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“Time for some payback...”

Real Name: “Does it matter?”
Age: “Twenty-Somethin’, why do you care?”
Occupation: “What I gotta do.”
Affiliation: “None of your damn business.”
Base of Operations: “One place is as good as another.”
Role: Offensive

Basic Concept:

Gameplay wise: Tracer’s Order Sol. Character wise: A cross between Sol Badguy and Kyle Reese with some Mad Max (Fury Road) thrown in.

If you can figure out who he really is, you get the satisfaction of my disappointment in myself for not being obtuse enough; just keep in mind that I intentionally put in a bunch of red herrings and probably won’t respond even if you do get it right. Despite the way that sounds, this isn't a "Lost" scenario, there's a real answer, you just have too dig to find the real one.


While a cyborg, many of his human features remain; this is because they didn’t have the resources for a full conversion (I.E. Genji level) and merely replaced what was missing, plus he's from the future, medical and cybernetics technology has advanced to the point where being a cyborg is a lot more subtle.

His Cybernetics are as follows: Left arm, left eye (Indistinguishable from a normal human eye, but they didn’t have any of this model in his eye color), left leg, heart, both lungs, 13% of brain matter, 36% of left half of skull, majority of ribs on the left side, approximately 35% of his skin is synthetic, and all his blood is synthetic. All in all, his body is roughly 45% synthetic, not counting blood.

While most of his cybernetics were outdated when they were installed, they are far more advanced then anything available in the present, particularly the arm, which is made out of Neosteel, a metal that doesn’t exist yet. Additionally, due to countless incidents of cyborgs being hacked into by the Omnics early in the war, his enchantments are run completely by his own brain without the assistance of internal computers, this has the distinct disadvantage that they offer no added offensive or utility capabilities outside of punching harder and deflecting the occasional bullet.

Facial reconstruction was a complete success and he looks exactly as he did before the incident (outside of his prosthetic eye being the wrong color and the Metal Arm), but no one from this time would recognize him, though he does look oddly familiar...

As the visual aid suggests, he has a wild, unkempt, spiked hairstyle that flows to the left, but in more realistic proportions then Mr. Badguy.

It should be noted that his hairstyle isn't by choice, he has the questionable fortune of it just doing that naturally, impossibly good luck for most, bad luck for him, given that he's not exactly a fan of who it makes him resemble. He doesn't have the patience to get it styled or cut, plus he pulls it off well, so it's here to stay, least for now.

A few bangs of his hair obscure his right eye and occasionally completely covers it, this is for artistic reasons, standard duality of man stuffs.

Just over 6 feet tall and lean, but muscular; the ladies would be all up ons if he weren’t such an *******, but that hasn't stopped all of them, much to his confusion and annoyance.

He is wearing a tattered U.S. Army Rangers jacket with a tight short-sleeved shirt underneath, both of the jackets sleeves are torn off (Left is burned off), it’s been torn at and burned to the point where it only reaches to his midriff and he wears it open.

The jacket has “Serge” printed on the left breast and it’s what some people, mainly Tracer, have begun to refer to him as, but it’s actually the word “Sergeant” with most of the letters covered by burn marks, his real name is completely covered by these same burn marks and is unreadable. Granted, that's not how identification works on U.S. Military Uniforms, but he is from a double future, so they could have changed it in that timeframe.

He also wears a surprisingly well-maintained pair of jeans, a single forearm length fingerless glove on his human arm, and a pair of worn combat boots.

Over the jacket he wears a Chronal Accelerator, or rather THE Chronal Accelerator, he is from a ****hole future after all. Luckily it has a lot more bells and whistles then the one in the present, shame he hasn’t quite figured them all out.

On the back of his jacket is the following symbol, but most of it is covered by the Chronal Accelerator, so only the spikes are visible:

Default Colors: Brown Hair, Green Jacket, White Shirt, Blue Pants, Brown Boots, Green (Left) Eye (Right eye is always Blue), and Grey Arm.


