticeable amount of anger in her voice, “So...Ghost, what exactly convinces you that you can succeed where I would supposedly fail in killing that childish Rosbif?”. Cutting back to the War Room, the 3D Map display has changed to reflect the change in plans as well as Ghost’s new status with them, Ghost responds, “...She and I are of a kind, the devil smiles on us, grants us luck...” As he explains this, we cut back to see that Tracer has noticed him lining up his shot during a break in her battle with the distraction team and is now rushing to the tower to stop him.

Ghost’s voiceover continues, “...difference is...”, as Ghost is keeping his rifle steady, he takes his left hand off, opens up his hand and begins silently counting down, as he does this we cut to shots of Tracer blinking up the stairs, “...I’m much more then blind luck and bloodlust.” As soon as he is finished counting, slo-mo kicks in as he brutally jabs his elbow backward just as Tracer blinks behind him, breaking her Chronal Accelerator and knocking her across the room as he places his hand back on his rifle and takes the shot. We follow the bullet in slow motion as it travels toward Mercator, as we follow, voiceover from Ghost returns, “Mercator has enough locked away in his head to make it worth cracking open before putting a bullet through it...” The bullet flies past his windshield and hits the driver of one of his escort vehicles, the vehicle swerving into another. “Once I take the first shot, follow with your own. I’ll handle the rear guard myself, but expect a delay, the devil has a wide grin.” We return to the tower, still in slo-mo, to show Tracer Recalling while still falling back from the blow, repairing the damage done to the Accelerator, as Ghost reacts in an “Of Course” kind of way and quickly turns to face her as the camera shifts and she begins her counter-attack.

She charges at him guns blazing, but instead of returning fire, he simply puts his left arm up to shrug off the pulse fire as he sweeps at her legs with his rifle. She blinks toward his left side to dodge, he tries to backhand her with his left hand as he drops the rifle. She dodges to his right side, he reaches for his sidearm, Alejandra, and positions himself as if he intends to match her movements with bullets, but as she blinks again to avoid the supposed shot, he points the barrel in the opposite direction of where he’s looking, putting her directly in it’s slights, she is absolutely shocked and we hear a loud gunshot on a close up of her bewildered eyes in silence.

Sound returns with a loud ringing as we pull back, revealing that he fired had just past her cheek. Cutting back to Ghost, the ringing fades as he says with absolute authority, “If I’d wanted you dead, we’d have met sooner...”, regaining her senses Tracer quickly jumps back and aims her pistols back at him, She demands, “Who the hell are you?”, he replies grimly, “Just another Ghost of your past...’Hero’”. After a reaction of confusion and offence, she smirks and says “A Ghist, huh? Well, let's put you to rest then!”, she activates a Pulse Bomb and drops it behind her as she blinks to the window, but Ghost predicts this, given his in-depth knowledge of her tactics, and without even looking back, he grabs her by one of her accelerator straps and slams her into a wall giving us a close-up of her surprised and pained expression. He then quickly leaps out the window as Tracer blinks after him, only to be hit by the force of the blast as soon as she exits the room, forcing her to Recall back into the tower then blink to stable ground to get her bearings and restore her injuries from the blast.

Ghost lands hard onto the street, straight into the path of one of the armored escort vehicles, he stares it down as if it were nothing. Voiceover from Widowmaker begins again, “And you think that you have that strength?”, we cut back to the War Room as she continues, “To not only eliminate her, but come out in one piece and face down that much of the escort alone? What could possibly convince us tha-“, she is interrupted by Ghost placing The Doomfist on the Map Table, all in attendance are in total disbelief and Ghost, not needing words, silently stares her down, the pure sass somehow piercing through the mask. We cut back to the street, Ghost clenches his right hand into a fist as blue temporal energy (though we won’t know that yet) surrounds it and The Doomfist suddenly appears over his right arm, He places his left foot down so aggressively it is buried into the pavement, and he delivers a punch that utterly crushes the front of the vehicle and sends it flying as the energy burst triggers. As Tracer is seen preparing to get back in the fight, she is greeted with the vehicle flying straight toward her, forcing her to blink back into the tower to avoid it (Note that she did not actually see that Ghost using The Doomfist).

The Doomfist reacts the same why it did the first time we saw it, beeping and locking up, but it quickly fades away with the currently mysterious energy that summoned it, Ghost shakes out his right arm, then uses the same power to equip himself with a Grenade Launcher. He makes use of this new weapon to fire upon more advancing vehicles, after the first shot does little against the vehicles armor, he begins charging the launcher with energy, aims for the front hover modules, and fires. 5 grenades fly from the barrel at once, their trajectory slightly off kilter, and impact on the ground below the front axel, the force of the explosions flipping the vehicle over, causing a terrible collision with one of it's fellows. Letting the Grenade Launcher fade away, he turns back to see the majority of the Escort still far ahead of him and in battle with his current allies, the Talon Agents.

As he begins marching onward, Tracer blinks back into the fray and fires on him, her pulse rounds still doing little to his advanced armor. She is wisely keeping her distance from him this time, but this accomplishes little as he summons his Jury Rigged Bastion and begins firing on her, notably aiming at her legs. He manages a few grazing shots across her left leg and abdomen, but before either of them can make any real progress with their fight, another Escort vehicle arrives and fires upon Ghost, interrupting their battle. The vehicle speeds forward with little regard for either of the two, Tracer blinks away to avoid being hit, and as we follow her as she dodges, Ghost seemingly disappears, briefly confusing her before she notices him on top the vehicle. Ghost disables it’s auto-turret by violently punching through it’s hull and ripping out it’s CPU. As the driver reacts to this, Ghost wastes no time, ripping off the door and pulling the driver out of the vehicle while it is still moving then swiftly summons his Sub-machinegun to kill the front passenger (Omnic, so no blood). He jumps into the now empty driver’s seat and puts pedal to the metal to race toward the battle.

As he drives on, Tracer is seen blinking frantically and running at full speed to catch up with him, barely succeeding to doing so. Naturally, Ghost notices her and pulls the dead passenger over to place his leg on the gas pedal as he hangs out the doorway to continue their fight, but he is too late as Tracer has already placed a Pulse Bomb above one of the wheels. She smirks cockily then jumps back while mock saluting before blinking to safety, Ghosts reacts in an “Of Course” kind of way once again as the bomb goes off and flips the vehicle, causing it to roll for a good while before exploding. Tracer smiles in victory while sitting with her back on a pile of ruble, catching her breath from a safe distance. She stands up and readies herself to head out to assist in the battle, voice from behind her gives her pause, “Hey.” She turns her head with a shocked expression on her face that Ghost changes to one of pain as his fist impacts, knocking the goggles off her face and launching her backwards with a bruised cheek and a bloodied lip, her flight ending with a collision with one of the overturned vehicles.

