OW Hero: Zenyatta


Real Name: Tekhartha Zenyatta
Age: 20
Occupation: Wandering Guru, Adventurer
Base of Operations: Shambali Monastery, Nepal (Formerly)
Affiliation: The Shambali (Formerly)
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Zenyatta VERSUS Genji
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minervx | August 16, 2017 10:32pm
Assuming all things equal, Zenyatta should not seek to fight Genji head-on.

However, a flanking enemy Genji can be a very good Discord target because a revealed Genji will either go back into retreat (wasting their time) or risk dying to pursue you and your team mates.
Grakiis | September 18, 2016 11:38am
Genji used to win when he had the 164 dmg combo and Zen was at 150 hp. After the Nerfs/Buffs to both of them as Zen you need to spam your orb on Genji as soon as you have him in view its really dangerous for him to try and kill you since getting hit by random fire or your basic can get him really low making it very easy for you to finish him of in close range with some kicks and basics just be awere of his deflect when he comes. An other really good thing for Zen is that 150 of his 200 hp regenerates making it hard for genji to poke you and lose the orb because by the time he comes back you ll be full health. If anything right now Zen is the support you want in you team because his ulti counters genjis.
Zilby (3) | September 19, 2016 4:25pm
In a 1v1 at long range zen usually wins, if a genji catches a zen off guard, he can shoot a line of shurikens, immediately dash behind zen and usually take him out with a alt fire + melee, even if you missed some of the initial shurikens. But yeah, I agree that zen kinda counters him rn just because discord is so strong and because his ult completely destroys genji's.
Ruwbz | August 26, 2016 4:12am
Normally not a problem, unless they have a double healer then there is little chance at succes
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