[Platinum D.VA Season 2] -The MEKA Bible- **Updated: 9/11/2016** by EggInABasket

[Platinum D.VA Season 2] -The MEKA Bible- **Updated: 9/11/2016**

By: EggInABasket
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D.Va Abilities


Threats to D.Va

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Threat Hero Notes
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Hanzo Hanzo isn't exactly tough to beat however this one is really thrown up in the air between D.VA mains. His ult hurts a lot when you stand in it but you can rocket away. His arrows hurt a lot but you can defense matrix and rocket to close distance and you can chase him down fairly easily due to his low hit points. Outside of mech hanzo would easily be one of the most difficult hero's to play against. His spread arrows and normal attacks can one shot you outside of mech so be very careful.
Mercy Mercy is fairly easy for D.VA to deal with. She has low HP and dies really fast from medium-short to short range. Headshots with your fusion canons on her will take her down very quickly. You want to kill her as fast as possible due to her ultimate being EXTREMELY good for capping points and turning the tide of games. Knocking her off edges and keeping her pinned on a corner with the huge size of your mech will help a ton with fighting her.
Torbjörn Torbjorn is another joke for D.VA. Your entire kit is designed for dealing with Bastion, Torb and squishies. Boost up close to his turret and activate defense matrix as your boosting and as soon as you land just demolish his turret and him as well if he is near it. The only thing i'd say to watch out for is his molten core ultimate, because you will not be able to kill his turret as D.VA during the ult and the turret will kill you out of mech. Torbj deals pretty decent damage to you but you are a lore more agile and deal more damage close up. Outside of mech it's a bit harder to deal with his turrets but just strafe out from behind cover and launch a few shots into it here and there to build your ult up fast.
McCree McCree is up for debate really in terms of difficulty and I know a lot of people are going to turn their heads when i say this, but he really isn't that big of a deal to D.VA. In almost all fights he will flashbang + fan the hammer you in your mech which deals a lot of damage, however your mech is very durable and will survive the punishment. He will melt when up close very easily and you can chase him down when his cooldowns are down for another easy kill. Charge at McRee when he uses high noon and Defense Matrix when you get as close as possible and you may be able to potentially block 3-4 shots. Outside of mech McCree always wins. You die against a good McCree at long, medium and short range. So try to be cautious and not lose your mech. Other then that, when inside mech this is a very easy matchup.
Bastion Bastion isn't very hard for D.VA to kill on his own. Defense Matrix is very helpful with getting in and you can literally stand on top of him when he is in turret mode to kill him. Make sure you get head shots with your fusion canons because if he kills your mech and he is above 20% HP you're pretty much dead. A Bastion in a group will be significantly harder for you to kill.
D.Va D.VA vs D.VA is a skill matchup based on proper timing of cooldowns and team positioning. Get them health packs and outplay her!
Genji Genji is also a skill matchup. STOP SHOOTING WHEN HE DEFLECTS! If you hold down left-click and try to take him down during deflect he will melt you. Once you're out of mech genji can decimate you with ease so make sure you keep him at range with your harassment from fusion canons and your rocket dash. and burst him down when he gets home
Reinhardt Reinhardt is an interesting hero for D.VA to fight. If he pins you, it only takes two swings after the damage to knock you out of mech, followed by two swings outside of mech. However, once your death animation on your mech begins he can swing and hit you for free as your flipping out of you mech. Reinhardts shield is probably the most easily countered by D.VA. Due to D.VA's pellet damage staying the same but the spread increasing as range increases, for most hero's her long-range is useless, however on D.VA your fusion canons spread will hit the entire Reinhardt shield making her once of the best to melt Reinhardts shield. Be VERY careful when ulting though as reinhardt can BLOCK YOUR ULT with his shield, as well as blocking it from ANY ENEMY'S. This works with a broken 200hp base shield he gets as well after it brakes initially. Be warned!
Soldier: 76 Soilder 76 is a joke to D.VA. He can potentially destroy your mech if he play perfectly however getting close to him and dealing damage is rather easy due to how well you can harass and close distance as well as your defense matrix. When he activates his ultimate wallhax!11!1! you can easily deal with this in the same way you deal with McCree by getting close and using defense matrix to shoot all of his bullets out of the sky. In long drawn out extended fights he will nearly always beat you due to his heal, however in close quarter fights you have a huge advantage. Outside of mech you can even duel him and kill him if you get head shots due to the high fire-rate of your pistol.
Widowmaker Widowmaker is a little harder to kill then Hanzo due to her increased mobility and venom trap (don't ask how mechs die from poison gas). You can chase her down fairly easily if she isn't around ledges she can grapple too and once up close you can melt her with fusion canons. Do NOT underestimate her machine gun damage, if you're not careful she can harass you enough while running away to blow you up then kill you with a well timed shot when you flip out of mech. Once you're up close with mech and her CD's are off it's an easy kill for D.VA. If her team comes to aid her leave her be until they remove their pressure from her.
Lúcio Lucio is a pest to deal with. Definitely not the hardest target to kill but really mobile. It's hard to keep a good lock on a good Lucio who is constantly jumping around with enchanced movespeed buff and jumping on walls kiting you in circles. If you can get close or knock him off of cliffs you win fights, however you're greatly at an advantage fighting him outside of mech due to your higher damage and faster fire-rate pistol. His ultimate is really dangerous when your holding points so make sure you get rid of him as soon as possible or make him waste his ult early. It's a good idea to have a mercy damage buff you when chasing him. His AOE heal is also pretty godlike when enhanced so watch out for that as well.