As she sits back up, Ghost fires several warning shots with Alejandra that impact inches from her head, then aims directly at her. He begins a speech too dramatic for it’s own good, “I know you’re going to keep fighting, it’s just who you are...not in you to ever stop...couldn’t even if you wanted to...”, as he gives this speech, we get a close up of Tracer darting eyes, eventually cutting to her PoV. She sees a solid piece of scrap metal that was once part of a vehicles axel, just the right size to be used as a weapon, she then examines Ghost to know where best to use it, eventually noticing a lack of armor plating behind his knees. Ghost continues his speech, “You tell others it’s your sense of heroism that keeps you fighting, but I know the truth...could see it in your eyes, even back then...You enjoy all the killing, that’s why...” Her attention snaps back to Ghost, clearly enraged by his accusation and she replies with a flicker dark determination in her eyes, “No...but I’ll enjoy this!” She blinks to the axel, grabs it, then blinks to Ghost’s right side, but her plan is not to attack him from here. As he begins to counterattack, she has already blinked over to his left side. She throws all of her weight into bashing him behind his left knee with the axel, knocking him off balance, she follows by swiftly and acrobatically kicking him in the neck, her weight causing him to collapse in his off balance state. Wasting no time, she places her left foot on his right hand and she readies for another strike with her improvised weapon; she smiles in victory only for it to disappear when Ghost begins laughing menacingly before taunting her, “So predictable...” His pistol glows with energy again, but this time the bullets buried in the vehicle from his earlier warning shots fly back towards the gun, but their journey ends early when they burrow themselves inside Tracer’s left leg.

As she recoils from pain and shock, Ghost uses this distraction to pull his right hand out from under her foot and punch her in the Accelerator, breaking it once again and knocking all the wind out of her. After falling to the ground, Ghost pins her down with his foot on her chest and looks down on her with a sense of sneering arrogance. He looks as if he is about begin another speech before the sound of an explosion catches his attention, he looks up to notice the battle ahead of him still raging on. Using his still mysterious powers once more, he summons his Gauss Cannon and opens fire, the spikes piercing straight through the thick armor plating of the escort, disabling or outright destroying them and in one case, pining the (omnic) driver to a nearby wall. Once they are all dealt with, he lets the weapon fade, and radios to ask his cohorts if they are clear, they are, so he tells them to secure Mercator and that he’ll be on his way soon, as he explains this, we see the others doing just that. From a sniper’s crosshairs, we see the VIP in mortal terror as he is forcibly removed from his seat and escorted elsewhere at gunpoint, this PoV moves to see Ghost standing over Tracer, he turns his head to stare down the one viewing him. Revealing her as the source of this PoV, we see Widowmaker pull her head back from her scope and give a disapproving look; slightly upset that Ghost’s plan went off without a hitch.

Before he continues onward, Ghost leans back over Tracer and says, “Get used to this feeling of defeat...We’ll meet again, its just part of who we are, what we are...” He starts walking away to rejoin his comrades as we get a close up of his mask, then he quickly turns as the camera pans around with him to reveal that he just stopped Tracer from landing another blow with the axel, catching it in his hand. “As I said...predicable.”, he insults once again as he tightens his grip to crush her new weapon, but thinking quickly, she allows it to snap into two pieces so she can lunge at him with the jagged edge. She succeeds in forcing the edge into a crack between one of his scrap armor pieces on his chest and the suit proper, and does what she can to dig it deeper, her grin returning as she does. She taunts him with “How’s that for predi-“ but her insult is cut short when Ghost punches her right in the nose, and as slo-mo kicks in again we see him jam his thumb into her right eye as she flies back, taking the scrap armor piece with her. After hitting the ground, she slowly sits back up to see what lay below the scrap piece with her only good eye, a Chronal Accelerator.

She is in compete and utter disbelief at what she sees, “How...how do you...? That’s not possible...”, Ghost coldly replies, “Did you really think no one would attempt time travel again?”. He walks toward his broken armor piece as he gives this speech, while doing so he uses his powers to summon a severed Bastion Repair Arm, picks the armor piece back up, and starts welding it back on. “I succeeded where you had failed...”, he finishes with the repairs and teleports to Tracer, revealing his teleportation to be his own form of Blinking, and places his foot on her throat, pushing down to rob her of consciousness , “...and I will continue doing so until the end, as you watch your history die.” While slowly blacking out, she summons the strength to ask one final question, “Why?”, he answers with a mix of cold hatred and domineering smugness, “Because the world doesn’t need more...'heroes'...” With this, Tracer finally passes out, and Ghost begins walking back after a quick PoV from his helmet reveals she’s lost consciousness. The voiceover returns with Reaper asking, “What exactly is you stake in all of this? What is it that you want?” Ghost replies with a somber, “...I started walking this road a long time ago...just need to see its end.” As he gives his final words, we finally get our first clear shot of his the symbol on his back as he’s walking away, we linger on it for awhile, before cutting to black.

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Had a brainstorm recently and came up with a way to tell his backstory entirely in Mastodon songs, think it will really help express why Ghost is a favorite of mine.

Ghost's Story

The whole thing is 2 and a half hours long and while I feel it's better to listen to it all in one go, it can be separated into 4 parts, each one detailing a chapter of his life. I'll include an outline of what's happening in the story as well, just in case it wasn't obvious.

Part 1 - Wanderer (Sultan's Curse - Clandestiny): Brian wanders near aimlessly hoping to grow into a hero (Sultan's Curse), no matter the hardships or advisement from others, nothing will keep him off the path (Precious Stones). Eventually his road leads him to Dorado where he meets Alejandra and saves her from another attack from Los Murtos thugs, but in the process is shot in the head. Inspired by his heroism, Alejandra manages to finish of the thugs and get Brian to the Hospital, After he has recovered, the began spending time together, but the road begins calling him again (Quintessence). Alejandra tries to convince him to stay and Brian tries to convince her to come with him, but neither can convince they other and they decide to part ways (High Road). As the years roll on and on, Brian hasn't found true happiness despite how much he's grown, but he keeps pressing onward, still hoping he'll find it someday (Once More 'Round The Sun). Now an adult, he reflects on the day that started all this and resolves to join the army in the hopes that will eventually lead him to Overwatch so he can join them (Clandestiny).

Part 2 - Warrior (The Wolf is Loose - Trainwreck): Joining the army, he is thrust into battle, while he has the skill and will to survive, the phycological toll is beyond anything he has experienced before (The Wolf is Loose). The years bring nothing but more combat as he slowly begins to loose his sanity (Ancient Kingdom - Andromeda). His struggles amount to little as the US Army pulls their forces back to the American Homeland, he is assigned to a base in Los Angles, his "home". On his journey there, he depressively reflects on his life and how pointless it all seems (Trainwreck).

