Simple guide to playing Tracer: The Controversial by HazamaDude

Simple guide to playing Tracer: The Controversial

By: HazamaDude
Last Updated: Apr 5, 2017
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Tracer Abilities


Threats to Tracer

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Threat Hero Notes
Mercy Just kill her, she can't really do anything again'st you.
Lúcio If he right click's you, just recall. You ain't going down any ledge.
  No Threat
Bastion STAY OUT OF HIS SIGHT. He destroys you if he see's you, but a pulse bomb should kill him, or get him really low.
Sombra Try not to get hacked. Shoot her to stop the hacking and get close to her.
Zenyatta You can easily kill him, but try to dodge his orbs, discord + 2 orbs kills you.
Ana You gotta be quick when fighting Ana, 2 shots by her rifle and you're dead. try to get a read on her shots and juke accordingly.
Hanzo Depends on how aware he is. if he has bad awareness, just shoot him in back. Good awareness, he will head shot you.
Torbjörn Turret can destroy you. Without the turret you can kill him. Ult the turret and then kill him.
Widowmaker Same as Hanzo.
Genji Battle of wits. Try to predict his stars and deflects and try not to get too low or else he will dash to kill you.
Mei Battle of wits. Try not to get frozen or you will die.
Symmetra Don't get too close, she'll just hold left click and microwave you to death. Also recall if you get caught by turrets.
Roadhog Skill Matchup. If you get hooked you're dead. Dodge hook, don't get too close and you'll be fine.
Soldier: 76 Skill Matchup. Try to dodge rockets and get close to him.
Tracer Skill Matchup. try to get her to recall before you and you'll win.
Zarya Depends on how good she is on energy. High energy: STAY AWAY Little to no energy: try to fight.
D.Va This matchup is tough, if you don't have pulse bomb, don't fight. if you do, try to fight and hope she doesn't matrix it.
Reaper Don't get too close. 1 good shot can you kill you if you're not careful.
Junkrat If you get hit by 2 of his bombs or get in trap, you're as good as dead. dodge bombs and be aware of trap and you'll be fine.
Reinhardt Hammer can 2 shot you, charge is a 1 shot, fire strike does half your hp, and he has shield. Don't try to fight unless he's low.
Winston His gun tears you, try to play smart and kill him. If he has ult: RUN LIKE HELL.
McCree STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY. 1 head shot you're dead. 1 flashbang you're dead.
Pharah 2 rockets, you're dead. And you can't do anything with your guns because she is gonna be high in air, again'st your high spread guns.

Welcome Top

Hi, I'm HazamaDude and this is my second guide.

Here I will tell you how to play Tracer

So, why should you play Tracer?

1: She's really fast.
2: She makes the enemy team really angry, and who doesn't like inducing salt from time to time?
3: She's fun as hell.

When should you pick Tracer? Top

It's recommended to play Tracer when there is no other flankers heroes on your team and you can play DPS.

Here's an example of a team that can fit with tracer

McCree Roadhog Reinhardt Ana Lúcio Tracer

Reinhardt because he can fit into any team and also if you need to you can always retreat to his shield.
Roadhog because he can take a bit of the heat down from you by hooking key enemies while you distract.
Mccree because he's hit-scan and you can play a flanker.
Ana because her healing is really good, and tranquilizers can take the heat down.
Lucio because Tracer's speed and Speed boost. Need I say more?

Flanking Top

Tracer's job is not really get behind enemy lines and kill, but more like, get behind enemy lines and distract them so the other team can converge on the enemy team.

She can also also stick to squishy targets or stragglers, if they try to get away you can just blink to get closer.

basically what you do is blink behind lines and try to get some of the enemy to aggro you so the tanks get less aggro and can get in.

Your guns are pretty suckish so it can be hard to kill certain enemies, pick and choose your targets. Don't go in all willy-nilly thinking you can kill anyone.

You gotta be careful when playing Tracer because you only got 150 hp, but you got your speed and slipperyness to make up for it.

When to Recall Top

Your blinks recharge every 3 seconds and you go back 3 seconds when you recall.

So try to think 3 seconds ahead so if anything goes south, you can just recall to safety. Because you don't want to go in and stay too long and then recall to a bad place like, the middle of the enemy team, or off a cliff.

You can also recall in 1v1 situations to heal off the damage the enemy delivers and hopefully get an upper-hand.

Finishing thoughts Top

So in conclusion, Tracer is a great hero if you want to be really fast or really hard to hit. or you just want the enemy team to hate you.

Also if you're wondering why I didn't explain her ult, it's because it's kinda bad. just ult squishy or immobile targets.

Thank you for checking out this guide, hope your competitive games go well,
I've been HazamaDude, signing off. O/

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