Tracer Tracer is pretty hard for D.VA to deal with, and arguably due to her being so mobile. Her shots deal a TON of damage to you and she can swerve around you easily to kite you around. She can recall for more health as well as strap a sticky bomb to your mech to blow it up. Take advantage of her low health and try your best to engage when her dash is on cooldown. Outside of mech you can beat her by aiming at head level and trying to close the distance and get close to her, as well as strafing and slithering around to keep yourself slippery and keep her guessing.
Winston At higher levels of play Winston isn't a big issue for d.va. Kite him around and make sure you grab health packs to keep your armor up. His damage gets reduced by 50% against your armored mech due to the damage formula for armor.
Junkrat Junkrat is a pretty hard matchup due to how well he can harass and how much area he covers with the damage on his grenade launcher. He can get away from you fairly easily with his active mine as well as trap you in place with his traps and easily take your mech down. Outside of mech you have an advantage due to your fast fire, medium damage pistol. However, one or two hits from his grenades or just one hit from his active mine will end your life.
Ana Ana is a tough matchup for d.va. Ana can shoot you with her tranquilizer gun in-between your 1second Defense Matrix cooldown and knock you out for 5 seconds. Ana also deals a lot of damage to your mech since she deals flat damage over time and can prevent you from healing if you get close. Time your Defense Matrix properly and approach her with caution.
Mei Mei is really hard for D.VA to deal with. You have to play optimally and save your cooldowns specifically to open distance with her and keep her far enough away from you to not freeze you. If she engages you and you don't have rockets it's GG. Once freeze and a melee or right click with her and she takes you down to dangerous levels. Not to mention, she can play the long game with her right click sniping you with headshots to your mech to take you down faster. Outside of mech you stand no chance unless you play perfectly and the Mei doesn't play as well. Up close outside of mech she is DEADLY with only TWO SECONDS OF FREEZE AND A MELEE KILLING YOU! At ranged ONE HEADSHOTS RIGHTCLICK AND KILL YOU! BE CAUTIOUS!
Pharah Pharah is really deadly to D.VA. Normally you would think D.VA would be a hard counter to her simply due to defense matrix being able to shoot down every rocket from her ult, but this is not the case. Pharah's rockets deal a lot of damage from long range and a good Pharah can easily take you down both in and out of your mech and delay her ult for that moment. Not to mention how mobility, passive rocketpack and her knockbock projectile that make it hard for you to stay close to her. Once upclose, Pharah will fly away so you will have a very hard time dealing damage to her. Outside of mech you die in one rocket direct hit so you have to weave and try not to get hit as much as possible. Good luck!
Roadhog Roadhog was a bit farther down on the list first, but then i came to a pretty shocking realization that a good Roadhog can run circles around a good D.VA. He deals a lot of damage up close, can heal for most of the damage you do to him, can pull you into his team, kill you outside of mech AND shoot your ultimate away when you eject with his own ultimate shooting it wherever he pleases. Get up close and try to kill him early before his team shows up and harass him with your rocket boost or try to knock him off of cliffs. Just be careful that he doesn't hook you after! Outside of mech STAY WELL AWAY FROM HIM! It takes only ONE hook and a single left click to take you down.
Symmetra Symetra is another hard counter to D.VA. In your mech, you can easily shoot down her mini turrets and it is your job to search for her teleporter and destroy it, however these are not what make her a counter. Due to her left click dealing so much damage after it starts ramping up and being unable to block it with defense matrix, you're a sitting duck up close to her. You have about two and a half seconds in mech to kill her before she blows you up, and about one and a half seconds outside of mech before she kills you with her beam. If you fight her properly and use your rockets to run away from her and harass you can deal with her fairly easily but she should not be taken lightly.
Zenyatta Zenyatta is also a very debatable match up for D.VA. He is very squishy and easy for D.VA to kill when she gets close, however due to him sitting in the back or middle of his team and shooting discord orbs at you he is a hard counter. Discord orb alone is such a STRONG ability which can cause everyone else on the list to raise up 1-2 on the threat levels just due to the insane amount of increased damage. Zenyatta doesn't deal a lot of damage but his ultimate makes it very hard for you to kill enemies and makes you a sitting duck if you disengage onto it. Try your best to avoid going against a Zenyatta and if you must, KILL HIM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE WHILE HIS DISCORD ORB IS ON SOMEONE ELSE!
Reaper Reaper is by far, in my opinion, one of the only two true counters to D.VA. Obviously, there are a few more (like symetra) that do really good against D.VA but are easier to handle. Reaper can get close enough to deal two or three headshots to your mech and knock you out of it. Following this up, reaper can ult to kill you and your team around you, he can shoot you once or twice upclose and kill you out of mech as well as use his wraith form to run away from your ult, run away from you and pick up a healthpack or safely disengage a fight he doesn't want to be in. Now, granted D.VA CAN Defense Matrix his ultimate.. with people like Pharah and Roadhog possibly on the enemy team it's really hard to keep uptime on your defense matrix to save it for those key moments. Really, if you choose to fight a reaper you must play VERY carefully, any mistakes against him will cost you a death.
Zarya She is extremely beneficial to her team which makes her a bigger target for you, yet she deals more damage then winston.. however, do not let this fool you because she still can demolish a D.VA pretty fast. Inside of your mech make sure you shoot down her long range projectiles and when close try to melt her as soon as possible and make her waste her barrier. Try not to ult near her because she can shoot her ult at you which will pull your mech in while she ducks around the corner and you sit in her ult in tears because your about to kill yourself with your own mech.