Part 3 - Ruiner (Oblivion - Hearts Alive): Omnics attack the city not long after he arrives there and during the battle, his younger brother, Timmy, is killed saving him from a surprise attack. This breaks Brain mentally and he is overwhelmed with sadness, believing he failed his brother in both not being able to save him, not living up to his brother's expectations of him, and how he regrets abandoning him for the road (Oblivion). His sadness quickly turns to pure rage and he brutally kills his brother's murderer (Crusher Destroyer). He continues fighting through the omnic horde despite the city already being in ruins, still fueled by hatred for both his enemy and himself (March of the Fire Ants). Barely surviving the carnage with a new gunshot wound in his head, he becomes a legend to his fellow soldiers and is swiftly promoted and is issued an experimental power suit, fully becoming The Ghost. He quickly adapts to his new position, anger still festering in his heart, and leads his forces into battled for his own hate rather then loyalty to his country (Blood and Thunder). His brutal tactics and unrelenting savagery cement his reputation as someone to be feared by both sides as whatever sliver of sanity he has left begins to fade (Deathbound - Workhorse). He is denied any true victory as the United States is decimated beyond any hope. This gives him no pause as he orders what little forces he has left into battle against an even greater force of omnics. It ends as a complete slaughter for both sides, but even still Ghost is denied the peace of death, the only human survivor (Hearts Alive).

Part 4 - Redeemer (Death March - The Sparrow): Ghost wanders the wasteland his country has become, attacking any in his path like a feral animal, until he hears news that Overwatch is still active and where there headquarters are located, he crosses an entire ocean to find them, following his perfect hatred (Death March). Arriving at their stronghold, he demands to know where Tracer is so he can satisfy his rage by taking her life, only to learn that she is already dead. McCree, now Overwatch's Commander, questions his motivations, Ghost's tells him his story, and McCree manages to convince Ghost to join them (Feast Your Eyes). In preparation for their plan to send him make in time, Ghost must undergo Chronal Disassociation, a process he has little chance of surviving, but he is not shaken and manages to just barely live through it, gaining the power to bend time at will (Jaguar God). Physically, mentally, and emotionally drained by these events (Elephant Man), he begins to reflect once again on his life, this time with emotional support of other Overwatch members, eventually forging a new philosophy and gaining a new hope (Trilobite - Diamond in the Witch House). As he is sent back in time, his repeats words of encouragement to himself in line with his new philosophy, a bittersweet new hope for the future (The Sparrow)

5/20/17: Replaced Welcoming War with Mother Puncher, honestly not sure what convinced me not have have it that way in the first place.

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Wrote two new stories for Ghost and updated "The Road" significantly. I've structured the new stories like comics (kind of) as they would be in the theoretical universe where this is all canon. All occurrences of extreme violence and gore are hidden by clever angles, for the same reason. The liberal use of ellipses is due to the speech pattern of characters, they're just meant to be pauses and signify drifting speech.

The Message

We begin in a very basic room, a prison cell, bare and confined, where a lone omnic, dirty and ragged, lays silently on the floor with only his memories and moonlight through the solitary window to keep him company. The silence is broken by the sound of a blink right outside the door, followed by the rattling of keys and the turning of a lock, this terrifies the omnic, causing him to sit up and crawl toward the corner in sheer terror. The door opens to reveal Tracer who quickly slips into the room, asking “Marius?” as she closes the door behind her “You *are* Marius, aren’t you?” The omnic remains terrified and can barely collect his words, “You?...No...no,no,no,no...It can’t be...no,no,no...it’s not possible, you can’t be real...”

Confused, Tracer attempts to calm him, “Well, I feel pretty real to me, but, eh, I’m gonna have to speed things a tic,” pointing to a surveillance camera, “We don’t have long to talk before they stop seeing and hearing static. Just need to hear what you told the Aussies, then I’ll be long gone before you know it.” Marius continues his barely coherent stuttering, “No...no,no,no,no,no...you don’t understand...he knew it would be you...he told me you would come...” this immediately seizes her interest, “Who, Ghost!? Was he there!? Why was he there!? What did he tell you!?” This outburst only serves to horrify Marius further, causing Tracer to quickly pedal back and try once again to calm him down, “Sorry, sorry, sorry, I’m not going to hurt you! It’s just...this is kind of personal. If you know anything about Ghost I need to know. Let’s just start from the beginning...What happened at Camp Jerhyn?”

Marius begins his tale, “The warchief...yes...that was what they called him…...t was the warchief…”, we begin to see events in flashback as he narrates, “It already seems like a lifetime ago...We were a simple team of scientist and engineers sent to the borders of the wasteland analyze the radiation levels and cleanse what we could of that cursed earth for the betterment of man and omnickind...or so we were told...That night...it began with a single Junker...We had been harassed by the occasional opportunist among them looking to take whatever he could get his hands on and it seemed, at first, that this one was no different...When security came to scare him away, they fired a warning shot as they always had, but for the first time since we were sent out those long 3 months ago...this one fired back...The Junker fled as the guard struggled to breathe his final breath and for the sake of justice or revenge, the rest of the team gave chase...and just as they left...the violence began...A terrible explosion shattered the eastern wall as an entire legion of the wastelanders cascaded into the camp...We were merely men and women of science, not one man of war among us apart from the security team, and yet they fired mercilessly upon us...I ran for my life to find shelter from the onslaught of fire, bullets, and searing metal and then...I saw a man returning fire on the savages...At first, I believed he was one of the security team, returned to combat the raiders, but as a peered through the fiery haze, I recognized him as the cook for the all the humans of the camp...”

“The rifle he held, the way he held it, his demeanor during each pull of the trigger...they were not those of a civilian fighting out of desperation...they were those of a solider doing his duty...As I witnessed him battling with the invaders, my eyes began to drift...he was not the only taking up arms...Men and women, human and omnic, nearly all of them too young to have fought in the war, people that I had worked with, that I had talked to every day...were facing the savages as if they had been doing it their entire lives...with weapons far too sophisticated to be taken from fallen Junkers...I hadn’t time to question the why of if, my only thoughts were to run to them for the sake of survival…but before I had taken even a single pace...He arrived...A demon, wrapped in the guise of man, clad in an unbreakable armor, adorned with gruesome trophies made from the broken bodies of my people, materialized from the darkness and massacred every last one of them...Ripping through flesh and metal with his bare hands…Tearing them shreds with weapons forged from nothingness...Crushing bone and steel underfoot...What else could he be, but a devil born from the black abyss of hell itself?...”

“All of us left unbroken by their savagery, 40 of the camp’s 70, were bound in chains and brought the center of grave the Jerhyn had become...He dragged Karshya, the camp’s overseer, before us and explained their purpose there...” “Your government has been deceiving you, you were not brought here to extinguish the invisible fires, you were brought to be a human shield for the soldiers of the Southern Cross under Major Karshya. Jerhyn was to be Australia’s foothold against Junkertown when the time came for it’s destruction for the sake of a politician’s pride. I believe we’ve made it clear to all of you, that won’t be happening. But in case the message was not clear...” “We were all made witness to his cruelty as he beat Karshya to death...He had the strength to tear and omnic in half, but with her...he made sure she suffered...just to congeal the fear of death in all of us...When he had finally beaten his way into the blood stained sand, he made us an offer no sane person could accept...” “Now...You may be convinced, but a soldier’s death is a common enough tragedy to a politician, but a civilian’s isn’t...If any of you would like to volunteer, I need to send one more message...” After a few panels of silent, but palpable tension and close ups of the terrified captives, Marius stands up and narration continues “Why did I stand? I don’t know...I suppose I thought the alternative would have been all of us receiving the brunt of his wrath….but as I stood there, certain of my doom, he spoke to me...” “Most humans can’t tell when an omnic is afraid just by look alone, the signs are faint, but there...The dimness in your eyes, the shift in your posture, the speed of your electron distributers...I terrify you more then anything else on earth ever has, yet still chose to stand before me a lamb to the slaughter?...Good...I could not ask for anyone better to send my message...Leave this one be, do as you please with the rest.”

