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As a huge fan of marvel films and since a kid, especially Spider-Man and venom, I was incredibly excited for this film-the first trailer looked good, and had a serious/scary undertone. However, after about 5 minutes into the film I realised that this was not the case at all. The film was a mess from the start, with a bad backstory, bad explanations and bad script writing. The characters were incredibly shallow and there was no character development at all. One quote that particularly annoyed me was "life sucks Eddie, it just does". I mean what is that??!! Awful. Plus another thing that really irked me was the fact that venom had no explanation for looking like Spider-Man- that is, venom bonded with Spidey first, and when Spidey removed the symbiote and it conbined with Eddie, it imprinted Spidey onto Eddie and became a twisted reflection of its first bond.

There's just so many faults with this film, and it's such a shame. Only good thing is that It's part of Sony Marvel, not the MCU, which is why Spider-Man is not in the film, and why Tom Hardys venom won't be in any mcu films.
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