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Alpha 24 looking for members and coaches.

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Quote | PM | +Rep by bakingpancake » February 11, 2018 4:54pm | Report
We are a coaching and tournament driven community. We understand the community is toxic and strive to create a small pocket in this community that accepts players as they come, teach and help others improve, and invest in events that are fun and competitive. Alpha 24 is a server that is not strict on membership but attitude.

Players who are interested in coaching or want an extra platform for them to reach more people are more than welcome. Our coaches will be Diamond+ standing.
Casual players are also welcome. We want to have more fun playing Overwatch!


We offer :

- LFG for comptetive play

- tourneys that has paid prizes every 3 months

- coaches

- non-toxic community


inv link : https://discord.gg/RjM9a8P

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