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Team Guide: Anubis Defense

Hero Composition Summary

For a basic summary this is a team composition used for defense on the Temple of Anubis which has an original team and variant which are both explained below!!^^

Variant 1

First Team Top

This Primary Team is significantly good at defending between the two pillars as they have a very strong front line consisting of Soldier: 76, Reinhardt, Roadhog and Lúcio.

This is effective as the team has very good sustain which is aided by the 2k shield provided by Reinhardt and Symmetra's shield that she can apply to allies.

Generally the Widowmaker should provide support from the back as to kill flankers or vulnerable targets like Pharah.

As long as Symmetra keeps her ultimate up then the team should have little problems to hold the first point. If however a Tracer, Genji or Winston happen to try to cap the point, then Soldier: 76 can sprint backwards to aid the falling Widowmaker, however is she has already died it would be ideal for Symmetra to join the Soldier: 76.

Alternatively Roadhog can also fall back as his hook should be effective at killing the flanker.

Saying this if the front line / back line is too overwhelmed don't be afraid to retreat to the objective as a team as the land you have just lost can be made up for with good co-ordination via coms, pings or chat through text.

Variant Team Top

The variant team is effective. Why? Because Zarya, as a basis for the team can lay up effective kills with her ultimate. Zarya is also effective at sheilding Zenyatta with a shield worth 400 hit points lasting 4 seconds which will be beneficial to Zenyatta. She can also shield herself for two seconds.

This synergies well with Mcree and Hanzo ultimates especially as they are held in place for a free POTG ^_0.

With Reinhardt not being there it will be necessary for McCree to go back to kill flankers with Zenyattas harmony orb on him. This will be beneficial if McCree misses his stun or fails to kill them instantly.

However contrary to the first team this team isn't based around holding the enemy at the pillar yet is based around Zarya like stated before.

Zenyattas orb of discord can also render the enemy (most likely Reinhardt) squishy due to the damage amplifier which will lead to an easy kill for a fully charged Zarya or even a poking Symmetra, Hanzo or Zenyatta ^^

Second Objective Top

If u manage to lose the objective a switch should be made from the previous sniper to a pick like Mei as you will be in a much shorter distance and your ult will be clutch at the end of the match.

If using the first team Zenyatta from Symmetra should also be wise as her ultimate is significantly less effective now.

Switching to a Junkrat, D.Va Torbjörn or Bastion would be wise as
Torbjörn and Bastion are good at shredding tanks in this scenario
You can block off right flank with Junkrat traps or a well placed Torbjörn turret
D.Va is good at clearing the objective
Junkrats aoe damage is significantly good towards the final pushes

Hope this was a good overview and feel free to leave a comment below

Well good luck while playing Overwatch!!! ^^ ^_0


If u have a guide specifically in mind tell me and i will try to cover a guide on it ^^ it can be a map or hero guide ^_0

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