A very cynical individual, but considering what he’s been through, you really can’t blame him.

His mission is all that matters to him and he doesn’t care who he has step on to complete it, but he still has some morals and avoids harming innocent people (even omnics) if he can, but given how strapped for time he is, he tends to solve problems in the fastest way possible (i.e., a punch in or through the face).

He is very anti-social; his quotes are often brief and rude, the only reason people call him “Serge” is because of this, as he never bothered giving anyone his name, not even a pseudonym.

Most of his anti-social behavior is based on him not wanting to get attached to people or people getting attached to him, he feels responsible for the deaths of soldiers under his command and civilians he couldn’t protect, including his own brother, so he doesn’t want anymore blood on his hands. The rest of it is based on the belief that he doesn't need any help and doesn't want to waste time trying to explain every detail of his mission and his less then moral and legal methods of executing it.

Gets aggressive quick when people try to get involved with his business or give him lectures about “being a hero”.

He rarely works with others or shares any information; he doesn’t trust anyone and thinks any help would just get in his way or get themselves killed, the few times he gives any information or assistance is done as a last resort.

Absolutely hates Omnics, considering they committed genocide on the entire human race in his timeline, that’s not surprising. Despite that, he does see them (the sentient variety anyway) as actual people rather then machines, but that doesn't mean much since he hates people in general.

Holds a special grudge against Bastions, the advanced models he fought in the future are responsible for most of the death and destruction he couldn't stop, including his brother's death and the explosion that nearly killed him.

He also shows resentment for Overwatch and it’s agents, no one is quite sure why, but he seems to have at least some respect for McCree, going so far as to refer to his as “Boss”, however it’s hard to tell if he’s being sarcastic or not.

His opinions on Tracer are hard to into detail on without just telling you who he is, but he finds her annoying and too idealistic for her own good, but trustworthy and an impressive fighter at the same time. As such, he's opposed to partnering with her permanently, but when their paths cross (which they often do, given the nature of his mission), he can't think of anyone better to have at his side in a fight.

Chain Smoker, mainly because it’s one of the few drugs that actually works for him since his cybernetics and nanomachines nullify the effects of alcohol and narcotics, both positive and negative.

Inside of the cybernetic part of his brain are “Aggression Inhibitors” (A polite term for Mind Control Chips) that insure he will always follow direct orders from his commanders and will never knowingly do anything that would result in critical mission failure, namely self-termination. Luckily, he was specifically ordered do whatever it takes to accomplish his mission, no mater the cost, even if it means having to kill the man who gave him that order.


The aloof and enigmatic Time Commando known only as Serge has been sent back through time to save the world from becoming a desolate wasteland lorded by robotic tyrants, no mater the cost.

Ever since he was a boy he had dreamed of becoming a hero, the world could always use more after all, but that was before he knew what the price of heroism truly was. From a young age, he dedicated himself to be just like his idols, the valorous agents of Overwatch. When he was barely a day over 18, he joined the U.S. Army during the grueling Second Omnic Crisis that had devastated much of Northern Europe in the years prior. He had prepared himself for the physical tolls of combat, but the psychological toll is something very few are prepared to experience, his mind all but crumbled under the weight of the horrors of war.

Despite his weakening grip on sanity, his outstanding kill record an knack for survival gave him the honor of serving his country in the Army Rangers, but when that meant fighting on the bloodiest battlefields of a losing war, he didn’t see it as one. The war went on, his blood ran cold, and the day his body matched his broken mind, he was almost happy. But even that didn’t last, he was rebuilt in one of the few remaining cybernetics left in the quickly shrinking United States, and sent back to win an unwinnable war. He was a man without a family, without a home, without a singe hope, and now he didn’t even bleed his own blood anymore, hardly the hero he expected himself to be.

