D.va GM Detailed Guide by andrey

D.va GM Detailed Guide

By: andrey
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2016
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D.Va Abilities


Threats to D.Va

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Threat Hero Notes
Lúcio Not a threat to you as none of his abilities can really harm you - if he right clicks (Boops) you off the map most of the time you will have your Boosters of cool-down and be able to not die. Lucio is a good pick-off target as he does a lot of AoE healing, however he's very difficult to kill due to Crossfade on speed boost is an easy escape for him plus also having a small head-shot hit-box.
Bastion Bastion isn't much of a threat to D.va due to her ability to get to him Boosters and block all of his bullets with Defense Matrix - making him vulnerable allowing your team to focus him and kill him.
Junkrat Not much of a threat, however can build ult charge very easily off you if ignored. A decent pick-off target, however not the best due to being able to escape using Concussion Mine. A decent pick-off target as he can do a lot of damage due to spamming and is easily pick-of due to a small health pool.
Mercy Mercy practically never uses her secondary weapon Caduceus Blaster unless she is finishing off a critically wounded target or trying to charge her ult. A very good pick-off target as she has a small health pool and her only means of defending herself against a D.va is to use her Guardian Angel and fly to her teammate.
Genji Not much of a threat due to being unable to penetrate your Defense Matrix and having no burst damage for D.va due to her health pool. A decent pick-off target, however not the best due to being able to reflect all your damage Deflect and can escape with Swift Strike.
Hanzo Not much of a threat, however can build ult charge very easily off you if ignored. Quite a good pick-off target as sometimes he can be out of position looking for a pick and doesn't have an escape ability except for a few situations where he can escape with his passive.
Pharah Pharah fires slow moving projectiles which you can easily block with your Defense Matrix as well as Pharah's ult Barrage. Due to her resent buff to her passive she will be practically always in the air making her a good pick-off target, however she has a lot of escapes: Jump Jet will in most situations get her far enough away from you to stop your damage being useful, Concussive Blast will in most situations get her far enough away from you to stop your damage being useful and as she is usually in the air just dropping down to her team can be a good escape for her. try to harass Pharah as much as possible not letting her do damage or charge her ult.
Reinhardt Reinhardt will practically never get a chance to hit you as his Charge can be easily dodged by you using your Boosters, his Firestrike can be "eaten" by your Defense Matrix and his Rocket Hammer shouldn't be in range of you most of the time. The worst pick-off target as he is always with his team and has a shield also his massive health pool, which is partially made of armour.
Soldier: 76 Soldier doesn't pose a lot of threat to a D.va as his shots from Heavy Pulse Rifle and Helix Rockets can be blocked by your Defense Matrix. Whenever he uses his ult - Tactical Visor dive him and use your Defense Matrix to block his ult. A good pick off target as long as he is by himself.
Torbjörn Torbjorn's turret Build Turret can be annoying to you it shouldn't be enough to kill you. If the enemy has a Torbjorn try to concentrate on diving his turrets and destroying them. It's isn't the best target to dive as a good Torbjorn should be able to kill you.
Widowmaker Widowmaker isn't a big threat for a D.va as she can do a maximum of 300 damage on a 100% charged shot from her Widow's Kiss and a maximum of 75 from her mine. While you fly to her using your Boosters activate your Defense Matrix to prevent a head-shot. When you reach her you should be able to avoid a head-shot and be able to kill her. Widowmaker is one of the best pick-off targets for D.va as she is usually away from her team, can't defend herself and her only escape is her grappling hook.
Winston Winston isn't a threat to you due to his low dps. His massive head-shot hit-box allows you to easily kill him you can chance him faster than he can escape as your Boosters have a 5 seconds cool-down, while Jump Pack has a cool-down of 6 seconds. He isn't a very good pick-off target because of his massive health pool and a way to escape.
Ana Ana isn't a threat to you in a 1v1 however that very really takes place. She can put you out of the fight Sleep Dart and as D.va is one of the easiest targets for Ana to hit with her sleep dart you need to be aware of that and be ready to activate your Defense Matrix and catch it as the sleep dart is a projectile you should have enough time to react. You should focus Ana as a pick off target - depending on your team comp, however it's not usually a good idea to chase her after a lost fight or dive her alone due to her utility - Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade.
Reaper Reaper can put out a lot of damage to you, however you can always stop him from getting head-shot damage using your Defense Matrix and just doing damage to him while he reloads. Not a good pick-off target due to his Wraith Form.
Sombra Sombra doesn't pose a lot of threat to a D.va as her damage isn't too high, however her Hack will make you vulnerable especially if you're behind the enemy lines. A medium pick-off target as a good Sombra will have her Translocator ready on a hacked health pack. However if she doesn't have one ready then you should be able to kill her as she can be away from her team.
Zenyatta Zenyatta doesn't pose too much threat however his Discord Orb can allow his team to melt you. A very good pick-off target us you can easily kill him as long as he is out of position as his head-shot head-box is easy to hit.
McCree McCree can be a threat if he is able to stun you with his Flashbang and leave you vulnerable for his team to kill you, but at long range he can't do a lot of damage due to fall off range on his Peacemaker. Not a good dive target due to Flashbang as well as him usually being close to his team. However if he's far away from them you can try to dive him.
Tracer Tracer can be annoying for you however she alone shouldn't be able to get you out of your MEKA. Try to coordinate with your team to kill her or let your team handle her themselves as a D.va can't output enough damage to kill a tracer before she Blinks or Recalls. Not a good pick-off target due to reasons above.
D.Va Not too much to say here - not a dive target due to being a tank and having an escape Boosters and having Defense Matrix. In case of a 1v1 just aim for the head and strafe trying to get her out of her MEKA first and then use the combination of first activating Boosters flying towards her for 20 damage, during ability use activate Defense Matrix to not get hit - from there it should be an easy battle.
Symmetra Symmetra can be dangerous for a D.va as her primary fire from Proton Projector can go through your Defense Matrix and it has a potential to be deadly. However you have a lot of time to escape or kill her depending on your aim. A good pick-off target if you got someone else diving with you as you don't have enough dps to kill her on your own with out dying as a good Symmetra will be next to her team as her ult can be crucial and her death before deploying it is a gigantic disadvantage.
Mei Mei's primary fire from her Endothermic Blaster can go through your Defense Matrix and freeze you leaving you vulnerable to her team for a short period of time. Bad pick-off target as she can freeze you use Cryo-Freeze to heal and become invulnerable or block you off with Ice Wall.
Zarya Zarya is one of the best counter to a D.va. Her primary fire on her Particle Cannon can go through your Defense Matrix. While fully charged Zarya can put output an enormous amount of damage and it destroy your MEKA fast. One of the worst pick-off target for a D.va as Zarya is with her team and will melt you in seconds.
Roadhog Roadhog is the biggest counter to you as his Chain Hook can go through your Defense Matrix. After the Chain Hook he will use primary fire to take off 225 to 450 health. If anybody is near him most likely your MEKA will be destroyed and you will die shortly. A very bad pick-off target due to his health pool and him being the best counter to a D.va.