If this is you, just follow a simple formula.
    Use defensematrix for ults
    Rocketboost away from anyone above a 6 in counters
    Use your ult to create space and as a wombocombo
    Harass Widowmaker, Bastion, Hanzo and Torbjorn

Keep a good distance away from people that counter you and don't overextend. Play the point defensively and don't try to be a hero. Good luck!

Guide Edits Top

6/8/2016 - **Added Basic Strategy and Advanced Strategy sections and cleaned up a bit of the spelling errors**
6/8/2016 - 10:17 AM EST **Added Defense Matrix list and Kings Row DEFENDERS setup**
6/19/2016 - 10:21 PM EST **Added Damage Tables + armor reduction***
9/9/2016- 10:17 PM EST **Added Ana threat, Balanced a few character threats based on recent patches, tidied up the guide a bit, added new defense matrix and ult changes**
9/11/2016- **Added PS4 breakdown and quick-guide**

Glossary Top

MEKA - The mech D.VA pilots.
Pilot Form - D.VA outside of her mech.
LOS - Line of Sight. The area around your character that you can observe. Breaking Line of Sight is when you go to an area another player can not see you (Example: Around a corner, in a building, etc)
Surfing - The ability to use your character model to transverse slopes at a faster speed then running.
Mechanics - Your ability to control and manipulate your character to be better then other people.
Quick Drop - To defensively throw out your ult for the purpose of healing up or getting a fresh max HP mech.
Area Denial - Denying area by use of your abiliys
Falloff Distance - Damage falloff due to range.
CD - Cooldown, the time that an ability is unable to be used.
Harass - To get close to an opponent and divert their attention by use of attacking or asserting your dominance on the battlefield.
KotH - King of the Hill. A game mode in Overwatch.
Payload - A game mode in which you escort a "cart" from one location to another while the enemy team attempts to stop you.

