OW Hero: D.Va


Real Name: Hana Song
Age: 19
Occupation: Pro Gamer (Former), Mech Pilot
Base of Operations: Busan, South Korea
Affiliation: Mobile Exo-Force Of The Korean Army
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D.Va VERSUS Roadhog
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TenStrip | June 24, 2016 3:42pm
Left hit + Left hit + hook + Close hit + Close hit. Heal while her mech blows up. Hook and one shot. For all the people who falsified this matchup.
TheMonstarMash | July 10, 2016 7:17pm
I dont feel this is very accurate. As long as Roadhog is supported by his team he should make quick work of D.Va. I've personally never had problems with D.Va's when playing Roadhog. It's best that you take out D.Va while she's focusing on your teammates, so as to avoid the brunt of the cannon fire. You hook her, shotgun her in the face and while she's stunned your team should help pick her off. When the mech is gone it's best to either use the alt fire or wait until you get your hook back. Alternatively let your offense heroes eliminate her while you focus on more high priority targets. In a one-on-one fight D.Va can use your body-size to her advantage, which is why she should only be engaged when you have friends on your side, she's no problem then.
Sakurone | February 24, 2016 5:35pm
D.Va is really strong vs Roadhog because there is almost no way he can outdamage her at close range and because of Roadhog's enormous health pool and giant body D.Va can charge both her mech ult and human ult really fast by just standing close to him and holding LMB.
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