Inevitability, the United States, the last of the human nations, had fallen and the Omnics now ruled the world, he had nothing left to fight for, save his own death. Mere moments before setting out on his last mission, he received contact from the last pocket of human resistance, Overwatch. Arriving at their ramshackle base, his former heroes briefed him on the details of the desperate plan, to use an experimental Time Machine to send one solider back to end the war before it even began. Being a cyborg his chances of survival were far higher then any of the other survivors and his youth & experience gave him an edge over the aged and broken heroes of Overwatch if he made the trip back. Though preparations demanded he be destabilized from time to ensure safe travel as well as grant him the power necessary to aid Overwatch in the violent raids to complete the Machine, for once he didn’t mind the carnage, for the first time on years, he felt hope.

He fought side by side with the men and women he had grown up idolizing and while still cynical, he was reminded why he do so in his younger days. With the machine complete, but with only enough power for a single one-way trip, he made his final preparations and was sent back to unmake the hell that their world became. He had made it back to the past, but not as far back as planed, arriving only 6 weeks before the point of no return, he had less time then he thought. Now in a desperate fight, with only the bare minimum of information on how to end it before it begins, “Serge” must do whatever it takes to prevent Judgment Day. Then maybe, just maybe, his life will turn out different.


Health: 200
Armor: 0
Shields: 0


M1: Colt M2028A3 “Rex” – A classic American heavy pistol that fires in 3 round bursts. Damage per bullet: 8 - 15. Fire Rate: 3 (9) RPS. Ammo: 30. Reload Time: 1.

M2: Gun Blink – Charge your gun with time energy, allowing you to fire several shots at once. You fire 6 bullets for every full second of charging, but the more shots you have charged, the lower the accuracy and damage of each bullet. All bullets are fired at the same speed of singe trigger pull (0.33). Charging is visually indicated by the gun glowing blue and Serge holding it with both hands. Charge is only lost when you release the button. Max Charge Time: 5. Accuracy Penalty: 15% for each individual bullet. Damage Penalty per second: 10% per individual round.

E: Recall Reload – Returns your weapon to the state it was in 5 seconds ago, returning any missing ammo. Any enemies that took damage within the last 5 seconds take that damage again, as the bullets are getting sucked out of them. You cannot attack while Recalling. Duration: 1. Cooldown: 7.

L. Shift: Defensive Stance – Shift your left side forward in a defensive stance, putting your Neosteel Cybernetic arm up to block projectiles and counter melee attacks with, but reducing your accuracy, increasing reload time, and reducing forward & backward movement speed (Strafing is unaffected). Your arm covers your head and chest; only attacks that impact your arm will active the ability’s effects. Any bullets or similar projectiles that hit your arm are deflected, but due to Serge’s terrible luck, they ricochet to hit him anyway, albeit dealing half the damage the would have otherwise. Beam Weapons will also deal 50% normal damage, with the unique animation of the beam splitting upon hitting Serge’s arm to instead hit him in the chest. Any explosive attacks that directly impact your arm will deal their maximum splash damage instead of their direct impact damage (AKA 2/3 the normal damage). Normal melee attacks will have their damage negated and countered with a melee of your own in a quick 0.5 second animation (Animations listed below), but Melee weapons like Reinhardt’s Hammer and Genji’s Ultimate will instead just have their damage reduced by 50%. On hit effects like knockback and freezing are left completely intact. Gun Blink can be charged, but not fired while in Defensive Stance. If Rock You is used while Defensive Stance is active, you drop it to deliver the hit(s), then reassume it as soon as the hit lands. No Cooldown. Activation/Deactivation Time: 0.2 seconds. Accuracy Reduction: 20%. Reload Time Increase: 0.5 seconds. Movement Speed Reduction: 25%.

