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D.Va 4 Beginners

By: DVa_Main
Last Updated: May 27, 2016
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D.Va Abilities


The quick lowdown of D.Va gameplay Top

Just a quick overview of the general playstyle of D.Va the mobile assasin tank mecha anime waifu.

1. try to kill straggling enemies. Be annoying by flying in shooting them up, then flying out. Don't overextend or it's a dead D.Va

2. Ult can be used in a few different ways.
i. you can use it to force enemies to scatter the area.
ii. you can use it to nuke enemies from afar
iii. use it as a last hope tactic while ur mech is about to die and wall them off (and maybe secure a kill.

3. You are one of the most mobile heroes in the game. Boost lets u basically go anywhere and your shields also allow you to protect you and your team. This means you can pick off stray bastions, snipers, turrets, and even flying units by boosting into them while shielded and then whacking them with close range shotgun dps. Be careful though, getting caught with a support nearby can mean death so be aware of that and make sure you make good use of her mobility.

4. Defense Matrix blocks projectiles but not melee or channeling moves. Also defense matrix should only be used when fighting another DVa if you are buying time for your boost or your teammates to help. You can use it to block a good number of ults tho.

5. Boost knocks people into the air. You can knock people off the map for some easy cheesy kills. Visa versa, if you get knocked off a ledge and u have boost, you can boost on up and save urself from a stupid death.

6. Human form is not too shabby. You have lots of range with your bullets and do decent dmg. You can try to shoot larger targets with your gun to charge up ur call mecha ult faster too. I find that being in human form isn't all as bad as it seems. make good use of human form and become basically unkillable.

Matchups/Maps to avoid:

Maps that don't have easy backroads will make it hard for D.Va to gank enemies. It can also be tough for D.Va to be an MVP assasin if all the enemies are gathered in the same spot. This is usually the time to fall back and use defensive matrix as your tank role suggests. Ideally you will help tank as much as possible and try to take out the defensive units hanging in the back. (D.Va does well against them) And you can always just throw out an ult to destroy turrets, traps, bastions, and/or straggling players or if u just wanna get a new mech because the healer isn't close. Make sure you're not trapping yourself in a wall or in a room though because the explosion can kill you for some reason. having a reinhardt or Roadhog on the enemy team could make it difficult for D.Va and Tracer is really hard to hit because you have to be so close to actually do the damage. But you know the old saying a good D.Va can beat any character. You will have to play smart and use your starcraft skills to lead your team to victory.

Or you could just play bastion and camp a lot. lol

Team synergy:

D.Va goes well with most normal teams to say the least. She has a lot of utility to help in different matchups. Reinhardt can help the team push while you do your micro aggression. Roadhog can help you pull enemies in to DPS. Having Zenyatta is pretty helpful too with the harmony orb healing being really good and his ult blocking stuff and letting D.Va tank longer. Mercy healing and lucio ult are both quite good too, letting you tank even more damage and letting you be more aggressive.

Hope this short guide helps players get used to the general playstyle of D.Va! She's a really fun character :)

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