A little about me Top

Spoiler: Click to view

Due to masteroverwatch no longer tracking global ranking, my opinions will all be based around my highest current skill rating out of PS4 and PC

CURRENTLY: --Platinum- 2500 [PS4]-- --Gold- 2130 [PC]--

I have currently logged more then 30+ hours on D.VA.

I love D.VA and love the ability to control the game solely based on her kit. I think that applying myself to the game and understanding a few things more can help me to become one of the top D.VA players in overwatch and eventually push to Rank 1! I hope you all enjoy the guide and I'd also like to say that i'm really open to comments/criticism. So leave a comment if you have any questions! So let's get started!
Some other info

Introduction to D.VA Top

D.VA's Lore(As taken from the overwatch wiki)

Hana Song was once a pro-gamer. She became a professional StarCraft player, who participated in the WCS Korea Code S League. At the age of 16, Song became the #1 ranked player in the world and proceeded to go undefeated for the next three years in all competitions. She became an international star, beloved by her fans at home and abroad, and toured in exhibitions around the world. A fierce competitor, Song played to win at any cost, and gained a well-earned reputation for showing no mercy to her opponents.

At home, however, not all was well, as MEKA struggled to maintain its defense against the omnic that repeatedly attacked the nation. As the omnic continued to adapt, it eventually disrupted MEKA's drone-control networks, forcing the military to place pilots in the mechs. Scrambling to find suitable candidates, the government turned to the country's professional gamers, who possessed the necessary reflexes and instincts to operate the mechs' advanced weapons systems. Top stars were drafted, including Song. Seeing her new mission as a game, Song now fearlessly charges into battle alongside the rest of her MEKA unit, ready to spring to her nation's defense at a moment's notice.

D.VA is a close-combat tank that utilizes two fusion canons which can be used in multiple scenarios to take enemys down close, as well as to destroy shields and structures from far. D.VA is played very similarly to Reaper and her ability's are used to close gaps as well as protect her allies from harm. D.VA is considered a tank but is played best with another tank on the team such as reinhardt, zarya or roadhog. On a recently published tier list a, D.VA was listed as a Tier 3 hero or a "Strong situational Hero or Heroes that are played regularly, but not in every match due to team composition or map choice. Considered 'balanced' (40%-80% pickrate)."

D.VA is best played with comps that hold down points easily or on maps that require you to stay on a point and fight for an extended period of time. Her survivability with Zarya and Mercy is insane in most comps and she is deffinately a solid pick on most koth maps and payload maps.

To keep it clear first off, a good player can turn even the worst hero into a god. It's all about practice. Tier lists are good for getting a grip on picking up certain characters who are strong, however don't let a low ranked hero keep you from playing them. Play them because you like them, not because they are high tier.

Ability Overview Top

MEKA Abilities


D.VA's primary attack. This ability is activated by pressing left click and does 0.75-3 damage per pellet based on damage with a total of 8 pellets in each shot. Adding up to a total of 24 damage per shot up close, falling off to roughly around 7 damage per shot at a distance. This ability is your bread and butter and will get you far more kills then your ult when you understand how to duel people up close properly.


This ability allows D.VA to boost forward at a faster momentum then she walks at and lasts for 2 seconds with a 5 second cooldown. You can use this ability to swerve around the map to get healthpacks or to fly onto buildings. You can change your angle of trajectory while you launch off and you have full 360 degree control of your mech. You can do a few cool tricks I will explain later on with this. You can also knock enemies back with it to deal an easy 25 damage and close distance to your target or knock them off of cliffs.