Q: Rock You – Blink at a target enemy hero and delivers a devastating punch that deals 100 damage, knocks the target back a great distance into the air, and stuns them for 1 second, if they hit a wall, they are stunned for an additional 0.5 seconds. Unlike other ultimates, you can hold 3 charges, indicated by the meter going up to 300%. If you activate Rock You immediately after the first hit with another charge ready, you immediately blink to the target and punch them to the ground, dealing 100 damage and once they hit the ground an extra 100 damage and they are knocked down for 3 seconds. If you activate it yet again after the second hit, you blink to the ground where they would have landed and punch them back in the direction of where you were originally at twice the normal knockback range, dealing 100 damage, stunning them for 3 seconds, and attaching them with a bomb that explodes after 3 seconds or on contacting with an enemy hero or wall for 300 damage, this occurs even if the target dies from the punch. Chain hits will not trigger if there is no room for you to teleport or the enemy does not have enough room to travel. Chain hit window is very short, allowing you a better opportunity to use other charges on other enemies without risk of accidental chains. Maximum Range: 14 meters. Knockback Range: 20 meters. Final Hit Bomb Explosion Radius: 3 meters. Charge required per charge: 625.

Counter Animations:
Most Characters: Blocks the hit and delivers a swift backhand or pistol-whip to the face.
D.Va (Mech): Blocks the hit and mighty boots the cockpit
Mercy (Staff): Grabs the staff and headbutts her.
Reaper: Blocks the hit and knees him in the groin.
Roadhog: Grabs the hook and twists his arm to slash him with it.
Torbjorn: Blocks the hit and knees him in the face.
Tracer: Blocks the hit and hits her in the stomach with his right hand.
Widowmaker: Blocks the hit and delivers a facepunch.
Zenyatta: Blocks the kick and punches him in the groin.


Default: Light Brown Hair, Green Jacket, White Shirt, Blue Pants, Brown Boots, Brown Glove, Green (Left) Eye (Right eye is always Blue), and Grey Arm.

Ghost Eye: Brown Hair, Brown Jacket, White Shirt, Brown Pants, White Boots, White Glove, *********, and Grey Arm.
Resistance: Black Hair, Tan Jacket, Tan Shirt, Black Pants, Tan Boots, Tan Glove, Green Eye, and Grey Arm.
Raider: Light Brown Hair, Blue Jacket, White Shirt, Grey Pants, Black Boots, Blue Glove, Blue Eye, and Grey Arm.
Cold Blooded: Blonde Hair, Light Blue Jacket, White Shirt, White Pants, Black Boots, Light Blue Glove, Green Eye, and Grey Arm.
Dog of War: Black Hair, Black Jacket, Brown Shirt, Brown Pants, Black Boots, Brown Glove, *********, and Grey Arm.

Badguy: Brown Hair, Red Jacket, Black Shirt, Tan Pants, Red Boots, Black Glove, Yellow Eye, and Black Arm.
Marshal: Brown Hair, Black Jacket, White Shirt, Dark Blue Pants, Black Glove, *********, and Black Arm.
Trigger: Red Hair, Blue Jacket, Orange Shirt, White Pants, Orange Boots, Red Glove, Green Eye, and Bronze Arm.
Cross: Blue Hair, Grey Jacket, Black Shirt, Blue Pants, Black Boots, Brown Glove, Blue Eye and Blue Arm.


Serge back before he was a cyborg, in his U.S. Army Ranger Uniform with body armor that resembles that of the “Commander Morrison” Soldier 76 skin.
Hair is far shorter, but he has a considerable depression beard.
As the jacket is undamaged, more of the lettering can be read, but only his first and middle initials are shown and the armor’s straps cover most of his last name. His first and middle initials are B.J. and his last name starts with either an M followed by either a lowercase A, C, or an O.
However, this was before he paint his symbol on the back of his jacket, so it is simply blank.
He has some extra armor plates on his left arm, this is only so the Defensive Stance ability makes sense with this skin.
Light Brown Hair, Green Uniform, Tan Armor, Brown Boots, and Brown Gloves.
Trooper: Brown Hair, Tan Uniform, Tan Armor, Brown Boots, and Tan Gloves.
Commando: Black Hair, Splitter Face Paint, Black Uniform, Grey Armor, Black Boots, and Black Gloves.