“With the order given, he grabbed me by the collar and dragged me to the sidelines as his men set to their dark task with flashing teeth...As he forced me to observe his servant’s cruelty, I became convinced that this was not reality, but the most vile nightmare from the blackest recesses of my mind...The horror, the brutality, the...the evil I witnessed...how else could I explain such unimaginable cruelty?...It was morning by the time the last scream was silenced by melting flames...The warchief, for that is what the savages called him, broke my chains and instructed me on the burden he had thrust upon my shoulders...” “Alice Springs is 3 days walking for an omnic, I believe you know what tale to tell once you are found. But there is another message you carry, one for her. If...no...when she finds you, tell her what you would tell any other, my message will be there if she’s not too blind to see it. Now...walk east into the sun and keep walking until it dies and lives again 3 times.” “What choice did I have?...I walked...”

“For 3 days, I marched across those desolate sands...by the end of the second day, my leg servos had broken down and I was forced to crawl until I finally reached my salvation...I told them of the evil I bore witness to...of the savages and their inhuman master...They were convinced that I was truly mad...They treated me like a destitute tramp, summoning enforcers of the law to remove me from their sight...I implored them to listen, to trust in my words...but they refused to believe me...Perhaps they couldn’t...perhaps they could not accept that such heinous acts could be possible in this world...” We finally return from flashbacks to see him and Tracer in the cell as he continues, “But you...you believe me...you have to believe me!...You are the one he spoke of, the one he knew would come, the only one who knows I speak only the truth!...Please...”

Clearly disturbed by his story, but unable to deny it’s truth, Tracer replies, “...Don’t worry, I believe you...I just wish I couldn’t. Ghost’s never made himself easy to track and when does, it’s with a trail of bodies, but this...He’s only been on our radar for 4 weeks and he’s already starting wars...The cameras ‘ll be back on in a tic, so I’ve got to split. I’m sorry I had to make you live through all of that again, but I promise you that I’ll do whatever it takes to bring him down.” Tracer begins open the door, but in a sudden burst of energy, Marius demands, “Wait!...Before you leave, I must know...What was his message? What possible message is there to be found in his brutality?” With a mix of sorrow and self-frustration, she is disappointed to tell him, “...I don’t know...I’m sorry...” This answer makes Marius unexpectedly hostile, “You...don’t know!? How could you not know!? You were the one, the one he knew would come! The one he made me suffer for this message! You...were the reason they all suffered!”

Those final words cut Tracer deeper then any blade ever could. With her back to Marius, she clenches his fist as if she is mere moments from lashing out at the crippled omnic, but her face tells a different story, one of despair and absolute defeat. Barely managing to collect herself from these extreme feelings, she answers with a melancholy, “...That’s what I’m afraid of...and maybe that’s the message...” With nothing left to say, she leaves the cell and locks the door behind her. Still burdened by emotions, she looks down at the core of her Chronal Accelerator and grasps at it with the same anger as before. Releasing her rage with a sigh of sorrow, she continues on her path to find the Ghost that now haunts her, just as she unknowingly haunts him.

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And the other story, a reflection of the Uprising comic, showing us part of Ghost's backstory as part of Overwatch as well as offering a direct contrast with Tracer and the worlds they are from. Alejandra's last name is non-cannon, just made up by me for sake of the story.


A title card sets the stage, “Overwatch HQ, Norway, 12 years in the future” but what we see is more a hole in the ground then a base, though the interior is more what one would expect, ramshackle as it is. The agents inside look more like starving wastelanders then valorous heroes, they essentially are now, after all. “Are you insane!?”, a shout erupts into the halls, it’s crier is soon revealed to be Pharah, now in a far more advanced suit of combat armor to suit her position as Overwatch’s second in command, “That savage nearly killed Angela 3 days ago and you want to send him out with a team, just like that!? What the hell is wrong with you!?” The receiver of this verbal abuse is an aged McCree, now reluctantly serving as Overwatch’s commander and by the greyness of his hair and eyepatch over his right eye, it’s clear the years have not been kind. “They’ll be sending a full battalion there by Thursday, this is gonna be our only chance and we have to hit them with the best we’ve got, and that’s him.”, he replies only to be swiftly rebutted, “’Our Best’!? All that butcher is the best at is destroying everything around him, flesh or metal! If anything, we should have killed him the second he walked through the door!”

McCree still attempts to convince her, "...Fareeha, you heard his story, he believed in us once, wanted to be like us, his heroes, I think we can bring him around again.”, but she remains unmoved, “Are you forgetting the part where he said he only came to beat Tracer to death!? Whatever he was before is gone, he’s just a killer now!” McCree tries one final time to sway her over to his side, “I wasn’t too much different when Gabe found me, maybe not as extreme, but just as aimless. Right now he fights and kills just because it gives him a reason to get up in the morning, we just need to convince him to live for more then death.” Pharah remains unmoved, “Tch! I can’t believe this, I can’t believe you actually trust that...that...monster!” McCree still tries, “Don’t worry, Fareeha, he’ll be our monster soon enough.”, and still fails, “...Somedays I wonder if Winston choose the right replacement...”, as she storms out of the room, McCree sorrowfully responds to a now empty room, “...Me too...”

Cutting to a training room, we see Ghost in his newly upgraded armor, a Chronal Accelerator built into the chest piece and all of his scrap armor removed minus the helmet, ready for combat against Hanzo, now a cyborg and wielding his brother’s sword to carry on his memory. Over the PA they are given a single command, “Begin.”, as Hanzo draws his blade and Ghost summons a Gauss Rifle, we cut to the observation room with Winston, his 39 year old body failing and his mind following (On average, Gorillas only live to be 40) and Mercy, haggard by the years and devoid of joy, observing the battle and monitoring the scientific reading on outdated (for them) computers. McCree enters and gets right down to business, “Docs, I need some good news, how’s the new guy doin’?”, “He’s definitely hard to put down...” replies Mercy as she rubs her throat, as if to soothe a lingering pain, “I’m surprised we didn’t kill him with all the anesthetic it took, but I guess I really can’t be given what we learned right before...that happened...”. McCree is confused, “What do you mean?”, We see a bit more of the battle as she explains herself, “That hole in his helmet isn’t from it’s...previous owner. A bullet in the brain, but he refused to die and that wasn’t the first time either...He has two bullet scars on his forehead and by the look of the scars on his brain tissue, he was only fifteen when he got the first one.”

