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Last Updated: May 28, 2016

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King's Row

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Reinhardt Defending Kings Row point A

Variant 1

Defend point A Top

This is the easy part. Position the Reinhardt at the choke point in front of the bus, outside the theatre. His shield is just large enough to fit in that gap, and thats his job. To be a wall. this is the most essential part of this team, so without him, this team is pointless. The main problem with this is that the rest of the team needs to support him while his shield is recharging.

Hanzo (Widowmaker also works) should utilise Reinhardt's shield, sniping from behind. He can also move to the high ground, but you may as well use Reinhardt's shield.

Lucio is for basic support, making sure he stays close to Reinhardt. Mercy works as well, but because the majority of the team should group around Reinhardt, Lucio's AOE healing is more effective.

Torbjorn or bastion should be as far back behind Reinhardt's shield as possible, helping to kill off any heroes who make it past the wall (Rocketing Pharahs, teleporting Reapers, dashing genjis etc.) A short range offensive hero should also be used for this. Reaper is best at this, but Tracer or McCree work as well. This is important top stop anyone trying to flank Reinhardt, because once the enemy starts flanking, point A is lost. They are also good as a distraction, by crossing the wall and running around.

Roadhog is good for pulling enemies into your side, (Hopefully, if all goes to plan) with a turret and damage-dealer waiting for them.

Variants Top

Replace Roadhog with any log range hero. Pharah works better with Mercy than Lucio, but is still effective. If the enemies are getting too close to the wall, try Zarya, as she can deal some good mid-range damage, and can soak a few hits while Reinhardt's shield is recharging.

Most short range heroes are useless in this team, although having a Mei or Winston up-front can be useful in many situations.

All other heroes can be used, but not too effectively on this team.

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