Heroic: Places his left hand on his neck and cracks it side to side, audibility.
Tough Guy: Spins and holsters his gun, cracks his knuckles (Right), stretches out his arm (Left), notices his reflection in his arm and smooths down his hair spikes only for them to immediately pop back up (Doesn't trigger for the Ranger skins, he cracks both knuckles instead to keep the same timing), then draws his weapon.
Smoke ‘em: Spins and holsters his weapon, pulls a cigarette and a lighter out of one of his pockets, puts it in his mouth, lights it, then draws his weapon. The cigarette remains as part of your model until you die or activate this emote again. Emoting again with the cigarette in your mouth has Serge take one last lungful before flicking it forward.
Keep Yourself Alive: Turns so the left side of his body is facing forward then does a sweeping motion with his left arm and gives a dramatic thumbs down.

Victory Poses:

Heroic: Right hand on his hip and his left fist clenched, he stands in a relaxed pose, looking cool.
Bad Habit: Serge is enjoying a cigarette, cigarette butts are scattered around his feet.
Cyber-Commando: Pistol held in his left hand and left side facing the camera, he poses in an action movie poster like fashion.
Guilty: Hands in pants pockets, he has his back turned to the camera and his head down, he is further back from the camera then he should be, he’s already started walking away.
Merciless: Poses with his left hand in front of his face, both his eyes visible between his finger with a determined look on his face. Combined with Tracer's "Over the Shoulder" pose, you end up with a rough approximation of this:

Intro Animations:

Heroic: Examines his gun then spins and holsters it, he then places his right hand on his hip and looks up at the camera.
Too Easy: Walking away from the camera, he places his left hand on his neck and cracks it side to side, then spins and holsters his gun as the camera pans around to his back, he looks over his right shoulder, giving a direct view of his right eye, and cracks a brief smile before continuing on.
Back in Action: Sitting on the wreck that was once a Bastion and enjoying a cigarette, he notices the camera and makes an annoyed grunt, then stands up flicking the cigarette at the camera, leaving ash on the screen, he draws his gun, spins it, and assumes an action pose.
Rock It: Back to the camera and quite a ways away, he stands in silence before popping his head up and blinking right in front of the camera and punching it, cracking the screen.

