[Master 3800 S3] Stay Frosty- A quick guide to Soldier 76 by Linden

[Master 3800 S3] Stay Frosty- A quick guide to Soldier 76

By: Linden
Last Updated: Dec 31, 2016
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Soldier: 76

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Threat Hero Notes
Mercy Little to know dmg, she flies through the sky, easy for hitscan
Lúcio can kill from range, so boop cant be used defensively, little damage
Pharah You're hitscan, bread and butter counter for Pharah, but against a good one she can make it 50/50
Torbjörn you melt his turret with helix and a couple shots, makes torb borderline useless
Zenyatta Squishy, No defense or mobility, but can out damage you with one or two lucky hs. He can Transcendence your ultimate though, so without and Ana grenade, the enemy team will power through
Junkrat out range him, dont let him get close and you'll be fine
Reinhardt you shred reinhardt's shield as fast as anyone, making openings for your team
Mei This one is a bit tricky, when mei gets in range to use her primary fire, instead of running, put down your biotic field and just wait out the freeze and put out dmg before, the heal will outdo the primary damage of the freeze and heal you while shes trying to execute, making it impossible for her to execute. and just sprint out of the ult or just put down biotic and hope you dont get collapsed on
  No Threat
McCree keep your distance and you win, close up mccree will win
Ana She is a sniper, so be conscious of her range and her ability to kill you from a distance. Her anti-heal is especially good against you because it renders biotic field useless. If you are aware of Ana's position and able to avoid/pick her off, you'll be fine
Roadhog Be wary of where you are playing and positioned, because Roadhog punishes poor positioning significantly, and you are not a tank shredder and you are vulnerable to his one-shot combo so most likely you lose the 1v1.
Widowmaker One of soldiers biggest strentghs is his ability to disconnect from his team and fight from unexpected angles and far ranges. This leaves you without protection from a tank which leaves you vulnerable if a widow can spot you out
Winston his health pool and bubble help him sustain your dmg and burn you down.
Genji deflect rapes you and you have nothing to lock him down, and your heal doesnt keep up with his dmg
D.Va can eat your whole ult, once she gets close she can out sustain you and eventually kill you
  No Threat

Who is you? Top

Hi, I am Linden, and I am a Master Overwatch player (3800SR) and a Soldier 76 main, here to provide some tips and tricks

Collectively i have around 49 hrs on the hero, and around 300 games. I started playing this game in open beta, not knowing about it until then and since then I've been hooked since then. I am making this guide in hopes that people can understand Soldier and he may be easy to grasp, but the difference between a good soldier, and a god soldier is significant. I am going to be going over three things: Positioning, Synergy, and Utilizing his kit, I would say four but counters are explained above. Anyways, enjoy and I hope I help.

Utilizing His Kit Top

I feel the need to go over how his kit can be utilized before I go over anything else, so I'll go one ability at a time.Heavy Pulse Rifle (Left-Click)
This is Mr. Jack Morrison's bread and butter damage. It is a rapidfire hitscan weapon that does 6 to 20 damage per tick and it fires 9 per second if remember and a damage fall off starting at 30m. It is a hitscan weapon so remember, it can used to break down shields fast, and knock people out from the sky and from distances.
Helix Rockets (Right-Click)
Helix rockets add some burst to Soldier's kit to either swing a duel his way or finish someone off. A direct impact rocket does 120 dmg, while 80 in splash dmg. Be careful if you are using it close, cause it will deal 40 self dmg if you shotgun it. If you are not confident in hitting a direct rocket, aim for their feet so you can at least get the splash dmg off. You can also use Helix to rocket jump to other places otherwise inaccessible.
Sprint (LShift)
Sprint is the main source of mobility out of our favourite Old man. You can use it to get in and out of fights quickly and re position yourself on the battlefield. While sprinting though, you cannot fire or cast abilities other than Biotic field. If you are a good Soldier, be aware of your surroundings because you can use sprint to get in unique and unexpected positions to surprise the enemy and and sway the fight in your teams favor.
Biotic Field (E)
Biotic Field is what allows Soldier to disconnect from his team and play from really weird angles and high ground. It heals at a solid 40 health per second over 5 seconds. This ability can be used to sustain through team fights and help you win a duel vs another DPS.
ULTIMATE Tactical Visor (Q)
Tactical Visor is an aimbot for Soldier 76. It autolocks onto the target. It rapidly locks onto a target, and your reload time is reduced from 1.5 to 0.75 seconds for 6 seconds. His ultimate can be used defensively to halt a push from the enemy or force them to play slower. It can used offensively as follow up from their defense collapsing or to combo with a Nano Boost, Graviton Surge, or an Earthshatter. It can also be used to clean up a fight and stagger the enemy by picking off stragglers.

Synergy Top

Soldier 76 goes well with almost any hero in the game, but some better than others. He can combo with other ults with his Tactical Visor and do some serious damage to an enemy team. He can also be placed with your backline as "security" for healers.

Ana is one of best heroes to synergize with 76. A nano'd tactical visor can absolutely shred a team so the wombo combo is there. Also, if 76 decides to play disconnected from his team, Ana still has long range healing so if he gets into trouble she can still try and keep him alive.

Mercy is also a good choice for a 76, for she can just pocket you and keep you alive. The reason behind a pocket-mercy on soldier is that he is dealing rapid dps, and with dmg boost from mercy she builds rez exceptionally fast. Plus a dmg boost is like a mini nano.

When you are Soldier, you kinda have to be in the frontline dealing constant damage trying to break an enemy defense, and you're going to need protection, and no one is better at protecting than Reinhardt. That's pretty much it other than you are able to melt and enemy team if he gets a good earthshatter off.

There are alot of other heroes that benefit Soldier (Zarya, Zenyatta, Mei, D'va) but these are really dependent on who's playing them and how good they are at the hero.

Positioning Top

POSITIONING. In my opinion the most important thing that a Soldier player must be aware of, where he is playing and where the enemy is playing. As Soldier 76, there are many different spots you can play and be effective. I am explaining the basic's about postioning as Soldier, but you're positioning is VERY map dependent, and some maps don't be afraid to get creative with your spots (Temple of Anubis is a personal favourite of mine)


When playing on offense, you want to play with your tanks in the frontline dealing as much damage as possible, trying to break through the defense. Once the defense is broken (still on offense), you wanna try and reach a high ground spot and start harassing enemies from a safe location. When you have your ultimate you wanna play from a disconnected spot so to speak, which means use it away from the main fight so in a high ground spot or further behind the entire team as follow up from an engage.


Defense you wanna play soldier at high ground from the get go, which means you are not with your frontline, exactly but in an efficient spot above the enemy doing damage. Using your ult is very simple. Use it to slow down a push or halt them in general. you don't wanna be using it to engage the enemy, especially on defense. You want to playing from a passive angle and forcing the enemy to come to you. I'm going to reiterate this though, It is Map Dependent, so you will have to change how you play depending on the map.

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