Applies to most situations Top

1 thing before I start - all the descriptions of match-ups vs D.va are in the threat section above. Also this, in my opinion, is quite an advance guide so if you came for beginners guide then this is the wrong place- at the moment I'm in low Grand-Master and I would expect this to be most useful to Diamond and above - D.va isn't my main however this is the hero I decided to "main" for this season - or until there's an update that will change the D.va in the meta or something like that.
I'll cover the normal use of D.va on most maps in normal situations. The Symmetra buff was released on the day of me making this guide so I'm unsure if it will break the triple tank meta or not. However as of now the meta is triple tank so the situations I will be talking about will by default include the following heroes: Ana, Lúcio, Roadhog, Reinhardt, D.Va and Soldier: 76. The usual job for the D.va is to follow the Reinhardt and use her Defense Matrix when he drops his shield to protect him from the incoming fire or use them to catch an incoming Firestrike.
If there's one of the following ob the enemy team: Widowmaker, Hanzo, Pharah, Bastion, Torbjörn or Zenyatta try to pressure them as much as you can- that doesn't always means killing them or even diving them but forcing them to play safe and punishing for any mistakes they make.
For example lets say the enemy team has the default set-up only instead of a Roadhog they got a Widowmaker. If the Widowmaker is on attack then fly towards her and cover her line of sight with your Defense Matrix - depending on the map and Widowmaker's position this can change, however most maps don't have that many good lines of sight while you do so, if possible your team regroups so that the widow doesn't have a line of sight of them. If it's just having everyone behind Reinhardt's shield or moving to a different position doesn't matter. Also while you're allowing your team to regroup try to coordinate with Ana so that she will concentrate on healing you if needed. Doing so will force the Widowmaker to play more aggressively and to overextend- if that were to happen punish her for the mistake and kill her. Sometimes it's possible to fly to the Widowmaker and kill her even if she isn't overextending but that depends on the map and the position she has taking as well as the enemy teams coordination, so your ability to dive and kill 1 of the above mentioned targets depends on the enemy team and how they play, only dive the hero if they're overextending or the game has lasted for a while and you can see that the enemy isn't coordinating or just isn't that skillful to stop you. The same applies for diving Hanzo.
For Pharah - always dive her - fly up to her with your Boosters, while having your Defense Matrix activated, when you are close enough to do a decent amount of damage to her start shooting forcing her to fall back or die. Each time you see her in the air repeat what I just mentioned - this will completely shut her down stopping her from doing any damage to your team as well her being useless. For Torbjörn - dive his turret as long as it's away from his team - usually a Torbjörn would set up his turret a bit away from his team. For example on defense on Numbani the team usually sets up top left (from the attacking team perspective), usually a Torbjörn would set up a turret top right (from the attacking team perspective) or in the small room in front of the point (from the attacking team perspective). In this case with good use of Boosters you can take out his turret from both of those positions - this would distract the team, get rid of a turret before the team fight make most Torbjörn's movement predictable.
In case of a Bastion - most of the time the team will set up all near the Bastion or divide the team and have a certain amount of player in 1 place and the rest in another - In the scenario where they all set up in 1 place for example map - Numbani, defense. In this case most Bastion set-ups are top right (from the attacking team perspective) in this case you fly up near the bastion to a position which would cover all the bullets from hitting your team as they move from their current position to the new one or move along with your team covering them from the fire while all of you move to a more advantageous position (this one requires more coordination than the first option, also while performing the first option coordinate with your team Zarya or Ana depending on your comp to cover you while you are using Defense Matrix - that for Zarya to shield you in case their Roadhog tries to hook you, for Ana just to be able to heal you if required.
Finally Zenyatta - sometimes a Zenyatta would set up away from his team especially due to dive comp meta, because if he didn't his lack of speed, predictable movement large head-shot hit-box and low health pool - would contribute to his death and he would die quickly. If the Zenyatta is alone then that 's an easy kill there's practically no way for Zenyatta to escape if there are 2 then ask for a shield for Zarya to be off cool-down and be ready to go - focus Zenyatta and get out after he is dead. If there are 3 people or more inform your team of that and the position of the other 3 players, distract the Zenyatta + whoever is with him and let your team 5v3 or less.
However those are just as far as I'm aware the most common set-ups and positioning - it would be impossible to describe every situation possible, however by understanding why and how to perform in the situations above, with a bit of common sense you will figure out what the correct play would be and if you don't then play D.va more - gain experience on the hero and you will be able to adapt quicker and play better as D.va.