Tagline: “Time for some payback...”
Intro 1: “No fate but what we make for ourselves...”
Intro 2: “Well, can’t go any worse then the first time you morons did this.”
Intro 3: “*Sigh*...Sua Sponte..." (Latin for 'Of His Own Accord', the 75th Ranger Regiment Motto)
Intro 4: “I don’t need this...it’s the same **** day after day.”
Intro 5: “Let’s get this over with, I have better things to do.”
Intro (King’s Row – Attacking): “*Sigh*...Hoped I’d never have to do this again…”
Intro (Watchpoint: Gibraltar - Attacking): “Tch...That ape bastard better make this worth it.”
Intro (Nepal): “Pious bastards...Try to act like you could never do wrong? Well, you’re not gonna get a chance this time.”
Intro (Volskaya Industries): “Omnic tech?...That explains how they took 'em over so easy...looks like I'm gonna have to give these ruskies some intel after all..."
Intro 1 (Numbani): “Doomfist...Tch! Damn thing ain’t worth the trouble..."
Intro 2 (Numbani): "Patrolling in Numbani?...Almost makes you wish for a Nuclear Winter..."
Intro 1 (Hollywood): “I’m back home...God, it’s worse then I remember...”
Intro 2 (Hollywood): "Don't let the bright lights fool you, I guaranty you someone's getting mugged about 5 blocks over, probably closer.”
Intro (Route 66): “Used to come here all the time as a kid...Guess that’s reason enough to save it.”
Intro (Einchenwalde): “A hundred Hearts of Iron against a soulless horde ten thousand strong...Omnic bastards never stood a chance.”
Hero Switch 1: “Any time you're ready.”
Hero Switch 2: “Let’s make it count.”
Ultimate Use 1: “Rock You!” (Not my fault if someone mishears it, *wink*)
Ultimate Use 2: "Hey!"
Full Ultimate Chain Use: “We’re done here!”
Ultimate Charging: “Not time yet.”
Ultimate Ready: “Ready to rock.”
Ultimate Kill 1: “This takes me back...”
Ultimate Kill 2: "Your time is over."
Yes 1: “Tch...”
Yes 2: “I didn’t hear no magic word...”
Hello: “...” (In other words, a quiet grunt and a lazy wave)
Medic: “You got me into this, now get me out!”
Healed: “*Heavy breaths of relief*”
Thanks: “...” (A frustrated grunt of mild offence)
Group Up: “Come with me if you want to live.”
Retreat: “Time to leave.”
Capturing Point: “The objective is mine.”
Defending Point: “They’re on the objective, handle it.”
Pushing Payload: “Moving the payload. Why don’t you join me?"
Payload Stopped: “Need some blood to grease the tracks.”
Objective Captured: “It’s about damn time.”
Objective Lost: “Get your head out of your six and into the fight!”
Running Out of Time: “Get your sorry ***es in gear before I blow an Aggression Inhibitor!”
Turret Ahead: “Another damn turret.”
Turret Down: “Turret dead.”
Teleporter Exists: “Teleporter somewhere.”
Teleporter Found: “Found the teleporter.”
Teleporter Down: “Teleporter dead.”
Sniper Ahead: “Sniper, eyes up.”
Kill 1: “Gimme a break...”
Kill 2: “Wasted enough time on you.”
Kill 3: “You pissed me off."
Kill 4: “That the best you got?”
Kill 5: “I ain't no nice guy."
Kill 1 (Melee): "Lights out."
Kill 2 (Melee): "Piss off."
Kill 3 (Melee): "This takes me back..."
Kill (Environmental): “Saves me a bullet.”
Kill (D.Va, Lucio, and Sombra): “Shut your mouth punk.”
Kill (Widowmaker): “...*****...”
Kill (Roadhog): “You’re too slow, too stupid, and in my way, fatty.”
Kill (Reinhardt): “This is why you retired, give it a rest already.”
Kill (Reaper, Ana, and Soldier 76): “Try and stay dead this time.”
Kill (Bastion): “One less walking ****box..."
Kill (Zenyatta): “Don’t EVER talk down to me, you damn machine!”
Kill (Bastion and Zenyatta): "Go rot in Silicon Hell with all the photocopiers."
Kill (Tracer, Winston, and McCree): “Irony’s a ***** ain’t it?”
Kill (McCree): “Sorry, Boss.” (Not actually sorry)
Kill 1 (Tracer): “What did I ever see in you?”
Kill 2 (Tracer): “The world didn’t want more heroes...”
Kill 3 (Tracer): "Didn't have to be like this, but you just had to be you..."
Killstreak 1: “They were already dead.”
Killstreak 2: “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”
Killstreak 3: “Tch! Too easy.”
Killstreak 4: “Finally...”
Killstreak 5: “Pfft!...some heroes...”
On Fire 1: “Hmph, so much for bad luck...”
On Fire 2: “Walk the walk.”
Ally Kill Witness (Tracer): “...” (A mix of thanks and intrigue)
Ally Death Witness (Tracer): “...” (A mix of sadness and rage)
Discord Orb: “Son of a-!"
Venom Mine: "*Cough cough*...*****! *Cough*"
Respawn 1: “*Sigh* Back in the fight...”
Respawn 2: “What a pain in the ***...”
Respawn 3: “*Sigh* I hate this job...”
Respawn 4: “Can’t live, can’t die...”
Respawn 5: “Nothing but bad luck...”

Intro Conversations:

Tracer: “Hmm, Blinking doesn’t look like it’s easy for you, need me to show you the ropes?”
Serge: “Tch! Like I need anymore advice you...”

Tracer: “Have we met before? Something about you is really familiar, I just can’t place it...”
Serge: “Don't bother trying to remember, I've spent years trying to forget.

