Simple guide to playing Reaper: The Edgelord by HazamaDude

Simple guide to playing Reaper: The Edgelord

By: HazamaDude
Last Updated: Apr 5, 2017
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Reaper Abilities


Threats to Reaper

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Mercy Just burst her down before she gets her goons on you, or resurrects the goons.
Bastion Immobile target. Just Shadow Step behind him and 2 shot him, if you can't 2 shot him just wraith before he can shoot you down.
Lúcio If Lucio can get his ult down he might be able to out live you, but if not he is an easy kill.
Symmetra Shoot her turrets and try to burst her down before her light show gets high enough.
Winston Unless he has ult, he'll have to jump away from you cause of how much damage you do. just burst him down.
Ana Could be an easy kill if you can dodge her sleeping dart. otherwise SPAM THE SHIFT KEY.
Junkrat Be aware of traps, if you get caught, use your wraith so he can't kill you.
Torbjörn Burst his turret down before bursting him down, his gun does a lot of damage so be careful.
Zenyatta Like Rein, Yatta is a make or break. His ult shuts down your ult HARD. just destroy him.
Genji Skill matchup, try to bait his deflect then burst him down.
Reaper Skill match-up. try to get his wraith before you use your wraith.
Roadhog Another skill match-up, if he hook's you, SPAM YOUR WRAITH BINDED KEY and hope it goes off before he shoots.
Hanzo It depends on how aware he is, if he is extremely aware he'll headshot you before you can lay a finger on him, otherwise just burst him down.
Mei It's a matter of if you can burst her down or she freezes you first.
Sombra Sombra is a weird match-up, try to burst her down before she hacks you.
Widowmaker (Same to hanzo)
D.Va Defense matrix can be the make or break in fighting try to burst her mech down before she can kill you.
Soldier: 76 Soldier is a weird match-up, he outranges you, but you can easily 2 shot him. try to get the drop on him.
Tracer This little mosquito can be a problem if not taken care of: be quick on your reflexes and burst her down.
McCree Probably one of your biggest counters, don't face him head on or else he'll shove a flashbang in your face.
Reinhardt Rein is a make or break, he can ult and shield to stop your ult, but your shotguns are no match for him.
Zarya Zarya can be a problem if not taken care of, wait for shields to drop and burst her down, if she ults you just wraith away.
Pharah Your biggest counter. Pharah can completely shut down your burst by doing what she does: flying in the air. try to catch her out when she is grounded.

Welcome Top

Hi, my name is HazamaDude and welcome to my first guide.

Here I will tell you how I play Reaper

So, Why should you pick Reaper?

1. He does a ton of damage.
2. His ultimate can be a game changer if used right.
3. He's fun as hell.

When should you pick Reaper? Top

It's recommended to play Reaper when you already have a hit-scan hero like Soldier: 76 or McCree and you want more damage.

Here's an example of a team that you should pick Reaper with,

Soldier: 76 Reinhardt Zarya Zenyatta Lúcio Reaper

Reinhardt because Earthshatter + Death blossom is a great combo.
Zarya because Graviton Surge + Death blossom is also a good combo.
Soldier because he's hitscan so you can play a flanker.
Yatta because his ult is a lifesaver and discord orb can help you shred harder.
Lucio because his speed boost and beat drop can help you get better ults down.

Flanking Top

Reaper's job is to get behind the enemy and kill the back line, and your abilities accompany that factor.

Shadow Step in, Wraith Form out. I seen so many do the opposite and die in the process.

Basically what you gotta do is shadow step somewhere behind or above the back line, and burst them down with your shotguns or ult and wraith away.

Focus the healers, especially Mercy if you kill the back line before a Mercy, she can easily res and waste your ult and probably die in the process.

Even though you're a flanking hero, doesn't mean you're a one man army, remember that tanks and healers can save your life when you're low on hp, health packs and soul globes are not the only way to heal. (I know it's obvious but I see a lot of cocky Reapers try to do this and they all failed.)

When to ult. Top

You're probably thinking you can always use your ult and get Potg, but unless you're playing quick play, you should focus in winning more then style.

Wait for the right time to ult, don't use it all willy-nilly or as soon as possible. PATIENCE AND TIMING IS KEY.

Shoot a single shot and immediately ult to get free damage off before ulting, doing this on healers gives them less time to use their ults and save themselves.

Finishing thoughts Top

So in conclusion, Reaper is a great hero if you want to do a lot of damage, killing enemies and be an all around edgelord.

Thank you for checking out this guide, hope your competitive games go well,
I've been HazamaDude, signing off. o/

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