If Fusion Canon is D.VA's bread and butter, this is the toast and butter! This ability lasts for 3s and is on a 10s cd. While this ability is active, D.VA will shoot down all incoming projectiles from in front of her in the defense matrix range. NOTE: This will not shoot down ALL projectiles, only ones D.VA is looking directly at, so make sure you use it as close to an enemy as possible. This ability is great against Pharah, McCree and Reaper ults!

D.VA's Defense Matrix now uses a resource meter and is on a 1 second cooldown. Matrix toggling is a good way to push chokes and get your team on point


This ultimate is one of the best ultimates in the game in terms of clearing space, threatening the enemy with area of denial and killing enemies caught in it with a 1000 damage nuke. Definitely one of the most powerful ults in the game even when it doesn't kill people. The ult doesn't have a cooldown and charges up based on the damage you inflict to enemies + the passive recharge rate you receive. It takes 4s for the mech to blow up from inital launch so make sure you use that time to find cover or you can die. You WILL kill yourself if you don't break LOS with the mech or get far away enough in the time given.

D.VA Ultimate now allows you to charge onto points without being killed by the blast. Great for creating space while holding down an objective and being able to be a damage source while it's out.

Pilot D.VA Abilities

-Light Gun-

Pilot D.VA's bread and butter is her Light Gun, a small energy pistol that shoots at 6rps for 14 damage each shot with 20 bullets in each clip. A lot of people say D.VA is weak in this form, which she is considering she is very squishy. However, this gun WILL proc headshots and you can shoot from a very long distance with it with almost no recoil at all. It's one of the best weapons in the game for long range fights and you can get many picks with it due to it's speedy fire-rate and medium damage. Don't count this weapon out of the fight just yet!


Call Mech is your abilitys that allows Pilot D.VA to get back into battle. After using this ability do note that it also deals 50 damage to enemies infront of you if they are around the area in which the mech spawns. Also note that being roadhog pulled after the mech fabricates and your jump-in animation starts will still pull you to the roadhog after you jump in the mech, this is the same with reinhart pin and other displacement abilitys. Also, your mech can be damaged as your crawling into it so be careful of when you hop into your mech. Jumping in gives you a few frames of invincibility after the mech fabricates however i've noticed this does not apply to explosions such as Junkrat shooting grenades around walls to hit you, they still do damage. That's the only instance i can think of, i've personally had reapers shooting me in the back when im crawling in and i'm still invincible.

Defense Matrix Information Top

Defense Matrix WILL block the following:
•All projectiles
•Hanzo ult
•Roadhog ult
•Bastion ult
•Pharah ult
•Reaper ult
•McCree ult
•McCree Flashbang
•Soilder 76 ult

Defense Matrix WILL NOT block the following:
•Beam type weapons (Symmetra, Zarya, Winston, etc)
•Melee attacks or ultimates (Genji ult)
•Displacement abilitys (Lucio right click, Pharah E [untested])
•Non-damaging projectiles (Zenyatta's Orb of Discord, Zarya ult projectile[untested])
•Roadhog hook
•Symmetra turrets.

Damage Tables Top

Taken from Overwatch Gamepedia

Damage Tables w/ Armor Reduction

Basic Strategy Top

Your basic task with D.Va is to constantly be on the lookout for the following five hero's

The reasoning behind this is because Mech D.VA is extremely good with sticking to and dealing with all four of these hero's. Her defense matrix allows her to get close enough to destroy bastion and torb without taking damage and her boosters allow her to stick to Widow and Honzo easily. Mercy you should keep an eye on and harass when nearby but due to her low cooldown escape with her SHIFT ability it can be hard to kill her.

After you've taken care of one or more of these hero's then your main goal will to be harass and take the objective.
    •On Payload/Escort maps this means sticking close to the payload and pushing/keeping the enemy away from the payload.
    •On KotH/Assault maps this means you want to push in with your team onto the objective and have superiority as well as show dominance to the enemy team. For a lot of hero's, D.VA is very intimidating and they want to be nowhere near her.
    •On Capture the Point maps you want to backdoor capture points, pull people off of choke points by being a huge distraction and nuisance as well as hold the point while your team pushes in for as long as possible. A great example of this is the popular Volskaya industries ATTACKER back door which alleviates the pressure from the choke-point and allows your team to push in.
    •For hybrid maps combine one or more similar strategy's from above.

