OW Hero: Torbjörn


Real Name: Torbjorn Lindholm
Age: 57
Occupation: Weapons Designer
Base of Operations: Gothenburg, Sweden
Affiliation: Overwatch (Formerly)

Rivet Gun
Torbjorn fires rivets at long range.

Rivet Gun (Alternate)
Torbjörn ejects molten metal from his gun in a short, close-range burst.

Forge Hammer
This multipurpose hammer repairs turrets and, in a pinch, can also be used as a weapon.

Deploy Turret
Torbjörn deploys a self-building turret which automatically tracks and attacks enemies.

Torbjörn gains additional armor as well as improved attack, movement, and reload speed for a brief period.

Molten Core
Torbjörn creates pools of molten slag that deal massive, sustained damage (plus bonus damage to armor), and can prevent enemies from moving through key locations.

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