Winston interjects, “Fifteen?...Hmm...That can only mean he took Lena’s words far closer to heart then either of us wanted...He must have started looking for trouble not long after that day...Sad, really, it means he threw his life away to be a hero.”, McCree tries to reassure him, “Well, if all goes right, he’ll get the chance to change th-“, he is cut short by a stray bullet hitting the observation screen, leaving a crack in the bulletproof glass. McCree is shocked, “Wait, you’re letting him use live ammo!?”, Winston calms him down, “Well, yes and no. I suppose this is the good news you wanted. His use of time manipulation is very different then Lena’s, his ability to summon objects from his oast is far more powerful then hers and he’s only had Disassociation for 3 days, it’s simply incredible!”. McCree is pleased by this, “Interesting...but, uh, are you sure Hanzo is safe with him? I mean, Not that I'm doubting his skills, but Ghost's not exactly the most stable person in the world...” Winston reassures, “Don’t worry, it may not look like it but he’s taking it easy on him. Considering that the first thing he ever summoned was The Doomfist, he’s showing a lot of restraint.” This statement is swiftly undermined when we see Ghost winning his battle with Hanzo by ripping off his cybernetic arm, “Well...maybe ‘restraint’ is a strong word...”, Winston corrects himself. Mercy uncharacteristically responds with an exasperated, “Oh mein Gott...not this again...”, making it clear how hard the years have been. As she exits the room to repair the damage, McCree asks her to tell Ghost to meet him in his office.

McCree reviews the plan of attack on a display screen and Ghost enters the room and immediately gets to business, “Sitrep.” Though slightly taken aback by his absolute lack of formality, McCree grants his request, “Eichenwalde, Germany. Omnics built an Omnium there after they knocked the castle down, just to piss on Alder’s grave. We’re making a quick smash & grab to get it’s fusion core so we have enough power to make to the end of this year alive.” Ghost adds, “Omnics will have it powered up again by tomorrow if we pull this off, we should level the place while we’re there.” McCree informs him, “Well, that was the idea when we tried a similar op in Warsaw over a year ago, didn’t have the time or the people to set up the explosives and get the core out in time, ended up losing one of our best there...” Ghost replies insensitively, “I’ve seen your best, I can get it done.” McCree, while offended, can’t deny the weight behind Ghost’s words, “...Alright then...all the tactical information’s in the Warsaw mission log. Just keep in mind that you’re only going in as a team of four when they had six, even for you tha-“ He is interrupted by Ghost, who looking through the log found something far too familiar, “Is this name correct?” McCree responds witha simple, confused, “What?” Ghost gets up close and personal and demands, “Is this name correct!?”, as he points out a name on the mission log with a grim attachment next to it, “Alejandra Pasifico – KIA”.

McCree is equal parts confused and intrigued, “Yes...yes, Agent Pasifico died covering her squad’s escape when the mission went to hell.” We may not be able to see his face, but by Ghost’s body language we can tell this news hits him like nothing on earth,”...How did it happen?...Every last detail...” he sorrowfully requests. McCree grants it and we see all the events in a flashback, “Wasn’t there myself, of course, but one of our boys planting the explosives was ambushed while setting up and she was sent over from the Core team to get him out. Not long after, security overran the core team and they had to abandon the Core after their medic took one in the liver and lost consciousness. The Squad Leader, Brigitte Lindholm, called for extraction, but the whole team was pinned down, the medic was already half dead, and that boy Pasifico pulled out had one of his legs blown clean off. So, with no other options, they blew the explosives they already had in place hoping they could escape in the confusion. It worked…but not well enough, they got to the extraction point, but the carrier was under too much fire to touch ground. Bridget ordered them to hunker down and take pot shots at the Bastion’s firing at the transport, but with almost half their team in no condition to fight and with omnics still barreling down on them, things didn’t look good. So, against her orders, Pasifico grabbed all the explosives they had left and made a b-line for the Bastions, soaked up a few bullets on the way, chucked the bombs, and hit the switch, blowing them to all to robot hell. They were able to pull her back to the carrier, just barely, but shrapnel from the blast hit her straight through the heart and with the medic out, there was nothing they could do, but she’d saved the rest of the squad, and that was enough for her.”

Cutting from the flashback back to the room, McCree continues, “According to Brigitte, her last words were-“, Ghost grimly recites along with the gunslinger “’See you around, Angel Eyes.’” McCree is astonished, but as he slowly realizes what Ghost knowing her words must mean, he adopts a look of dour understanding as Ghost opens up, astonishing the ragged commander even further, “Not just her last words...her last words to me...on the day that I should have stayed...when I found what I was looking for but was too blind to see it...when I kept walking the road that led me to this hell of dust and rust...” McCree intends to ask what he means, but Ghost answers him before he has a chance to ask, “I was looking for a purpose, some reason keep breathing...Found one that day at the museum, in...her 7 words, and walked the road from then on, following her tracks...Then, I found another as I wandered...when...when...”

These are painful memories for Ghost, so painful that he feels the needs to remove his mask and take a moment to collect himself emotionally, to McCree’s absolute disbelief. Through harsh shadows and clever angles, we see very little of his face outside of the occasional close-up of his eyes. He continues “...She needed a hero that day...and I answered...didn’t have a choice, really...had to...just to keep on breathing...Heh, ironic really, since that how I got this,” pointing at the smaller of his two bullet scars, “and how she ended up being the one that saved me...For 3 weeks I stayed there, longest I’d ever confined myself those 3 years, took me too long to know the reason and once I did...*Sigh*...I made the worst decision of my life…and now, here I am...A ghost of a man with nothing left but memories and sorrow...”

“...but none of that maters now...”, Ghost concludes as he puts his mask back on, “What does matter is honoring her memory...and I’ll do so the only way I know how. Tell the team I’ll be on the way to the transport and I’ll be bringing enough explosives to make the Black Forest live up to it’s name.” He gets up to leave the room and we see a look of hope in McCree’s eye, he found that last shred of life in the dead man. “Hold it.”, he commands as he tosses him a blue duster coat with an Overwatch symbol of the back, Ghost catches this gift as McCree explains himself “We had your suit measured when Brigitte and Ida were installing the Accelerator and I figured that if you’re gonna be one of us, you should dress the part.” In stark contrast to his earlier sentimentality, Ghost sternly replies, “I’m not one of you, I’m just here for hate’s sake. You’re just lucky the omnic’s rank higher then you.” McCree disappointed by this reaction but at the same time is somewhat amused by how familiar that stubbornness is to him as Ghost exits the room.

