Mercy Advanced (Not a general Mercy guide) by Zendre

Mercy Advanced (Not a general Mercy guide)

By: Zendre
Last Updated: Sep 12, 2016
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Mercy Abilities


Threats to Mercy

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Torbjörn Not really a threath to you, you even counter him, or at least his turrets with your long range projectile blaster!
  No Threat
  No Threat
Hanzo Same reason as Widow, however Hanzo is much harder to reliably aim with because projectiles with dropdown.
Soldier: 76 Hitscan, makes you not being able to fly around as much.
McCree Hitscan, makes you not being able to fly around as much.
Widowmaker As Mercy rely a bit on vertical movement with her guardian angel (i.e Pharmercy combo) Widow can easily take her down while she's up flying like a bird.
Tracer Yet another flanker, just as Genji a major annoyence but isn't as treathful because her ult isn't as much of a certain death as Genji's. However her standard fire can kill you quite fast if you're off position and got no one to guardian angel to.
Genji Genji is your biggest threath as he is a flanker and if he catches you off guard out of position where your team can't react you'll probably die. However most of his threath is because of his ultimate which you have a slim chance of ever surviving, try to guardian angel to teammates and pull out your gun but expect to die.
Winston Winston is a major pain, he jumps in on you in teamfights and goes apeham on you with his lightning gun, only thing you can do is to guardian angel away and rely on your team to take him down.
  No Threat

Introduction Top

Hello fellow Overwatcher, since you've stumbled upon this page i do assume you want to know more about the humble but yet graceful healer Mercy?
As i thought..

I'm Zendre, a support player (mainly Mercy), ranked 70 in S1 and current ranking you can see at

Here's the agenda:

Positioning As Mercy
Using Damage Boost Efficiently
When To Ress
Healing Prioritization
Mercy Settings

Now that you've seen what we're going to talk about let's get going!
First off, positioning!

Positioning As Mercy Top

Yes! Positioning is our first topic and out of all of them might actually be the most important one as well.
Especially so as Mercy is a support, a support which is reasonably defenseless except her Blaster which does deal some damage but is not something you want to bring to a duel against a Widowmaker which can easily headshot you if you show your face one too many times or a flanking Tracer.. You get the point.

So how do you position yourself efficiently as Mercy so that you're safe but can still heal you ask?
Yes! Good question!

There's 3 major fundamentals to positioning as Mercy.
- Positioning Of Your Team
- Positioning Of Enemy Team
- State Of Your Team (I.E How much hp your team has / if they are all about to die)
- Team Composition

Positioning of your team, how your team is positioned matters a lot to your own positioning. Normally as Mercy you want to be standing in the backline healing and damage boosting. However if your team is scattered you you might not necessarily want be in the backline because there might not even exist a frontline to protect you so you might want to pair up with Pharah in the air instead, judge the situation yourself but if possible stay in the backline of your team with your tank(s). A keynote is to stay with the tanks because that's how you will charge your ultimate since they are the ones taking the most damage.
Summary, stay in the backline and heal in a safe position unless your team is scattered.

Positioning of enemy team, adapting to your enemy is important. You don't want to be the one standing still when the enemy comes rushing in and you don't want to going out of position only to meet a flanking Tracer and get killed. Neither do you want to be killed by an ulting Genji coming in with his eyes set on you.
So adapt to the enemy team movements and be sure to stay in safe positions where you can heal (low risk high reward) and try to be outside of the actual fights happening.
Look out for flankers and try not going too far from your team if you know there's a Tracer behind you.

State of your team, if you know your team is about to all die you want to escape to a safe location quickly to be able to ress them. This is an important one and often times hard one because you might want to stay with them and heal them but that will only get you killed as well in the end and then you wont be able to ress your team. So if your team is on the brink of death, go back and hide in a corner to be able to pop up and ress them if the moment is right! (When to actually ress will come later on, just be patient! However if you get the chance to ress 4+ then often times you want to take it anyhow).

Team composition, yes what heroes that are actually in the game matters a lot. If you don't have a Reinhardt you don't want to be standing as openly and you might want to resort to hiding behind corners and walls instead, if you have a Pharah you might want to be more in the air (be careful of hitscan in this case), if you have a Bastion setup you want to position with Bastion and damage boost him. You get the point.

