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Temple of Anubis

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Team Guide: Anubis Offense

Hero Composition Summary

Team which is focused around disrupting the enemy team based off of fast acting and good team co-ordination to pull off the quick pushes This guide takes place on Temple of Anubis.Feel free to vote and comment ^^ i appreciate any feedback

Variant 1

1st Objective Top

At first you want a strong fast push through the pillars which can potentially be very hard to do.
What you would want to do is have Tracer go to the room to the left and proceed on flanking while the rest of the team builds up ultimate charge.

Pharah will need to take out enemy Torbjörn/ Bastion sentries before the team advances in addition to avoiding potential sniper shots.

When the team has 2 or more ultimate's available (apart from Tracers) then Winston will need to jump onto the point followed by Mercy's guardian angel. Lúcio then speeds up the rest of the team to the point as Tracer picks of key targets. Proceed to take the objective, hopefully having Lúcio's Bro Shield and/or Mercy's resurrect to aid in the battle.

(Note. Genji can be switched from Tracer and may be more effective depending on opposition)

2nd Objective Top

It would be preferred to switch to the alternative team past the 1st objective as to capture the point quicker through the use of powerful aoe ultimates.

Have Zenyatta place his orb of discord on someone like Roadhog, Zarya or Bastion and in addition place the healing orb on the ally Reaper which will aid him in his upcoming Death Blossom.

Once Reaper has full ultimate charge the Lúcio should amp it up to assist in the swiftness of the convergence of the objective in addition to Reinhardt charging to signal the engage meanwhile Reaper will make the enemy team Die... Die... Die... enabling you to stand on the point.

Zenyatta and D.Va's ultimates should be used to retain the objective or only if needed help in the capture of the objective e.g flying D.Va's ultimate inside the backroom to clear the teleporter and sentries.

By this time you should have won the match ... Good Luck!!!

Weaknesses: Widowmaker Top

For a brief overview of hero weaknesses look at this link created by OneAmongstMany!!
Their Channel is also here:
Regarding the first team there are a few weaknesses that can be exploited by the opposition so be careful to avoid them!!!

One of the first weaknesses of this team is Widowmaker. Take care as she is devastating towards half of your team!! (being Pharah Lúcio and Mercy.

Firstly, Pharah, even though she may seem mobile and at times an unstoppable powerhouse, in the air you are just deemed target practice for a Widowmaker. Your lack of mobility to move left and right makes it easier for the enemy to snipe you out of the sky. To counter this, concussive blast the sniper in an attempt to change the bullets trajectory enabling you to land some free shots. Alternatively you can drop down and find cover, or just rain justice on that pretty face of hers^^.

Secondly, with Lúcio and Mercy on your team which will be very sufficient in healing, yet they both share a weakness of Widowmaker. Mercy is very squishy so that she dies to her bullets swiftly however she cant return fire because her pulse pistol is bad enough let alone at close range when Widowmaker has a sub-machine gun!! This is further highlighted by her stationary state during her ultimate leading to easy headshots. The best thing to do is to keep flying to far away allies as it will normally put you into a safe neutral position.

With Lúcio however you also have minuscule amounts of health which means that you will not fair well with Widowmaker. She has the advantage as she will be far away from reach and most likely out of sight. Remember whatever is out of sight is usually out of mind so as long as she can line up a shot on you, you will probably be dead!! ^_0. To counter this utilize your movement speed buff effectively in open areas to avoid potential shots. Also wall ride, which will make you mobile and harder to hit.*Caution* , if you wall ride for too long she will read your movements easily so try to be unpredictable!!^_^

Weakness: Reaper Top

Similarly, the first team also has a significant weakness to Reaper however learning to play around this is key to improvement and mastery of a hero inside the game!

This time we are covering Reaper who is a hero that focuses on flanking and dealing high damage through his immense power of his shotguns!

Firstly, A well experienced Reaper can absolutely shred the first team composition as he counters about three of them effectively. The first hero we will cover is Winston. Reaper is a tank burster due to his high damage output at close range however tanks need to be relatively close to deal damage meaning its most likely an automatic loss for Winston in this situation. To avoid this save your jump for either play making situations otherwise use it as an escape. As a last ditch effort, you can use your ultimate to gain that immense tankiness however that probably isn't advised vs only one hero as Winstons ultimate has potential to change the outcome of games, especially in control were he is especially useful, however so is reaper due to his Death Blossom. Stay wary ^^