We cut to the hanger bay, as the rest of the squad prepares to move out for the mission, they receive the news about Ghost changing the plan, much to their dismay. Brigitte, clad in power armor not unlike Reinhardt’s, makes her anger known, “Over a month of planning for this mission and at last minute McCree changes the whole thing just because that mistvieh is insane enough to think he can do the work of 3 people...” Mercy retorts, “The only thing more insane is that he might actually be able to pull it off. Yes, he is an animal, but he’s an animal that survived what the whole of the US Military couldn’t.” Ida, the last of Torbjorn's living children along with her elder sister and Overwatch’s head engineer, snarks, “Sure, but what about us? He doesn’t exactly have a reputation for keeping his own alive.” Mercy sternly replies, “That’s why I’m here...I can’t let anymore of us die...” This strikes a cord with Brigitte, “That exactly my point, that madman only cares about destroying the enemy, he’d leave us all to die if it meant he’d kill one more omnic.”

“Don’t tempt me...”, says Ghost sarcastically as he approaches the group, wearing the duster with his other combat gear, “Just get the core out in one piece and I’ll handle the rest.” He continues on his path straight for the open carrier door as Ida makes the worst decision possible “*Scoff* Well, looks the cavalry’s h-“, without turning to look in her direction, without even the slightest altering of his pace, and with one quick jerk of his forearm, Ghost shatters the majority of Ida’s teeth and sends her plummeting to the ground. Mercy and Brigitte call her name in shock and rush to her aid as Ghost reaches the carrier without even giving her the courtesy of looking back.

Horunge!”, Brigitte sneers at Ghost, who coldly replies, “Ignorance is a choice, she made it and paid the price.” As Mercy finishes healing Ida’s injuries with her staff, she questions Ghost, “Ignorance? How is living for your rage anything other then ignorance? If you never move from your past, you’ll never reach the future.” Seeing the symbol on his back for the first time, freshly painted, Ghost replies with foreboding conviction, “...The past is the future...and I plan to change both...”. Needing no other words, he enters the carrier and takes a seat.

The rest enter, keeping a good distance and their eyes fixed on him, he pays them little heed as he practices with his newfound powers and examines his equipment. As the carrier enters the skies above Eichenwalde, it’s stealth systems making it undetectable to omnic sensors, Ghost examines the engravings on the most trusted of all his weapons, his sidearm Alejandra, “La sabiduría nos llega cuando ya no nos sirve de nada” (Wisdom comes to us when it’s already too late). Lingering on the latter half of that statement as he always does, we hear an announcement from the pilot, “10 minutes ‘till touchdown, be ready!”. We end on a close up on the eyes of Ghost's power suit, his determination piecing through the mask and into our minds, he’s never been more ready.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by VikingEagle » September 28, 2017 12:08am | Report
Came up with a new, and in my opinion better, version of the Ghost's Story playlist, discarding the musical consistency of the original in favor of each song having a deeper connection to the events of the story.

Honestly, I think experiencing this alone is the best way to get the character across, hell, everything else probably make him worse.

Might end up telling the rest of this story this way, due to a combo of how well I feel it turned out and my neuroses at my own writing ability.

Ghost's Story Redux

Story Breakdown:

1. Stargazer: A flashforward to much later in the story, setting the tone and themes of this story as well as Ghost’s opinions of himself at the time.

2. Time Machine: Inspired by Tracer’s words and the heroic instinct he discovered within himself on that day at the museum, Brian reflects on his life upto that point and how he should lead it going forward.

3. Heading Out To The Highway: He decides to leave his home behind to see what the road brings, using his occupation as a courier to keep him alive and give him some loose direction, hoping it will help him grow as a person and to recapture that euphoric sense of purpose he felt that day. Despite his qualms about leaving his brother behind, he is convinced that this is just something he has to do.

4. Leather Rebel: Months and miles later, he finds himself in Dorado on a delivery (Border security in borderline non-existent in the future) only to witness a girl being harassed by a trio of Los Muertos thugs. Relishing the chance to feel the ecstasy of higher purpose heroism gave him before, he charges to her aid, the element of surprise and his unshaking will giving him the advantage against the miscreants until their leader draws a pistol and puts a bullet into our hero’s skull.

5. Quintessence: After his brief trip to the other side, he awakes in a hospital bed, alive but shaken with the girl at his bedside feeling very much the same. Introducing herself as Alejandra, Brian learns that even though he fell in the fight, he had awakened her own heroic instinct and empowered by this sensation, she was able to subdue the would be killer and call an ambulance to save his life. Still in a state of recovery, Alejandra offers him room and board to repay the debt and Brian is in no position to refuse.

6. Catch the Rainbow: As the weeks pass, he becomes enchanted with her, but deep within himself there lurks a nagging feeling that he would be straying from the hero’s path if he stayed with her. With a deep, insufferable pain he forces himself to part ways with her and continues on the road, in the vain hope of finding peace of mind.

7. Once More ‘Round The Sun: As he soldiers onward, growing in mind and body but his soul still wavering, he lies to himself that nothing is wrong through all the pain of flesh and spirt. In the blink of an eye, 3 years pass.

8. Agony Slalom: Still convincing himself that this is the true path, he joins the Army to further his cause as the violence of the Second Omnic Crisis heightens.

9. War for War: In the Army now, Brian fights under the flag of his nation, but his loyalty belonging only to his code.

10. Atavism: The horrors of war begin to eat at his soul and he dreads what he will become as he feels his humanity slowly fading.

11. Marching off to War: Continuing on an endless marching against an undefeatable foe, Brian starts losing hope in his cause.

12. Deaf Forever: As the slaughter continues, he grow more cynical with every kill and teeters on the verge of emotional death.

13. Disposable Heroes: Completely disillusioned now, he loses all belief in the idea of heroism, seeing himself and his fellow solider, ally and enemy, as living tools.

14. Another Day In Mania: Enveloped by cynicism, he accepts his place in the world as the disparity of war become routine to him. His pessimism proving true, all the warfare overseas results in nothing as the newly formed omnic nations prepare to strike against the American homeland.

15. Oblivion: Shipped over to Los Angeles as one its would be defenders, the city of angels is soon razed by a vastly superior force. Prepared to let it all end, Brian is shocked to be shoved down by a savoir taking a stream of pulse fire in his stead, his own brother. Devastated by his death, Brian loses the final shred of hope he didn’t even know he had.

16. Crusher Destroyer: Devoid of all feeling save rage, he descends on his brother’s killer like a feral animal, savagely tearing the living machine to pieces with a crowbar, deaf to it’s cries for mercy.

17. Mourning Heart/Tale of Revenge: The brunt of his rage fading, Brian resolves to bury his brother and defend his grave until he’s put into his own. Freed from emotional death only to be enchained by anger, he begins living for revenge against omnics, all of them, as well as the one who sent him down this path. For 13 days he defended that patch of dirt, until the US military launched a clumsy counterattack to retake the ruined city. Caring little for the aid he continues fighting until another bullet finds it’s way into his brain.

18. Tapping the Vein: Dragged back into life and into the fold, he is greeted with a promotion to the status of a national hero and a legend of the battlefield. An experimental powered exoskeleton as his badge of office, Brian becomes known and feared as The Ghost of Angles and uses his powers of his position to lead his comrades into war for no other reason other then blind rage.

