[WIP] Detailed Winston Guide, a.k.a. Planet of the Apes 2: The Squeakuel by chandlore

[WIP] Detailed Winston Guide, a.k.a. Planet of the Apes 2: The Squeakuel

By: chandlore
Last Updated: Oct 12, 2016
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Overview Top

Winston was one of the most publicized Overwatch heroes leading up to release, often paired with Tracer in most pre-release media like the animated shorts. Being the veteran who initiated the Overwatch recall and triggered the events of the game, this only makes sense. In terms of gameplay, Winston is a tank-class hero- that is, a hero who specializes in protecting teammates. Equipped with a barrier field, a weapon which deals area-of-effect damage, and his signature jump pack, Winston specializes in protecting his team by disrupting and distracting the enemies rather than outright damage mitigation. This is important- if you try to play him like Reinhardt then Winston is a very ineffective hero. This guide will give a breakdown of Winston's abilities as well as advice on the proper playstyle to take advantage of this powerful hero.

Ability Breakdown (WIP) Top

Tesla Cannon: Winston's main weapon his his electrical Tesla Cannon. The cannon deals damage in an 8 meter cone in front of him, automatically damaging any foes within said cone with no need to aim. This alone makes Winston an excellent counter to heroes like Genji and Tracer, because while the damage from the Tesla Cannon isn't high, it's very difficult to escape.

Shield Projector: Unlike Reinhardt's mobile, rectangular barrier, Winston is able to place a stationary, bubble-shaped shield to protect any teammates inside. Being on an effectively 18 second cooldown, the bubble is far from his main tanking ability- it only has 800 HP, as well, meaning that any high-damage heroes like Junkrat can shred through the barrier with little problem. This is not to say it isn't without its uses- 800 HP is still twice that of even heroes like Zarya, and for protecting vital spots it almost works better than Reinhardt's shield.

Jump Pack: Winston's bread and butter is his jump pack, an ability that allows him to move around the map with ease. This ability forms the core of his playstyle, which is almost similar to that of heroes like Tracer: Get in, **** them up, and get out. With a 5 second cooldown, and the ability to cross terrifying distances, the Jump Pack is Winston's most valuable tool.

Primal Rage: Winston's ultimate, Primal Rage, allows him to harry an opposing team like never before (for 10 seconds, at least). Although it blocks off use of his bubble and Tesla Cannon, he gains a set of powerful melee strikes on par with those of Reinhardt, which double as a knockback effect like Lúcio's alternate fire. In addition, the cooldown on his Jump Pack is shortened to two seconds, allowing him to leap around and **** up an enemy team before they even know what's happening. The icing on the cake is his increased health pool- when Primal Rage is activated, Winston's health doubles to a whopping 1,000 HP. When it is activated, his health is refilled to reach this total- allowing Primal Rage to be used as a self-heal in a pinch. In addition, Jump Pack is taken off cooldown both upon activation and upon the effect ending, allowing him a safe entrance and exit into a skirmish.

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