Tracer: "Just who are you, Serge?"
Serge: "I'm a hero...was a hero...Like you, and not like you, in all the ways that matter."

Tracer: “I still don’t get what’s with your attitude, something must have inspired you to come this far.”
Serge: “Not much, just you.”

Tracer: "Chin up luv, don't always have to act so grim! Come on, let's see that smile. show me those pearly whites!"
Serge: "God, you're such a *****! Stop treating me like I'm still a little kid!"

Winston: “Ah, so becoming destabilized is actually a requirement for Time Travel! Ho ho ho, you’ve just pushed my research in a whole new direction!”
Serge: “And I’ll be pushing my .44 up your *** and pulling the trigger if you try to put anyone else through that hell!”

Winston: “Not only do you have a Chronal Accelerator, but you have a more advanced model!? Who could build such a thing?”
Serge: “You, the Boss needed something to keep your senile *** calm.”

Soldier 76: “The wandering scumbag.”
Serge: “Said the deadbeat dad.../ Said 'Jack the Ripper'...”

Soldier 76: “Army Ranger, huh? Been there...must have seen your share of hell.”
Serge: “You don’t know the half of it, old man.”

McCree: “You know, you remind me of myself when I first joined Overwatch.”
Serge “I know, you’ve given me the speech about 12 times, Boss.”

McCree: “Time to show these bastards the door!”
Serge: “Whatever you say, Boss.” (Said with not even an ounce of enthusiasm)

McCree: “So who's harebrained idea was it to send you back anyway?”
Serge: “Yours.”

Sombra: “Nice gun, gabacho. Compensating for something?” (Mexican slag for American, meant as an insult in this context)
Serge: “Yeah, weak allies, coño mudo. (Spanish for "You stupid ****")

Widowmaker: “Hmm, I don’t know why, but something about just makes me want to put a bullet in your heart.”
Serge: “The feeling is mutual.”

Widowmaker: “Oh, what’s with that dirty look? Are you really prepared to hit a woman, especially one like me?
Serge: “Wouldn’t be the first time...” / "ESPECIALLY one like you."

Serge: “One false move and I blow your brains out and use your carcass as a ****box!”
Bastion: “(Sad Booping)”

Zenyatta: “You are in pain, man of the future. I can sense your anguish, your grief.”
Serge: “Shut the hell up, tin can!”

Zenyatta: “Hmm, I can see the weariness on your face. You do not wish to fight, but it is all you know.”
Serge: “Stay out of my head, you metal bastard!”

Serge: “Shut up...”
Serge: “It’s the same **** day after day...”

Serge: "*Sigh*...Really?..."
Serge: "Thinkin' the same thing..."

10/19/16: Added additional quotes, altered the colors on some skins.
10/28/16: Reduced the Cooldown of Recall Reload to 7 seconds (was 9), changed (or rather, explained better) the accuracy penalty of Gun Blink, added the "Marshal" Epic skin, added some additional quotes, general cleanup.
10/29/16: Changed Gun Blink's Accuracy Penalty again, this time for the sake of a loose logic and did some more general cleanup.
10/31/16: Increased the damage per bullet of "Rex" to 12-20 (was 8-15), slightly changed the Ranger and Commando Skins to reveal more of his identity, not that anyone smart would call him B.J. to his face.
11/2/16: Added the "Dog of War" Skin, general cleanup.
11/4/16: Changed the functionality of Rock You, it is now a targeted ability, it's maximum range has been increased to 14 meters (Was 10), it's knock back has been increased to 20 meters (was 15), and the functionality of the final chain hit has been changed, you now stick a bomb to the target that explodes after 3 seconds or upon hitting an enemy or wall (Originally increased stun time on hitting a wall and knocked back enemies); Reduced his height to 6 feet (was 6'4"); added additional quotes.
11/5/16: Changed a few quotes.
11/15/16 Increased the ammount of time rewinded by Recall Reload to 5 seconds (was 3) and reduced its cast time to 1 second (was 1.25), added an addition part to the "Tough Guy" Emote to add more personality (May make a similar change to other Animations).
11/22/16: Added the "Trooper", "Ghost of Angeles", and "Great Bear" Skins; added and changes a few quotes.
11/29/16: Changed Ultimate cost to be inline with the recent global increase, added to his appearance and personality section to make certain aspects clearer, general clean-up.
11/30/16: Added a few new quotes and edited a few others, Added a new intro conversation.
12/7/16: Added the "Defensive Stance" ability, increased the fire rate of "Rex" to 3 shot per second (was 2) and reduced the damage to 8-15 to compensate (was 12-20), increased the ground hit damage of "Rock You"'s second hit to 100 (was 50), increased "Rock You" bomb damage to 300 (was 200), added new intro conversations.
12/13/16: Replaced the "Survivor" skin with the "Cold Blooded" skin, Edited the "Ranger" skin and variants to make the "Defensive Stance" ability make more sense, added the "Merciless" victory pose.
12/16/16: Several additions and edits to the Appearance and Personalty sections, mainly fleshing out the symbol on his back and a good look at it.
1/1/17: Removed the added Recoil of Gun Blink, but added a damage penalty, Removed the "Ghost of Angeles" and "Great Bear" skins as they now belong to the The Ghost.