19. Living Weapon: The depths of his rage become known as he returns to the war, adjusting all too well to his role.

20. One Man Army: He cements his status as a living legend of warfare in the ceaseless bloodshed.

21. The Flail of God: Crueler beyond imagination now, his atrocities against omnic, built for war or nor, strikes fear and disgust into the hearts of all, even his own.

22. The Vice Of Killing: Enveloped in this darkness, his still trudges forth, a tortured soul burning a path to hell.

23. Scythelord: While his heinous acts resulted in more victory for humanity in the face of genocide, this only succeed in rousing the anger of the omnic nations even further, allowing them to cast aside their political grievances at the time to unite against this menace. Culminating in a tremendous final battle, all the forces of the US Military under Ghost’s command, the last true force against the omnics, finally fell along with the nation itself. All those sent into the battle found their end there, save one.

24. Ghost: Cursing himself for not being able to bring himself the end he desires after the slaughter, he wanders the dead land like a feral animal, attacking any omnic in his path, only seeking death after a life wasted in the failed pursuit of happiness.

25. Grimur a Midalnesi/Wings of Time: After months of aimless destruction, he hears a transmission from the last pocket of human resistance, Overwatch. Remembering his old hatreds, he follows the call to find the one who sent him down the path to this living hell. Disappointed to learn she has already found death, he begins to leave only to be stopped by a grizzled gunslinger, trying to stir some sense of hope within the Ghost and to his shock, the old man succeeds.

26. Jaguar God: Far beyond the point of no return, Overwatch plans travel through the veil of time to end the war before it even begins. Ghost volunteers to undergo an experiment to grant him the blessing and the curse of Chronal Dissociation, believing himself the only one able to survive the process akin to human sacrifice. It is successful and the irony of the new power he wields did not escape him.

27. Trilobite: Preparing for the many battles needed to complete the time machine, he is confronted with a shocking revelation, Alejandra been a member of Overwatch, following the same dreams they both had in their youth and it lead her to the grave. Reawaking old pains of loss, he reflects on not only his pain of loss, but that of all his new comrades.

28. God of War: As conflict continues as it has for so many years, he reflects on the nature of warfare and the human condition. Despite his still cynical views, he hope that one day that can all change, victory or defeat.

29. Diamond in the Which House: As the machine nears completion, he reflects on his past and plans for the new future he will create.

30. Light in the Black: Stepping into the machine, for the first time in 13 years, he is filled with that same sense of hope and purpose he felt that day at the museum. He resolves to not only end this war, but every war, he must end the cycle of perpetual conflict, no mater the cost. The world doesn’t need more heroes, we need a world with no need for heroes. To be continued...

10/26/17: Replaced Bastards of a Lying Breed with Living Weapon
10/29/17: Removed King Nothing for the sake of better musical flow, it's original place in the story was "Left alone once again, he confronts himself with the belief that all he has done, all he can do, all he is, and all he ever will be is nothing".
11/14/17: Replaced A Beast Am I with The Vice Of Killing and Another Perfect Day with Another Day In Mania to further the pacing of songs becoming heavier to symbolize his deteriorating mental state.
11/28/17: Replaced Sacrifice with Tapping the Vein

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Quote | PM | +Rep by VikingEagle » October 29, 2017 9:26pm | Report
Ended up making that sequel I was talking about.

It contains more fan-fiction elements then the last one, so brace for cringe, you know...more.

Ghost's Story 2

Story Breakdown:

1. Stained Class: A brief reintroduction of Ghost and some not so subtle foreshadowing as he successfully arrives in the past, though not as far back as was planed.

2. Killing The Dragon: Wasting no time in his grand scheme, he coerces his way from Norway to Germany and slaughters every last member of what remains of the Dragons, both for the punishment due but to begin building his reputation.

3. The Hellion/Electric Eye: Swiftly securing transport to Mexico, he makes contact with Sombra and offers partnership, using his knowledge of future events and the butchering of the Dragons as proof of his worth. Begrudgingly, Sombra accepts his offer, doubting that she could afford not working with him, and becomes his Electric Eye as he becomes her Iron Fist.

4. Brotherhood of Man: After weeks of subterfuge and terrorizing from the shadows, he is provided with more then enough evidence for his cynical and misanthropic attitudes toward society and the average person.

5. Toe to Toes: But one day on a routine visit to Sombra’s hideout, he sees Alejandra for the first time in 13 years. Simply seeing her again brings years regret rushing back to him, as he curses himself for leaving her all those years ago.

6. Hardworlder: Redirecting his hatred of himself to Tracer, he reviews his plan of revenge to use her own personality flaws against her in the world of order he plans to create. By leaving her with no opportunity to play the hero, she’ll be driven insane in a world that no longer needs her. However, in his current emotional state, he would prefer something more direct and personal.

7. Robustus & I Will Kill You/You Will Die: Against his better judgement, he opts to alter one of his plans to assist a Talon operation to include his personal involvement as it gives him an opportunity to enact some five-fingered retribution while keeping his original plan intact. While he accomplishes this with relative ease, Tracer is able to learn that he wields the power of a Chronal Accelerator and Ghost slips that he is a time traveler in a moment of arrogance during their battle. Alive, but horrified, Tracer is recovered by Overwatch in a battered state and tells them of this new threat.

8. Iron Fist: Remised by his vulgar display of power, Ghost continues his mission with more direct, public, and brutal methods then before.

9. War Machine: His status as a legend of warfare and a merciless slayer is easily reestablished, with one choice example being the training, arming, and leading the Junkers into battle against their fellow Australians, committing a mass execution at an outpost on the borders of their irradiated lands to prove they are not to be trifled with.

10. All Hail: Securing the loyalty of the Junkers and various other dissident factions along with a shaky alliance with the Talon, Ghost has assembled a formidable army under his control, direct or otherwise.

11. Ghostqueen: Following Ghost’s path of conquest, always one step too late, Tracer is appalled and enraged by his heinous acts and the fact that he uses her own powers to accomplish them twist the blade deeper. Obsessed with retribution, she dedicates every fiber of her being to the hunt.

12. Slayer of Light: As Ghost continues his savagery, we get an insight into what Tracer views him as, an absolute evil that she must destroy.

13. Nasty Hero: Following her thoughts, we see Ghost’s own insights about himself and his mission.

14. 2 Minutes to Midnight: Ghost’s machinations reach a boiling point when he leads his forces into battle with the spoils being a nuclear weapon that officially does not exist, but he ends up facing more resistance then he bargained for...

15. Screaming for Vengeance: Finally able to face him in combat again, Tracer leaps into battle against her new nemesis. During the course of their battle, they are both shocked to discover that Tracer is capable of wielding the power Ghost refers to as Gun Blinking through her rage. Using this newfound strength, she inflicts a major wound, putting a sizable hole through the space where his left kidney was many years ago. His own rage guiding him through the pain, he deftly recovers from the blow and using his powers, he summons an obsidian dagger and forces it into her lower spine, robbing her of the ability to walk. Leaving her broken, but alive, Ghost continues with his mission and secrets the nuke away, only he knows where.