D.VA at her core is a hero designed to be a very tanky assassin. Use this to your advantage. You always want to be upclose trading or harassing with the enemy and using your boosters to escape once you go ~25%-40% hp. One key thing to remember is to time your defense matrix cooldown with your teams push. USE YOUR MIC to communicate with your team and yell at them to push with you as you clear chokes or take out one of your 5 primary targets.

You will deal with a lot of Reapers and Winston's who have you set as their primary targets. Fight them with caution as they deal a LOT of damage to you up close. Skirmish with them at medium distance and aim for headshots. Once out of mech just run from them and spray your pistol at head level. Luckily, a kill on reaper will be easy this way but with winston it is much harder.

Playing D.VA on PS4 vs PC Top

There has been an argument recently over how easy D.VA is to play on PS4 vs PC. This is because on PS4 aim-assist locks D.VA's aim onto almost any target and makes it very easy to get headshots and stick to targets that are trying to juke you.

Here are a few pros and cons of each system to help you better understand her as a character and how different she is played on each system.

    •Aim Assist helps with sticking to targets
    •Aiming out of mech is easier
    •Tanks are extremely easy to harass

    •The controls are horrendous
    •It's harder to aim your ultimate
    •Torbjorn can protect his turret by abusing how aim assist will stick to him rather then allowing you to kill his turret.
    •Bastion is harder to kite around.

    •Mech is easier to control
    •Aiming ult is easier
    •Counter people with defense matrix is easier due to higher mobility

    •No dank aim assist
    •Higher skill level on PC

Advanced Tactics (surfing, quickdropping, LOS tricks, etc) Top


As you may have noticed while playing Overwatch there are quite a few cool things you can do that you may have never noticed. You may have seen an enemy D.Va or Phara ride along rooftops or seen an enemy duck behind a very thin structure and live from your ult. Well in this section i will go over some cool tricks you can do specifically with D.Va that will aid you in combat.


Surfing is a form of play and term that originated from the Counter Strike 1.6 community and would later expand to the Team Fortress 2 and CS:GO community's. Surfing is when you ride along a slanted wall and allow your forward momentum to carry you forward at a faster rate then walking. In Overwatch, you can't surf as easily as you can in games like TF2 however it is still possible and valuable to a degree.

As D.VA your surfing input will go in this order:

1)Boost from the ground or rooftop
2)Change your movement from vertical to horizontal
3)Locate slanted rooftop
4)Use your remaining seconds of booster to boost forward along the slanted rooftop
5)Hold left or right strafe (A or D) depending on the slope your going down.
6)Ride the angle to your destination

One great place to do this is on the map Hollywood where nearly all rooftops are slanted at watchpoint A.


Quickdropping is the act of flinging your D.VA Mech into a point for the purpose of creating space, alleviating preassure and clearing the point or area so that your team can engage properly. You will not mainly use this method for kills and you will rather use this method specifically to create space and zone people out. Quickdropping is also used when your low on your mech health and would like to heal back up to full while also denying space. This is also a very useful tactic. Try not to save D.VA ult as much and use it to create space whenever you can due to how fast you can charge it back up and how quickly your out of mech ult speed charges.

Here is a quick example of quickdropping a point in Hollywood


Longdropping is the act of getting as much vertical air as possible before dropping your mech onto a point. This method is used for getting kills and works for confusing the enemy. The reason you do this on some points is because D.VA's ult lasts for 4 seconds. Because of this, your Mech will stay airborne for 2 seconds before landing at the location with 2 seconds left to blow up. The enemy team's HUD does not show them the direction the danger icon is coming from and will just be pointed to the sky and will not show until the mech has hit the ground giving them only 1-2 seconds to react! This is useful especially vs a Reinhardt as leaving him with as little time to react blocking your ult with his shield is a huge advantage for you. You can also add a bit or a horizontal motion with your longdrop to make it travel slightly around corners.

