OW Hero: Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball

Real Name: Hammond
Age: 14
Occupation: Test subject (formerly) | Mech pilot, mechanic
Base of Operations: Horizon Lunar Colony (formerly) | Junkertown (formerly)
Affiliation: Lucheng Interstellar (formerly)
Quad Cannons
Wrecking Ball’s automatic assault cannons tear apart threats at medium range.

Grappling Claw
Wrecking Ball launches a grappling claw, enabling him to anchor to an area and swing from it. If he strikes an enemy with a powered-up swing, they’re damaged and knocked back.

Wrecking Ball transforms into a ball, increasing his maximum movement speed.

Adaptive Shield
Wrecking Ball’s temporary personal shields absorb damage, providing stronger defenses if more opponents are nearby.

Wrecking Ball slams onto the ground below, damaging enemies and launching them upward.

Wrecking Ball deploys a field of long-lasting proximity mines which explode on contact with enemies.

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