16. Beastblade: While the medical technology of the time means the both of them will make a relatively speedy recovery, the wound to Ghost’s pride is severe and his emotions blind his reason as he plans to accelerate his revenge once again, this time to strike deeper then flesh...Invading Emily’s apartment, Ghost, arrogantly naked from the waist up in order to terrify her with his dubious sensuality, offers her his weapon and questions her on the nature of their relationship, pointing to the example of Tracer treating her feeling and opinion before leaving to rejoin Overwatch among others.

17. Victim of Changes: Sickened by her continued deflection, he tells her some of what Tracer has been hiding from her, such as her not revealing that she’s currently hospitalized and how she’s been acting a bit too friendly to a certain climatologist, all with absolute honesty. Terrified of his presence, enraged by his worlds of slander, and devastated at the possibility that he might not be lying, Emily is unable to cope with the horror of the situation and freezes in place, trying to piece together the truth. Disgusted by her passive, subservient nature, refusal to stand up for herself in the relationship, and cowardice in being unable to kill him then and there (No firing pin in the gun, but still), he encourages her to refuse to be defined by her weakness of character and by those who surround her, to become her own person and start question if her relationship is a healthy one.

18. The Chain: Wicked as he was, Emily could not deny the truth in his words and a week later, she confronts Tracer in person about how much of their love was real and how much was a convenient lie for the both of them. Picking up on this sudden change in behavior, Tracer demands to know if she’s been in contact with Ghost, when Emily attempts to deflect the question and return to the subject, Tracer becomes uncharacteristically forceful (not violent, but forceful) with her, demanding that she tell her what she knows. Disturbed and frightened by this, Emily tells her what little she can: That Ghost is an American Caucasian male in his mid to late 20’s of a fit, slim build with two bullet scars on his forehead and some sort of cybernetic implant in the top of his spine, with the same look in his eyes that Tracer now possesses.

19. Bite the Bullet: With this small, but fruitful amount of information, Tracer leaves Emily, showing herself to not be quite as affable and heroic as we once believed.

20. Master of Insanity: More encumbered with regret for her callous abandonment of Emily then she had let slip, she now feels a perfect hatred for Ghost for the countless sorrows he has burdened her with.

21. Oath to Retribution: Allowing herself to be consumed by this negativity, some old memories resurge along with a new power...

22. The Razors Edge: But Tracer is not the only threat to Ghost, his theft and hiding of a nuclear weapon did not escape the Talon’s attention. Becoming concerned about the scope of his plans and his loyalties to their cause, they plan to betray him. But betrayal begets betrayal and Sombra decides that Ghost, with his skill and charisma earning him a powerbase strong enough to challenge the world, is worth more to her then the Talon.

23. A Man Out Of Time: Learning of the Talon’s plan, and surprised with Sombra’s show of loyalty, Ghost decides it’s time to sever ties and convinces a select few Talon agents to abandon the Talon and join him with one particular person of interest renouncing her loyalty. With the help of Sombra, Ghost is able to free Widowmaker’s brainwashed mind by stoking her rage and sorrow over her husband’s death and offering her a gift, a list of names of all those involved in the plan. With all the pieces in place, he and Sombra leak the location of Talon’s headquarters to Overwatch and a certain pair of old dogs.

24. Rejoin: The assault coming mere hours later, Ghost, Sombra, and the other Talon dissidents leave their former allies for dead as they take anything of value with them on their new path: In Sombra's case, stealing classified information, in Ghost's, insuring the right people survive, and in Widowmaker's, that the right people don't. They plan to take advantage of the resulting power vacuum to seize power of what will remain of the Talon and allied with Ghost’s Forces, they will eliminate the Overwatch and the still shadowed forces of Null Sector in order to conquer the world.

25. Dangertits: As the battle rages on, Tracer speeds through the carnage in search of Ghost for the sake of revenge. Meeting again at last, Ghost is dumbfounded to discover that she has accepted her pain and rage, allowing her to wield his powers of “Borrowed Time”, but with one crucial difference...

26. Death or Glory: As Tracer careened helplessly through time after the accident aboard the Slipstream those 7 years ago, she experienced the near entirety of human history through the eyes of those who lived it, as if it had been her own life. While she had tried to block out the fragmented and blurry memories after being anchored back to her native time, they never left her. And now, allowing herself to be overtaken by them in pursuit of vengeance, she now wields the entire history of warfare at her finger tips. With no hesitation, she charges at Ghost with no hint of mercy in her eyes.

27. Atavism II: As the base burns around them, they fight as neither of them has ever fought before, but in the end, the battle concludes with the rocket of a Panzerschreck and the precise thrust of a Gladius bring Ghost to his knees by destroying the implant in his spine that allowed him to control his armored exo-skeleton as if it were his own body. But as victory is just barely in her grasp, Tracer pauses as Ghost removes his now useless armor and they meet face to face for the second time.

28. Envy: Exposed and vulnerable, Ghost admits his defeat while Tracer stands flabbergasted, she recognizes him, the boy who saved her life that fateful day at the museum, Brian Dailor.

29. Behind Blue Eyes: Brian explains himself and his plan, a world with no need for heroes. Whatever hardships he and the countless heroes across history had endured, no matter they flag they followed, their sacrifices were ultimately in vain, as war and death would always return, and those selfless enough to fight would always suffer and die for what were ultimately a lesser people, those too weak to defend themselves. All he wants is to break the cycle of slaughter and end war forever, by taking all the military might in the world for himself, he plans force the world to adhere to the peace he and the warriors of the world would bring them. A world with no need for heroes.

30. Crack The Skye: Still in disbelief about Ghost’s true identity, Tracer’s anger transforms into ambivalence and she is unsure how to react. That day at the museum, Brian wasn’t the only one who was given hope. After the fall of Overwatch, Tracer had her own doubts about her place in the world and her right to call herself a hero, but seeing the stars in his eyes that day convinced her the she was on the right path, but with him standing before her a Ghost, that hope was now dead and gone.

31. For a Few Dollars More: Brian proposes a simpler end to their conflict, a duel, ten paces and a pull of the trigger. Offering her some consolation, he tells her that the boy she knew him as is in Dorado at this very moment and that she should just think of him as a Ghost of Dead Future, and demands she shoot to kill. Tracer defeated Ghost, but can Brian Dailor defeat Lena Oxton?

32. Pendulous Skin: With a pull of each trigger, the two of them fire and the two of them fall, a scar on each forehead. Ironic really, if Brian hadn’t shot first, Lena would have merely shot him in the arm. Even after all he had done, all he had tried to do, Lena still believed there was still some good in him and wanted to offer him mercy, but recoiling from his bullet, her shot found it’s way into Brian’s head, a third and final scar. Slowly fading beyond life, the battle rages on without them.

To Be Continued...

11/7/17: Replaced Some Days Are For Dying with Rejoin as the latter is better at creating an atmosphere of impending doom while keeping things exciting.

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