OW Hero: Junkrat


Real Name: Jamison Fawkes
Age: 25
Occupation: Anarchist, Thief, Demolitionist, Mercenary, Scavenger
Base of Operations: Junkertown, Australia (Formerly)
Affiliation: Junkers (Formerly)
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Junkrat VERSUS Zarya
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bread_can_be_a_napkin | June 8, 2016 10:32am
All of Junkrat's attacks are pretty easy for Zarya to block with her barrier. Bombs are easy to see before they explode, in fact Zarya can deliberately walk towards the bombs with barrier to build charge. Junkrat's trap can be cancelled with barrier. And the big one, Junkrat's ult can be totally blocked by barrier, and it's not hard to pull this off because of the huge audio warning. As Zarya, don't forget to also give a teammate a barrier when a Junkrat ult is near.

As Junkrat if you see Zarya, you can either wait till she does barrier and bomb after that, or just continue the bomb spam knowning that she will pop barrier. Barrier only lasts for 2 seconds or 200 health, so after that she'll take damage. And a charged Zarya is only dangerous at close range; hopefully as Junkrat you are keeping distance.

As Junkrat when you use your ult, just drive right on by Zarya and hit someone else.
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