Few tricks - they're quite well known - but not by everyone Top

On certain maps D.va is able to flank around the enemy team from different positions. Eichenwalde - on the first point the building right in front of the attacking team spawn room. Fly over that building to get behind the enemy line. However at the higher level of play that is expected so don't do that straight away give it some time and then flank.
Volskaya Industries first point attacking side - the obvious flank route is straight left and along above the water. However there's another route along the same pathway only instead of going straight you go above the building- however this flank won't always be effective and is dangerous as well as if you're pushing without a Reinhardt then having a D.va on the choke and using Defense Matrix to cover the advancement.

Synergy Top

The heroes that D.va Synergies are: Zarya, Reinhardt, Mei and Sombra. All of the Synergies are obvious, however the time from player is seems to be off most of the time so. For Zarya if at all possible launch your MEKA before the Zarya ult that way they want have time to get our of the Zarya ult after it ends (this one requires most effort and isn't always necessary depending on the surrounding), obviously if the enemy has a Reinhardt, break his shield before ulting.
For Reinhardt is a coordination of the 2 ults - first the D.va ults - this can create a bit of a panic which can make players to perform mistakes. Then afterwards when the D.va ult is launched the Reinhardt ults stunning as many people as he can before they take cover. For example launch the D.va ult behind the enemy Reinhard shield. The enemy Reinhardt has to turn around and shield or get out of the way if he gets out of the way he exposes his teammates to Earthshatter and if he turns around he gets Eathshattered along with his teammates. If the ult is in good position and the Reinhardt is in a good position for Eathshatter as well as having good understanding and timing this combo, just like Zarya has a good potential to team wipe.
Mei - Mei + D.va combo requires the least coordination. Mei uses her ult as soon as she does you launch your ult as close to the middle of the the Mei's ult as possible as long as the Mei gets a good ult off then it guarantees a few kills.
Finally Sombra - as Sombra isn't used very often sometimes players can forget about the Sombra + D.va ult - this synergy is most useful if the enemy has a Reinhardt. Launch your MEKA in front of the enemy Reinhardt - the more player he has behind them the better have Sombra wait near it and right before the D.va mech explodes have Sombra ult - deleting the Reinhard shield exposing him and his teammates for the D.va ult. This, likely, won't work more that once, at least at the higher level, as the team would understand that you are going to perform this combo and instead of hiding behind Reinhardt run away behind cover with Reinhardt.
This isn't a full guide how to perform a good ult with D.va as if you are trying to perform this you should already understand when to and when not to launch it - in which layout of the surrounding is it gonna work better - this is just to improve your timings of the ult usage while synergising with your teammates

The End Top

At the moment I can't think of anything else to add right now if you have any suggestion please let me know so I could improve this guide -

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