OW Hero: Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76

Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Vigilante
Base of Operations: Unknown
Affiliation: Overwatch (Formerly)

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Cyber-HeroXL | December 1, 2015 5:40am
A fairly simple concept, but perfectly executed.
Halfie (3) | October 7, 2015 8:03pm
There's a reason I chose to main Soldier 76. He's a carry through and through. Featuring high DPS with his Heavy Pulse Rifle and Helix Rockets. However, he can be quite resilient with Sprint to escape targeting (or chase) and can use Biotic Field for those defensive maps or choke points. It's this versatility that makes him a little more attractive than a character like Tracer, who is purely about snagging solo kills.

Basically, he wants to always be around mid-range from an opponent. Far from a tank like Winston but close enough to build up his ultimate percentage. Tactical Visor allows for specific targeting of tricky supports like Mercy or devastating multi-kills in team fights.
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