Using Damage Boost Efficiently Top

Damage boosted allies get 30% more damage on their attacks.
This favors burst damage like Widow, Junkrat, Pharah, Mcree which already have a high damage output per shot and then gets 30% extra, where as heroes like Soldier has a low dmg per shot so he will get lower extra damage from Mercy since it's a percentage, he has however more fire rate which you could argue makes it just as good. I'll do the maths on that and come back!
My point here is that you should prioritize boosting burst damage, like junket or Widowmaker that has a high damage output on single shots. This is because the damage boost is based on percentage and you get 30% extra which means that higher dmg gives higher boost damage and lower damage gives lower. The second argument for this is that with that high damage you can make them essentially 1shot people when they would normally not, a great example of this is boosting a Widowmaker which is 120 (fully charged) + 0,3x120 = 120 + 36 = 156 and the lowest hp hero being Tracer will get one shot when she normally wouldn't be.

If I find the Google sheet I had for all the extra damage you could get on all heroes with mercy boost I'll link it, however patches change but it'll give you a rough estimate and show you.

When To Ress Top

Ressing isn't always good, if you've ever played Mercy you know those 1man resses you've done that have ressed the person completely out of position and he ended up dying just as fast, and not only that but wasting your ult on said 1man ress! Unless it's an important hero to your team that you need or know can change the outcome of the game and the others in your team isn't dying so you can't wait sure go ahead and ress (mostly it'll be the tank in this scenario) but most of the times you should hold on to your ress until you can ress more than 1.

It's important to know what is happening with your team, having good team awareness. Imagine the scenario, there's 2 men dead and you're at a safe position thinking about ressing but then the enemy Zarya ults the rest of your team, what do you do?
Yes, it's quite obvious you wait until the rest of your team dies. As stated before if you know your team is going to die go back to a safe position and wait for them to die so that you can then do a mass ress. There will however be times where you ress 2, 3 men and that totally fine! As long as you don't single ress for no reason and as long as you don't panic ress when only a few when there are more people clearly about to die, not only will you have lost your ress so that you can't ress if any more if your team dies but you've also lost a potential 11vs6 (assuming you get a 5 man ress there) by only making it a e.g 7vs6 which is far less and you've missed that opportunity.

Healing Prioritization Top

Healing prioritization, your healing prio as Mercy should be.

Lower hp targets > Higher hp targets

Meaning you should prioritize healing on damaged targets that have lower max health.
Example; Tracer > Reinhardt, Soldier > Roadhog..

This is if they both are damaged and you need to choose who to heal first, heal the target that have less max hp overall because they will need less damage to die and if you don't heal them first they might end up dying instead.

The exception to this is if anyone is taking fatal damage, then you heal them.

Summary, prio healing low hp targets if you need to choose. However if someone is taking lethal damage then focus your healing on them no matter what.

Mercy Settings Top

Mercy has some character specific settings you can look into, we can argue if they actually matter but i can say that changing some of the settings can be a big quality improvement.

Such as turning on toggle beam connection (so that you don't need to hold mb1/2 to heal/boost)

And turning off the guardian angel preferring beam target which makes it so that you can guardian angel anyone while healing/boosting.

Also, turning on toggle on guardian angel. There's 2 pros to this.
First being, you don't need to press shift again to choose when to stop your guardian angel, you just have to stop holding shift.
Second i've found that if you're out of position you can start holding down shift and then look back to your team, then you will guardian angel the moment a teammate gets targeted and it will be faster than having to press. Not by much but it can certainly save you in some rare situations!

This is all personal preference however so don't feel the need to copy it, find what setup you think is comfortable. Have in mind that when i changed my setup it took me a couple of days before i got comfy with this setup but ever since i've loved it!

End Notes Top

If there's anything you want questions on or you think is totally wrong, put a comment here and i'll read it!

Also, be in mind this is a work in progress! More things will be added later and things will get edited.

Follow me on social media, or don't. It's your choice!

Also if you want to join my Discord community, you can click this link Cheers, love!

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