OW Video: Overwatch Competitive Tier list/Meta

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Overwatch Competitive Tier list/Meta
Original Author: Splindy
Added in General Guides on Nov 26, 2016 by ProxyXGen
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Hello Everyone,

I recently made a video on the current Competitive Trends we have been seeing and thought I would make a tier list. Keep in mind that the data I collected was from 2 Overwatch tournaments only and that the patch has only been out for a week so things can very well change. Also this tier list was mainly for competitive play where as a lot of people are complaining that soldier 76 is very strong and is god tier in competitive play many things vary on the strongest hero, for example Ana requires a lot more skill then Mercy but we see Mercy a lot more then Ana in lower level play because Mercy is a safer and easier pick to play. With all of that in mind guys please enjoy the video and feedback is very much appreciated.
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