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LWNA Original Offense

Chapter 1: Offensive Hero Strategy Top

In this build, the attack heroes consist of Reaper and Soldier 76. The purpose of these two heroes is to fluster the enemy team's defenses through Guerrilla Warfare style attacks. For the most part, this is done independently between the two heroes. Only when the opposing team is pinned to a location do these two attack heroes work together to keep the team pinned down for as long as possible (i.e. spawn camping.)

Reaper's teleport ability is used to sneak behind enemy lines and pick off heroes one at a time. Aside from Pharoah, Junkrat, and McCree, Reaper will engage any enemy in a one on one battle (unless it is an unsuspecting victim, then Reaper will engage any enemy hero.) Reaper's role is to be behind enemy lines and interrupt any preparatory actions made by the enemy team.

Soldier 76 is the face of the offense and attacks the enemy team from the front lines, in addition to joining Reaper behind enemy lines when necessary(i.e. immediately after reaching a checkpoint in Payload.) Soldier 76's healing pool ability provides additional support for the team and is typically placed in close proximity to Reinhardt. This is why most of Soldier 76's time is spent in between the team and the enemy team dealing out damage and strategically placing his healing pool.

It is important to note that these two characters must be very engaged in attacking the other team to compensate for having two support heroes. However, with two support heroes and Soldier 76's healing pool, Reaper, Soldier 76, and the rest of the team receive a lot of healing and should not be afraid to take some damage.

Chapter 2: Defensive Hero Strategy Top

Reinhardt and Zarya are the defense heroes of the team and are responsible for two things: positioning the team as a whole, and defending the other members of the team through defensive abilities. Both of these heroes are the core of the team and serve as a beacon for every other hero on the team to judge their own position on the map.

Reinhardt positions himself on the front lines, ahead of the support hereos and next to/behind the attack heroes depending on the situation. His shield is used to protect the team's support heroes and distract the enemy team's heroes. This distraction allows Reaper and Soldier 76 to deal out extra damage. In addition to protection, Reinhardt must make an effort to dish out damage by attacking the enemy team(i.e. Hammer Projectile) to keep them from ignoring him. Balancing out his defense and offensive role is key to his effectiveness in the overall team strategy.

Zarya acts as a secondary tank who has a more mobile role and offensive role than Reinhardt, and supports her teammates with her Bubble Shield ability. Whether the attack heroes are too deep in enemy territory, or the support heroes are under attack, Zarya does her best to recognize when a teammate is in danger and using her Bubble shield to protect them. Bailing her teammates out of tough situations is an important part of her role on the battlefield and can be used to frustrate the enemy team. In this team strategy, she must play a more offensive role than normal due to the fact that there are two tanks and two healers. Conservatively building up her damage near Reinhardt and the support of her team and then dishing out the damage gives Zarya a painfully powerful role in the overall team strategy.

Chapter 3: Support Hero Strategy Top

Zenyatta and Lucio represent the safe zone for all other heroes on the team to retreat back to. If at any point a hero is in danger, they can count on Zenyatta and Lucio to regenerate their health. In addition to healing, these two support characters also have long distance projectiles they can fire. Since both Zenyatta and Lucio are more on the offense spectrum of support heroes to choose from, they are able to independently fend for themselves when under attack by a sneaky enemy hero. Through constant healing and long distance attacks, these heroes keep the team afloat safely behind Reinhardt and Zarya while annoying the other team with long distance attacks.

Zenyatta acts as the Team General in both positioning and monitoring the pulse of the team. Being able to view the whole battlefield from a far, Zenyatta can call out locations of enemy heroes, provide long distance healing using Orb of Harmony, and provide long distance team damage using Orb of Discord. His role is of most importance which will be recognized by the enemy team resulting in the enemy team's offensive heroes targeting Zenyatta. This will spread out the enemy team as they attempt to get close to Zenyatta and allow our attack heroes to pick off enemies on a more secluded basis. Zenyatta plays many parts in the overall team strategy and must be played by a versatile player.

Lucio acts as the Evasive Healer, playing more aggressive in terms of positioning and heals the team in close quarter combat. Ideally next to Reinhardt in most situations, Lucio can provide a more constant stream of healing to the team. Working together with both Reinhardt and Zenyatta, Lucio strategically uses his Boost abilities when necessary and helps out any hero within close proximity to Reinhardt. Another helpful ability of Lucio is to help out retreating teammates by combining his healing ability with his Sonic Blast to push back foes chasing fellow heroes in danger. Relying on speed and support, Lucio dominates the field with support on the front lines and helps every hero involved in this team strategy.

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