OW Hero: Reaper


Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Mercenary
Base of Operations: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown
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Reaper VERSUS Roadhog
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Nadaschenko | June 17, 2016 5:30am
[PT] Como um matador de tanks, é natural que Reaper tenha vantagem nesse duelo. Roadhog é um alvo grande o suficiente para maximizar o dano das shotguns do Reaper, além de, com o timing correto, ser capaz de anular o como do gancho + tiro primário + meele do Roadhog entrando na Forma Fantasma logo após ser puxado. Ambos são perigosos de perto, mas apesar de Reaper ter menos vida e Roadhog se curar, é um alvo menor e muito mais móvel que o tank

[EN] As a tankslayer, it is natural that Reaper has advantage in this duel. Roadhog is a big enough target to maximize the damage of Reaper's shotguns, and with the right timing he is able to cancel the hook + primary shot + melee Roadhog combo by entering the Wraith Form shortly after being pulled. Both are dangerous at close range, but despite Reaper having less life and Roadhog healing, is a smaller and more mobile target than the tank
TheMonstarMash | July 10, 2016 7:40pm
Reaper is probably the strongest counter to Roadhog, the tank is just too big, and eats up all of Reaper's shots. Both characters rely on killing their foes up close, the difference being that Roadhog brings his opponents to him and Reaper comes to his opponents himself. Thus hooking a Reaper just provides him an opportunity to kill you easier. The only time Roadhog should hook Reaper is during the Death Blossom, as that nullifies the ult immediately and keeps your team alive and safe. The potential risks of hooking a Reaper are outweighed by the benefit of shutting down the ult.
SavageSource | January 13, 2017 2:01pm
Reaper's damage is really strong if well used, but then Roadhog doesn't stand a chance. Roadhog's hook and LMB combo might be survived as Reaper cause of his 250 health similarly to Mei, but then Reaper must escape or kill Roadhog as soon as possible if he don't want to die. Anyway, Reaper wins most of the time. With the latest PTR update of Roadhog hook fix, Reaper is been buffed indirectly and wins against a Roadhog even more.
354RRR | August 13, 2016 6:31pm
While Reaper is an amazing counter to nearly all tanks, Roadhog's high amount of burst damage can help solve this problem. With 600 health and hight damage, Roadhog is capable of doing his full combo before Reaper can start shooting. But if his hook is on cooldown, and the Reaper can somewhat aim, Roadhog will melt in seconds.
PS Cheeky tip: When Reaper Death Blossoms and your hook is on cooldown, use Roadhog's E, which heals for 300 health. If you have more than 350ish health, you can come out alive.
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