Here is a quick example of longdropping a point in Hollywood

Boost Dodging

Boost Dodging is when you observe the startup animation of a Reinhardt charge or Roadhog hook and use your rocket boosters to dodge the incoming enemy/hook with a quick upward left or upward right motion. This is a lot harder then it sounds and is not easily replicated in every game, with Roadhog hook dodges being even harder. MAKE SURE YOU DODGE TO THE UPPER LEFT/UPPER RIGHT. Just dodging left or right can still get you caught in pinning distance as well as get you hooked with roadhog.


Bodyblocking is when you use your large hitbox to block incoming projectiles from you team. The most prominent example of this is Pharah's Barrage. If your defense matrix is on cooldown and you're unable to use it against her ultimate, if you boost up as close as you can get to her character model your mech will effectively block the damage taken from each rocket initially and even for a second or two during the blowing up phase. You may die or live with this depending on the Pharah's reactions but losing your life at the cost of 5 other team-mates is almost always a better trade against a Pharah or other hero who has a large aoe ultimate. Another good example of bodyblocking is flying your mech into Roadhog ultimate and having him focus your mech with it as much as possible.


Shoving is the act of boosting at an enemy and using the damage from your rocket boosters to add extra damage or knock a person off of a structure. This is useful for shoving Widowmaker and Hanzo off of sniping points as well as dealing a few hits of damage to people. This is also useful in D.Va mirrors as it allows you to get free damage on her while she uses her defense matrix. You want to shove enemy's who get close to you to push them off and mess up their aim as well as for the free damage.

A few LOS tricks

Line of sight tricks are key to being able to dodge your own ult while staying in the fight harassing/killing people running away from your explosions. Here are a few tricks you can do on D.Va that will help you survive and stay as close to the chokepoint/checkpoint as possible.

1) You can crouch behind the payload outside of mech to avoid being killed from the explosion. Doing so will remove your upper body from LOS but not your legs, however for some reason the payload will protect you even with legs exposed.
2) You can hide behind thin objects such as small bench's and thick lamp posts but you must remember to remain completely vertical to the object with as little of your hitbox sticking out as possible.
3) You can launch your mech against sloped edges for a sneaky ult which limits the enemys LOS of the mech.
4) You can hide behind walls at the last minute as long as you time it properly. Remember, servers are 20hz tick rate and there is lag dependency as well so you may die if you're not careful.

Explination of Setups Top

Pretty much, the setups listed here will ONLY be defensive and offensive setups/routes for the first point of the map. This is because game momentum changes drastically as the game progresses so following an outline past the first 2mins of the game is challenging and not always beneficial. So this is just a forewarning.

Temple of Anubis Setups Top

Temple of Anubis on DEFENSE

From temple of anubis defense spawn run out of base through either the left or right sides of the spawn and walk down the middle after capture point B towards the stairs, then look up and to the right and you will be presented with this window.
Spoiler: Click to view

At this point use your boosters and boost up through this window, at which point you will be in a room that leads to the callout "connector" on this map. This is an optimal place to start for D.VA on defense as the area is small enough to duel in and a healthpack spawns a few feet away from connector.
Spoiler: Click to view

This is the room described above
Spoiler: Click to view

Temple of Anubis on ATTACK

So the first thing you want to do in pubs is walk out of the middle exit of your base and immediately look to your left to check for reinhart/bastion cheese. They can set up in this corner and mow your team down if you're not careful.
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After that you MUST check for widowmaker/hanzo/junkrat setups on the overhead bridge in middle. This is primary as it is your job to harrass and deal with these three and get them off of choke points.
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The location you want to be at now
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After getting to this point, you can push in to either of these platforms then easily jump down on point A for some kills.
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Kings Row Setup Top

Kings Row on DEFENSE

You want to start by walking out of your spawn and boosting onto this platform which leads up a flight of stairs into a room with a connector in it. Looking out of this window and the one down the hall is a decent place to sit.
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After getting to this window you have a few options which are circled below. The first option circled in blue is another decent spot to stand allowing you to have access to the site and the hallway next to the area you are on to dodge incoming projectiles and hop onto the point when needed. The alternate option takes you through the lower level of the building and is great for flanking.
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Once on the prefered route, you can take this platform over to this building if you would like an agressive defense start. Going aggro during defense is good against certain comps and scouting for your team.
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From here you can overlook their spawn like so
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or jump to this platform for a nice flank
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Kings Row on ATTACK

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