What's The Fun in Playing Fair? (A Scrub-Tier Player's Sombra Thoughts) by Leidiriv

What's The Fun in Playing Fair? (A Scrub-Tier Player's Sombra Thoughts)

By: Leidiriv
Last Updated: Nov 18, 2016
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Sombra Abilities


My Thoughts on Sombra Top

Sombra is a sneaky character with incredible utility and amazing playmaking potential when played right, but we all already know this. She can deny enemy retreats by preventing them from using health packs, she can seem to be everywhere, and her machine pistol is devastating at close ranges. The main thing, though, is in how you leverage your kit.

First off, there's obvious Health Pack/Translocator/Hack combo that most Sombras use as an escape net of sorts. One nuance that I've found which is somewhat useful is, if Hack is on cooldown, you should simply through your Translocator out and head in to get a pick or two before returning to your designated health pack. Once you return, you can immediately Hack the health pack and secure it for your team while also enabling your immediate recovery. On the other hand, you tend to see Sombras Hack the same health pack every single time they return to it, wasting a large portion of your dive potential. If you instead only hack your "base" every third time you return to it, you can disable an enemy before picking off a different one and returning to safety.

If, on the other hand, Translocator is on cooldown when you reach a health pack, but Hack is up, I've found that it's useful to Hack the health pack and continue on to find another spot to lay your Translocator in the meantime, giving you more ground covered for approximately the same effort. Try not to always stick to camping the same health pack when you dive. Rather, constantly shift around and try to spread your presence. Be felt, but never seen until you want them to see you.

Then there's Thermoptic Camo, which has a fairly straightforward use. You're meant to use it as an engage ability or as a way to get around the enemy team and begin denying their health packs. It's absolutely not meant as an escape, as the stealth itself takes quite a while to activate and can be removed with any damage. Because of the delay in leaving stealth, it seems that you're meant to leave stealth before you fully commit, so that you can fire as soon as you're within range, rather than revealing yourself within your target's effective range without being able to do anything. It's a great ability, but you have to know when to activate it, dismiss it, and where to go with it in order to be effective as Sombra.

Lastly, there's Hack itself. There's a lot of research being done on how Hack works, but there are a couple things I've noticed that might be helpful. Begin channeling it before your enemy uses their escape (Guardian Angel, a backward Charge, that kind of thing) so that they're stopped mid-escape and become an easy target for you to finish them off IF you're going to Hack your enemy rather than simply shooting at them. Additionally, if you're fighting an enemy Sombra, never open with Hack. The Sombra that opens with Hack generally tends to lose the fight if both Sombras meet each other head on. If you get the drop on your mirror, feel free to Hack her before going onto your real target, though.

I can't overestimate how useful Sombra's passive, Opportunist is. When you're figuring out where to go or who to pick off, always do a quick 360 to see if anyone's below half, and then begin heading in the direction of your target if you want an easy pick.

Overall, Sombra's not going to be as directly devastating in a teamfight as a McCree, a Reaper, or a Pharah, but she constantly weakens the enemy team and forces them to play on her terms. The advantages Sombra can bring are massive, and she heavily inconveniences her enemies with a little thought on her player's part.

I hope this is helpful!

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