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So with the recent reveal of Tracer's...preference, there's gonna be a good chuck of updates for Serge in the near future. So watch out for that, but be prepared for a shock, there's a good chance he'll end up seeming like or even being a a worse person, as a lot of clues and red herrings will have to be rewritten.

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So my previous announcement turned out to be somewhat of a lie, instead of updating Serge, I managed to turning him into an entirely different character.

Keep in mind that while the two are different as characters, they are the same person, and I am MUCH more upfront about who he really is in that concept.

In all honestly, I've been toying with the idea of making Serge a much darker character for awhile, but keep feeling it was inappropriate with the role he was meant to have, splitting the two into different characters fixes that.

This new Serge is called The Ghost, he can be found here, but I'll post the basic differences in character between the two below.


Serge is an anti-hero, Ghost is a Well-Intentioned Villain.
Serge was designed to be Tracer's rival/sidekick, Ghost is her dark reflection and nemesis.
Serge is aloof and constantly angry, but has a heart of gold; Ghost is cold, calculating, and manipulative, but in the end believes what he's doing is for the best.
Serge is a cyborg, while Ghost is just a man in a power suit, it was a difference made for the sake of sympathy.
Serge became depressed following his brother's death and became vengeful against the omnics, Ghost was the same way, but his rage is far beyond Serge's and extends to Tracer as well.
Serge had to forced to return to war and regrets everything he was forced to do, Ghost willingly returned to war and feels little regret for what he did and it was even worse the what Serge did.
Serge's goal is to stop the second omnic crisis and prevent the genocide of humanity, but for The Ghost, that is step one of his plan.
Serge lacks several pieces of information on future events save for them happening, this was to make him more balanced lore wise so the good guys cannot instantly win; Ghost has very in depth knowledge of future events and technologies and whatever knowledge he lacks he can get from Sombra through barter of secrets, as he is a villain this is acceptable as it makes him a bigger threat.
While Serge has a more advanced Chronal Accelerator, his ability to wild time powers is lacking compared to Tracer's; Ghost still hasn't fully mastered the use of Blinks and Recalling, his ability to pull objects through time is far beyond anything Tracer is currently capable, this is due to a mix of his Accelerator being even more powerful then Serge's and having greater willpower.
Serge uses violence casually as a quick way to solve problems, but only kills people who he feels deserve it; Ghost uses deceit and trickery to solve many problems as well as violence, but his is on a whole new level, he is not opposed to killing civilians and torturing people if they further his goals.
Serge is treats Tracer was well as he does anyone else, i.e. poorly, but deep down he has a great deal of respect for her; Ghost is the complete opposite, he despises her with every fiber of his being, but treats other people with far more respect then Serge.

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