Beginners Guide to Lucio by overld1

Beginners Guide to Lucio

By: overld1
Last Updated: Apr 7, 2016
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Lúcio Abilities


Intro Top

Welcome to my first hero guide this will cover the basic techniques and how to play Lúcio in certain situations. So if you are new to the game or want to learn Lúcio this is the guide for you. So if you see this guide helpful share it, comment, or just give a up vote. I hope you enjoy.

Abilities Explained Top

An stance type ability that gives you and your allies buffs. One of the most important ability for Lúcio. In the heal song this regenerates health to all friendlies nearby you in a small area this ability is best used if your team is in fight. The movement song boosts all your allies movement including yours making going go long distances much quicker. This song is best used when your team wants to get to the payload or the capture point much quicker to get the payload moving or trying to stop the payload.

Amp It Up
A buff that boosts your Crossfade buffs. This what makes Lúcio great in team fights. This ability buffs your songs buffs by a large amount. If you use this on the heal song it buffs health regeneration by a large amount equivalent to Mercy's heals. If you buff the movement speed song this increases the movement speed by a large amount making your entire team faster than before. This is useful if you want to get to the point capture first.

Sound Barrier
A buff that gives all your allies a shield. Lúcio ult is very useful to change the tide of battle very quickly. This ability gives you and your allies a massive shield that allows to stay in fights and make everyone tanky and this allows your Tanks and Offense team members to push against the enemy or allow to hold a point against a giant enemy invasion.

Pro / Cons Top


1. Very Good At Sustaining Fights.
2. Could Heal Multiple People At Once.
3. He Is Very Good At Chasing.
4. He Has A Very Good Escape.
5. Could Knock-back Enemies When They Get Too Close.
6. Could Give Allies A Massive Shield.
7. Very Hard To Get Hit At High Speed.


1. Could Get Picked Off Easily.
2. He's Weak When He is By Himself.

Counters Top

Heroes That Lucio Could Counter:

Bastion: With his High Movement Speed and Wall Running provides Lúcio to make a threat or some disruption against Bastion stationary playstyle.

Reaper: When Lúcio applies hit ult this far counters Reaper's make him exposed to knock-back and barely have anytime to react with Lúcio's speed,range, and knock-back.

Winston: While the gorilla is focused on flaking the enemy team and picking of the weak. This is very counter-able because Lúcio will be with his team providing heals and movement to destroy any threat that tries to pull off something crazy.

Heroes That Counter Lucio:

Mei: She could Lúcio in almost every way with her freeze gun that could stop Lúcio allowing her team or herself to pick off the kill. Also if Lúcio try to wall run this allows Mei to summon her ice wall to disrupt Lúcio to flank her.

Zarya: Zarya is a great counter against Lúcio due to multiple ways. Zarya could use her ult allowing to stop Lúcio and allow to pick him off easily while Lúcio has no mobility. Her personal shield allows her to absorb that damage and use it as her own to deal massive damage in a short burst with the low health Lúcio.

Hanzo: Hanzo long range and massive damage out burst make him a threat to Lúcio while at long distances away from Lúcio Hanzo could easily pick him off without getting inside Lúcio's range making him a less of a threat. If Hanzo have to fight Lúcio in close range he could use his ult to pick him off like nothing doing a insta kill on Lúcio.

Example Team Comps Top

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