Secondly, here comes Reinhardt. Even though he has a 2k shield, Reaper is made for flanking which makes it harder for him to block damage. Reaper can dodge your Earth shatter with his abilities and also his high damage means you wont be surviving too long with damage coming from the back as well as the front. To prevent this however, you will need to keep your charge for an escape/pin on Reaper which still might even be hard. Try to back yourself into a corner where you can clock the damage from both sides and hope that your team comes to help you, but if they get to close then i guess its hammer time ^_0

Lastly, here comes Tracer! even though you are highly mobile, if Reaper lands one headshot on you, you're dead. Additionally if you Pulse Bomb him, he can just Wraith Form and escape. Furthermore if he gets tired of aiming for you he can just Death Blossom and end you. You cant really counter this unless you time/bait his Wraith Form or outplay him by using cover. However ideally you would want to engage him at further range just to build up ultimate charge or avoid him in total! Reaper can also kill Lúcio and Mercy with a well positioned and unexpected ultimate so be careful as squishies are Reapers main targets!! [^l^]

Weakness: Mcree Top

Next up we have got a Mcree in our midst, which has amazing burst damage and works well for killing squishies.

Mcree has the potential to kill most of your team as he is such a heavy counter therefore, this segment will only be covering Tracer, Pharah, Mercy

Firstly we will start with offense which consists of Tracer and Pharah. Considering Tracer, you will be a very mobile character which can out maneuver precision based heroes significantly, as well as delete them just as quick however, if you end up getting flash-banged, well.... its the end for you isn't it. Additionally i believe that a head-shot with a single bullet can also kill Tracer so be wary of that also. To counter this use line of sight to block his vision of you as well as a potential flash-bang and only move in to kill him if he has no flash-bang up or you can quickly get out again.^_0

Regarding Pharah, Mcree has the accuracy to snipe you out of the air as well as flash-bang you on the ground, since you do not have swift movements. However a concussive blast works well in the face of a Mcree below, displacing him and allowing yourself some easy shots. Mcree should often be a high priority target when in the air, especially when you use your Rocket Barrage. This becomes even more important as Mcree and his ultimate ability can lock onto you in the air which can lead to an easy kill.^^

Lastly in terms of support characters, we are covering Mercy. Mercy simply doesn't have the versatility available to escape Mcree even though she can fly to allies. Her low hp pool makes her an easy target to a Deadeye or simple fan the hammers. Realistically there is no real active way of preventing a death from Mcree however you should be conscious of his ability to nuke you and adjust accordingly such as staying close to the Reinhardt or staying next to Lúcio for passive heals.^&^

Weaknesses: Genji Top

Finally the last aspect to this section of the guide is here, Genji , The high skill capped swordsman in the game!

Genji has the potential to kill whole teams and carry his team almost solo if you are experienced, he is hard to kill and has massive damage output! 0_0

Firstly to swiftly proceed we will be looking at Lúcio. Lúcio is a primary support capable of dealing significant damage however if a Genji runs up to you, you are pretty much dead.^^ Even though you can wall run Genji can Swift Strike to catch up as well as double jump. Additionally he could just snipe you off of a wall. To counter this knock Genji back to avoid a potential Dragonblade and run towards your team as fast as possible. Remember, fighting is not always the best option. Just in case you can also drop a Sound Barrier for reassurance.

Secondly Genji can mitigate Pharah and her damage as he can simply deflect it, even if it is on cooldown he is still mobile enough to dodge them. Additionally he can reflect your Rocket barrage so be careful of that! To counter this make sure Genji has his Deflect down before firing. If not Concussive Blast near him to put him in an awkward position or just focus another high priority target. This is also the same with tracers Pulse Bomb so beware.

Lastly to bring this topic to a close we will cover Mercy. You are very squishy so Genji can kill you with just about anything. Additionally you are a high priority target because you normally focus the healer when attacking a target. Therefore you will need to escape this. Do this by using Guardian Angel to glide to allies, preferably a Pharah in the sky so he cant chase you and this allows to to re-position. Or if you are feeling brave try to one vs one him with your pistol!^^ It is not as flimsy as you think, its has the same effectiveness of D.Va outside of her mech!^_0

Planned Updates for guide Top

*Notice* look below for dates ^-0

1st Objective: (Complete)
2nd Objective: (Complete)
Weaknesses:Reaper (Complete)
Weaknesses:Mcree (Complete)
Weaknesses:Genji (Complete)

Strengths(Discontinued until further notice not abandoned though)
(Teaser Introducing:
Roadhog, Mei, Torbjörn
Tips(Discontinued until further notice not abandoned though)


If u have a guide specifically in mind tell me and i will try to cover a guide on it ^^ it can be a map or hero guide!!! ^_0

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