OW Hero: Lúcio


Real Name: Lucio Correia dos Santos
Age: 26
Occupation: DJ; Freedom Fighter
Base of Operations: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Affiliation: None
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Lúcio VERSUS Reinhardt
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micmalice | May 27, 2016 8:20am
I play Lucio a lot for my group, his greatest power aside from his songs is the secondary blast from his gun. I consistently kill Reinhardt and other tanks in one on one's. And for added support, speeding up to the other side of a Reinhardt's shield and blasting him can really make the difference for your team to push forward. He can also totally put R's charge off track sometimes with epic consequences.
KindlyLight | June 24, 2016 6:14pm
Totally agree, he's similar to tracer in the fact that they move so fast he cant deal with them and instead has to predict where they're going to go which can be quite hard, also reinhardts damage can be quite slow so if you're juking around kiting him with a mix of speed/heal allowing lucio to then heal up with correct switching.
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